A Facebook-designed CPU? Job postings hint at Facebook silicon for AR glasses

It’s been taking a shot at AR glasses to supplement its Oculus VR headset, yet now it would seem that it needs to plan its own particular silicon.



Architects needed to plan custom chips for Facebook in its continuous endeavors to get through in AR, notwithstanding Oculus’ progressing VR work.

That is as per a report in The Information (paywalled) that found a few occupation postings in the course of recent days. For instance, the posting for a Digital Design Engineer furnishes more insights about Facebook’s course with the equipment:

Figure control prerequisites of Augmented Reality require custom silicon. Facebook Silicon group is driving the cutting edge forward with achievement work in PC vision, machine learning, blended reality, illustrations, presentations, sensors, and better approaches to delineate human body. Our chips will empower AR gadgets where our genuine and virtual world will blend and match for the duration of the day. We trust the best way to accomplish our objectives is to take a gander at the whole stack, from transistor, through engineering, to firmware, and calculations.

The move isn’t excessively astonishing. Facebook’s been working for some time on AR glasses, and joins the motorcade of organizations – including Apple, Microsoft and Magic Leap – who’ve acknowledged they have to plan their own chips keeping in mind the end goal to convey AR and VR encounters improved for their particular stages. Customer VR hasn’t taken off as quick as some had trusted, while AR, which blends this present reality and the virtual, has been saturating our applications and feeling much more standard.

We connected with Facebook for extra subtle elements however didn’t instantly hear back.



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