9 unusual things to try with your Google Home speaker

The Google Home speaker isn’t only to heave certainties and turning on the lights. Here are some sudden ways it can help you as the day progressed.



Your Google Home speaker likely gets the greater part of its utilization through schedules, controlling your shrewd home and playing amusements. However, that is only a glimpse of a larger problem.

Google has a library of Assistant applications, like Alexa’s abilities, that permit you do a wide range of new things with your brilliant speaker.

The following are nine irregular – yet extremely supportive – things you can do with your Google Home speakers because of Assistant applications.

Time Machine

The Time Machine Assistant application, similar to This Day In History from The History Channel, will read you a portion of the best features from that day in past years.

This application is an incredible method to show your kids something new about the world every prior day they go to bed. Furthermore, similarly as likely, you’ll pick up something you didn’t know previously.

Memory Aid

Memory Aid is like the implicit updates highlight of the Google Home. In any case, rather than helping you to remember something after a set measure of time, the Google Home will just recollect what you let it know until the point when you request that data once more.

 For example, on the off chance that you would prefer not to overlook where you put away your international ID, you can state, “Hello, Google, recall that I put my visa in the base cabinet of the file organizer.” If you ever overlook where your identification would you say you is, can ask, “alright, Google, what did I inform you regarding my visa?”

Locate your lost stuff

In the event that you have a tendency to lose things and neglect to reveal to Google where you put away them, you can utilize your Google Home to discover your telephone by saying, “alright, Google, discover my telephone,” or “Hello, Google, ring my telephone.”

On the off chance that you have a gadget like a Tile tracker joined to your keys, wallet, knapsack, and so on., you can utilize the utilization the Tile Assistant application. At that point say, “Hello, Google, request that Tile discover my keys.” If you don’t need your Tile to ring, you can state, “alright, Google, approach Tile for the area of my wallet.”

Simply realize that you will initially need to connect your Google and Tile represents Google Assistant to have the capacity to find your Tile trackers.

Composing Prompts

Regardless of whether you’re journaling or simply endeavoring to move beyond some annoying a temporarily uncooperative mind, the Writing Prompts application should prove to be useful. Simply request a provoke and it will encourage you a plan to expound on.

Prompts go from something as basic as what made you grin yesterday to the start of an anecdotal story, similar to your telephone ringing amidst the night and a voice letting you know there is an auto holding up outside.

Dress Right

Some of the time it’s decent to get a straightforward climate estimate. Different occasions, it’d be pleasant to have a colleague reveal to you what clothing would be suitable for the climate. Dress Right does only that.

Simply say, “alright, Google, ask Dress Right what I should wear in New York City.” It will begin with the climate estimate, trailed by apparel suggestions in light of the climate. On the off chance that you need, you can request extra outfit proposals in view of sex.


Contemplation and unwinding are two things that are effortlessly overlooked in our bustling timetables. However, you can utilize your Google Home speaker to enable you to think before work toward the beginning of the day or when you’re prepared to slow down for the day.

Headspace is one of the numerous reflection applications accessible for the Google Home. Simply say, “alright, Google, reveal to Headspace I’m prepared to contemplate,” or, “alright, Google, request that Headspace enable me to nod off.” You should associate your Headspace account keeping in mind the end goal to utilize this application, and keeping in mind that it’s allowed to use, there is a top notch alternative.

In the event that you’d rather attempt another application, there are a few choices to look over, for example, Meditation Timer, Calm or Yoga Master.

Rehashing clocks

Google Home’s worked in clock work is adequate for the vast majority’s needs. In any case, in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to work, study or work out utilizing something like the Pomodoro Technique, attempt the Repeating Timers application.

 To begin a rehashing clock, simply say, “Hello, Google, converse with Repeating Timers.” Then reveal to it the quantity of reiterations you need, to what extent you need every clock to last and the amount of a respite there ought to be between them.

Cool Events

On the off chance that you need to discover every one of the occasions going ahead around you, attempt Cool Events. Set your area, and after that you can check all the adjacent occasions occurring with Eventbrite, Meetup, SeatGeek and Ticketmaster. You can look occasions by name, sort or entertainer.

Reveal to Me Something Good

In a world that feels overwhelm by awful news and steady catastrophe, an application like Tell Me Something Good is relatively important. You should simply say, “alright, Google, disclose to me something great.” You’ll get an a few sentence synopsis of a news article about something constructive, similar to individuals who are attempting to profit networks the world over.

In the case of nothing else, these short news articles will reestablish a portion of your confidence in mankind.


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