Apple Mac Mini (2014) review

Apple’s most affordable Mac

The Good / The Mac Mini is the slightest costly OS X PC, and its execution is keeping pace with Macs that cost twice to such an extent.

The Bad / Upgrades are costly, and secondary selling redesigns are almost inconceivable. Arrangement choices are not as broad as past adaptations of the Mac Mini, and a console and mouse are excluded.

The Bottom Line / While its fixed case restrictions will kill control clients, Apple’s slightest costly Mac conveys a strong OS X involvement in a smaller box with comparative execution to the section level MacBook Air and iMac models.


There are just two different ways to get a PC running OS X, however without a forever appended show. One is Apple’s most-costly PC, the $2,999-and-up Mac Pro , the other is its slightest costly, the $499 Mac Mini. Other than those two bookends, Macs are all either MacBook PCs with clamshell outlines, or across the board iMacs, with extensive screens on turning arms.

To gain admittance to the highlights of OS X for same cost as a standard iPad, you’ll have to bring your own particular show, console and mouse or trackpad. On the off chance that you as of now have a few or those, awesome; if not, the aggregate cost can include rapidly, particularly on the off chance that you stick to Apple-marked extras.

There are numerous Windows PCs that cost around the same, yet almost all are spending plan disapproved, low-control plastic boxes that need anything near an exceptional vibe. The passage level Mac Mini, while not particularly ground-breaking, has a unibody aluminum plan and works about and also a MacBook Air workstation (the segments are fundamentally the same as), which is one of our most loved PCs.

However, underneath the matte aluminum undercarriage, there are a couple of zones where the present emphasis of the Mac Mini may not work for you. The processor in the $499 demonstrate (¬£399 in the UK and AU$619 in Australia) is a double center, low-voltage fourth-age Intel Core i5. Two progressively costly base arrangements incorporate quicker Core i5 CPUs, with a double center Core i7 as an additional cost add-on over that. Yet, in the event that you return to the last significant Mac Mini refresh from 2012, you’ll discover quad-center Core i7 chips, an all the more ground-breaking alternative presently absent.

The late 2014 refresh includes double Thunderbolt ports and speedier 802.11ac Wi-Fi (as found on whatever is left of the present Mac line), yet the RAM, which was already client available, is currently for all time bound to the motherboard. At the end of the day: no more post-buy overhauls. Rather, you have to design your overhauls at the season of procurement. What’s more, they’re not modest: a basic hop from the base 4GB to 8GB is an additional $100, and including a 1TB Fusion drive (with both SSD and HDD equipment) costs $250 over the slower 5400rpm 500GB hard drive at all costly design.

Following a couple of neglected years, enthusiasm for little work area PCs is increase, and the Mac Mini faces some fascinating rivalry from Windows gadgets, for example, the Alienware Alpha and the HP Pavilion Mini , which can both be figured to cost around the same, albeit every ha its own exchange offs. What’s more, that does exclude more reasonable spending alternatives like Chromebooks, “Chromebox” little work areas and even undeniable Windows PCs like the HP Stream 11 , which can all be had for about $200.

Apple lovers seeking after a profoundly refreshed, future-sealed Mac Mini will be baffled that the little strides forward in a few regions are counterbalanced by what might be viewed as in reverse moves in others (particularly for DIY upgraders). In any case, for easygoing customers searching for an essential work area or a TV-associated interactive media PC, it’s difficult to envision a more complete, independent PC, particularly one running OS X, at the cost.

Apple Mac Mini

Plan and highlights

The Mac Mini, even with no physical update in this most recent variant, still feels little for a PC. In any case, it’s robust square of aluminum, 7.7 inches square and 2.6 pounds, and smaller people the media spilling gadgets, from Roku to Amazon Fire TV (or the Apple TV so far as that is concerned), that have assumed control a great part of the media gushing individuals used to require a home theater PC for.

Contrasted with other little work areas, the Mini sits in the middle of the marginally bigger Alienware Alpha work area, which incorporates its own discrete designs chip, and the new HP Pavilion Mini, first observed at CES 2015.


