A Chinese city plans to replace street lights with its own moon

Chengdu, in southwestern China, would like to dispatch a “light satellite” in 2020.

A Chinese city is burnt out on depending on power and the standard old moon to give lights around town during the evening. So the city of Chengdu trusts rather to dispatch a superior and more brilliant fake moon that could be sufficiently splendid to supplant road lights.

As indicated by neighborhood media reports, the thought was exhibited not long ago by Wu Chunfeng, director of the – take a full breath – Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co.

Points of interest on the “brightening satellite” are few, yet Wu said it would be eight times more splendid than the genuine moon, could light a territory 10 to 80 kilometers (6.2 to 50 miles) wide, and that its correct lighting extent could be controlled inside a couple of dozen meters, as indicated by the People’s Daily Online.

Asia Times reports that the satellite would have a “very intelligent covering to reflect light from the sun with sun powered board like wings whose points can be balanced.”

In 1999, a Russian investigation to send a vast mirror in space intended to work like a fake moon was unsuccessful after it neglected to unfurl appropriately.

Wu told columnists the innovation is presently “develop” and will be propelled from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in 2020.



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