Another NASA space telescope just went into safe mode

The Chandra X-beam Observatory joins Hubble in going into defensive mode to manage a framework confusion.

It’s beginning to feel like there’s a space curse.

Hot on the foot rear areas of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope entering experimental mode after a whirligig disappointment, the organization’s Chandra X-beam Observatory has now gone into a comparable defensive state.

NASA declared the issue Friday, however it occurred on Wednesday.

At the point when Chandra enters protected mode, it swaps over to equipment reinforcement units, situates its sun powered boards to accumulate most extreme daylight and focuses its mirrors from the sun.

“Examination of accessible information demonstrates the change to protected mode was typical conduct for such an occasion. All frameworks worked of course and the logical instruments are sheltered,” NASA says.

Instruments go into experimental mode to ensure themselves amid equipment or programming disappointments or glitches, leaving just basic survival frameworks working. The space organization is presently exploring the reason for the experimental mode progress.

Chandra is intended to mention X-beam objective facts of far off space highlights, including quasars, supernovas and dark openings. It’s a piece of NASA’s Great Observatories program, which incorporates Hubble and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Likewise with Hubble, Chandra has since quite a while ago outlasted its normal unique mission. The observatory is presently 19 years of age and was initially intended to work for a long time. NASA as of late stretched out the agreement to work Chandra through something like 2024.

Chandra’s turn into experimental mode is only one of a considerable rundown of new difficulties for NASA. Other than Hubble, NASA is likewise thinking about losing contact with the Opportunity meanderer on Mars, an information transmission issue with the Curiosity wanderer and a Soyuz mission dispatch disappointment this week.


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