While those other two little frame factor PCs have a few simple to get to USB ports on the front board, Apple’s outline is, consistent with shape, extremely moderate, with just a power light and IR sensor on the front board. You’ll need to head over to the back to connect anything.

Transportation without a console and mouse implies that you’ll need to supply your own. Apple’s variants are $69 each for the console and your decision of mouse or trackpad (I lean toward the last mentioned), however any old USB or Bluetooth ones you have lounging around will work fine. I wound up utilizing the Mac Mini fundamentally with a remote Apple console and a remote Microsoft marked mouse. Remember that additional cost when contrasting this with the new HP Pavilion Mini, which incorporates a remote console/mouse combo in the case, even in the most reduced end $319 variant.

In spite of the absence of pressed in frill, you do get a great deal of programming additional items. The slightest costly Mac PC still incorporates all the packaged programming found on its pricier kin, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, which involve Apple’s adaptation of the Microsoft Office suite, and in addition interactive media applications including GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto (the last to be supplanted sooner or later by the new Photos application ).

One of the advantages of having an adaptable framework like the Mac Mini is that you can connect it to any show you have lounging around, and you’re not bolted into the included screens incorporated with the iMac work areas. We attempted an Apple Cinema Display by means of smaller than expected DisplayPort, and in addition a 4K 28-inch screen from Monoprice , through HDMI.

Through the Display area of the Settings menu, you can enable OS X to scale the work area view to look awesome on your screen, regardless of its determination (or what it would seem that best as indicated by Apple), or you can choose your determination, and we set the Mac Mini to keep running at full 3,840×2,160 on our 4K show. We could watch a spilling 4K video at full determination like this, albeit general execution felt rough. At 4K, the work area can likewise watch exceptionally zoomed out. In case you’re searching for a genuine 4K encounter, you’ll have to spend more.

Ports and associations

Associations, arrangement and execution

As an end-result of purchasing a work area over a Workstation, have a privilege to expect liberal choice of ports and associations, even on little box this way. The Mac Mini’s back board is stacked with associations, including four USB ports, and three video yields (one is HDMI, the other two are shared Thunderbolt/smaller than usual DisplayPort jacks), in addition to Ethernet, which is extraordinary in case you will set this up as a spilling home theater PC.

The base model Mac Mini looked into here incorporates a 1.4GHz double center Intel Core i5 CPU from Intel’s fourth era of those chips, now and then alluded to by the codename Haswell. New CPUs, fifth-gen models with the codename Broadwell, are beginning to fly up, yet it’s obscure if or when they’ll go to the Mac Mini or different Macs.

The minimum costly Mac Mini likewise incorporates 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive, the two specs that would be considered on the low end when all is said in done, yet are tolerable for a $500 PC. As an update – and not at all like past Mac Mini models – secondary selling redesigning is basically inconceivable on the 2014 Mini, as the RAM is really fastened into the motherboard and the hard drive is profoundly covered inside.


The Mac Mini performed aggressively with the two other little work areas in a similar value run we tried as of late, the Alienware Alpha and the HP Pavilion Mini, exchanging ahead of everyone else between them in multitasking and single-application tests, however not destroying each other. Both the Alienware and HP models have Core i3 processors, however offer different additional items, for example, the custom designs card in the Alpha (which prompted a greatly improved gaming outline rate score) and the bigger 1TB hard drive in the Pavilion Mini. Note that our Pavilion Mini was a $479 arrangement with an updated CPU and hard drive, as opposed to the $319 base model, making at a closer cost to-spec correlation.

The Mac Mini likewise performed generally keeping pace with both the present 13-inch MacBook Air and the 21.5-inch section level iMac across the board work area. That is on account of each of the three of those Macs are worked around comparable segments, in spite of the fact that the iMac has double the RAM and the MacBook has a quicker strong state hard drive. That implies the Mac Mini is about as great as Apple PCs that cost twice to such an extent.

In commonsense terms, essential Photoshop and page building worked easily, as did office and efficiency applications. We stacked up Logic Pro , Apple’s top of the line proficient music creation suite, and were capable gone through a few demos, yet remember that the product modules that are at the core of that program are exceptionally CPU ward, and you’ll in the long run hit a block divider in the event that you stack excessively numerous together.


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