10 of the best YouTube fitness channels

No need for an expensive trainer when you have YouTube.

Whether you do not have the cash for a trainer, or simply do not have time for the athletic facility, you’ll still get a high quality elbow grease anyplace you’re because of YouTube.

YouTube fitness channels square measure the new elbow grease DVD. The videos square measure liberated to watch, simply to tug up anyplace you’ve got a Wi-Fi association and provide a large form of exercises, from aerobic exercise and pilates to bootcamp and boxing. Here square measure ten of the most effective fitness channels on YouTube.

The Fitness Marshall

If you are like Pine Tree State and hate understanding, then The Fitness Marshall is also your answer. Fitness guru Caleb Marshall combines hit pop songs — like “Heat” by Kelly Clarkson and “Pony” by Ginuwine — with dance moves that assist you break a sweat and celebrate doing it.

Unlike alternative dance elbow grease videos, the Marshall makes the moves straightforward for the less coordinated (like me!) and peppers in humor to create you laugh whereas you sweat. the most effective half is his backup crew, which has folks of various shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Popsugar Fitness

No matter wherever you’re on your fitness journey, you will find a decent cardio elbow grease on the Popsugar Fitness channel. it’s divided into classes thus you’ll notice simply what you are looking for — together with 30-minute workouts, workouts for beginners and targeted workouts for your abs and butt.

If you do not have weights, exercise bands or the other instrumentality, you are still lined. simply scroll right down to the No-Equipment Cardio elbow grease section.


No list of YouTube fitness channels is complete while not Blogilates. This wide well-liked channel has near to four.5 million subscribers and focuses on POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting. If you’ve got no clue what those square measure, don’t be concerned. you do not got to are aware of it to get pleasure from these workouts.

Certified fitness pedagogue Cassey Ho’s friendly conduct makes contact a mat and dealing your core, legs, arms and butt virtually gratifying.

What i prefer regarding this channel is it’s elbow grease series and challenges that you simply will follow throughout the week to stay you intended. The series square measure based mostly around themes. check up on the Bridal Bootcamp, living accommodations Friendly and Celebrity Workouts.

Yoga With Adriene

If you wish your trainers earthy and relatable, there isn’t any higher yoga trainer than Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene. Here calming voice and chill disposition can charm you before you even hit the mat. that is not simply my opinion — she’s concentrated over four million subscribers.

In addition to her awful temperament, Adriene’s channel includes yoga workouts for, well, almost something. you will find workouts for quiet, serving to neuralgia pain, burning fat, easing anxiety and depression and set a hangover. There square measure even workouts for horse riders and couch potatoes.


If obtaining robust and lean is on your disorder list, then you will find the HASfit (Heart And Soul fit) channel super helpful. It includes strength coaching workouts — with or while not dumbbells — together with low- and high-impact exercise routines.

The massive selection on this channel is difficult to beat. they need over one,000 free elbow grease routines, and complete 30- to 90-day fitness programs that embrace meal designing, workouts, tips and additional.


FitnessBlender may be a husband and married person run channel that makes a speciality of exercises for busy folks. Daniel and Kelli have place along over five hundred workouts, and most of them square measure designed to be fast. you’ll notice workouts for simply the number of your time you’ve got on the market, from five to forty five minutes.

f you are a dog lover, do not miss this channel’s puppy elbow grease. you may learn the way to try and do puppy squats, puppy deadlifts, puppy curls and additional. All you would like may be a puppy.


Boxing is Associate in Nursing an incredible thanks to break a sweat whereas emotional inhibited stress. Nate Bower, an authorized boxing pedagogue and competitive contestant, shows you the way to induce started with boxing on his fitness channel, NateBowerFitness. Then he shows you the way to crank up the intensity in 20-minute videos.

Most YouTube channels solely have boxing videos for exercise routines you’ll do at the athletic facility. What i actually like regarding this channel is that there square measure home workouts. you simply would like Associate in Nursing open area and perhaps an exponent with some pads.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Walking may be a low-impact exercise that nearly anyone will do. If you are stuck within, the Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home channel may be a sensible place to induce a walking elbow grease while not a treadmill.

I extremely advocate making an attempt the channel’s walk party. It’s fun, upbeat and that i bet you may even smile one or two of times whereas you exercise.

Roberta’s Gym

Think of Roberta’s Gym facility because the Alexa of sweat. This animated trainer does not extremely have a temperament, however her on-screen timers and rep counters assist you keep track of what you are doing higher than any automaton.

This channel additionally has daily workouts and challenges, just like the thirty Day Weight Loss Challenge. New videos square measure discharged each Monday, weekday and weekday to stay things recent.

Les Mills

Les Mills’ exercise videos not solely offer you an excellent elbow grease, they additionally teach you real dance moves you’ll go for the club. It’s pretty motivating to grasp you are not solely obtaining ripped however you are additionally learning Associate in Nursing actual talent you’ll use within the planet.

If you are not into saltation, don’t be concerned. The channel includes alternative styles of workouts, together with BodyPump, that uses light-to-moderate weights to strengthen muscle, and Barre, that is predicated on exercises ballerinas use to induce into form.


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