Acer’s new all-in-one desktops get sleeker

You can’t tell the U27 and Z4 are PCs as opposed to screens, however they don’t emerge much.


Among every one of the Predators, Acer ammounced an upgraded Aspire across the board with the Predator-like V-formed base. Truth be told, the U27 looks particularly like only a screen; it’s amazingly thin, with scarcely a lump to show there are segments inside.

The way to its thin outline is the joining of its LiquidLoop fanless cooling framework. The rest is really standard. The framework has a worked in subwoofer with Dolby Audio Premium, yet I wasn’t unpleasantly inspired – there are no front-driving speakers, so the sound is strangely muted. Furthermore, the 1,920×1,080 touch show isn’t great due to the generally low pixel thickness (around 82 pixels for every inch); you can see the individual pixels from typical sitting separation and it’s very diverting.

In any case, it has a moderately low value given the rest are for the most part current segments – it begins at $1,100 – and there’s a less-great 24-inch demonstrate, the Z24, that begins as low as $900. They’ll both be accessible in July.



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