We don’t expect any new Apple TV equipment this time around, yet there’s still opportunity to get better.



While Apple’s occasion on September 12 ought to be pressed with new iPhones and another Apple Watch, gossipy tidbits don’t point to another Apple TV. Nope, no Apple TV 8K, not by any means any Fortnite.

I trust Apple doesn’t disregard it totally, be that as it may. The Apple TV 4K is one of my most loved spilling gadgets as of now, because of its industry-driving arrangement bolster, radiant clean and helpful Siri voice alternatives. The non-4K form is similarly as smooth, yet both could be better.

Past 4K YouTube – which I uncertainty will ever be accessible on the current 4K box, since it needs YouTube 4K’s required VP9 video deciphering – here are a couple of things I’d jump at the chance to see Apple take off for its respected streamer.

Dolby Atmos bolster past iTunes for Apple TV 4K

We definitely know the following Apple TV working framework, TVOS 12, will include bolster for Dolby’s best encompass sound organization to Apple TV 4K when it comes in the not so distant future. Apple says its iTunes administration will have the world’s biggest library of Atmos titles, and that if a client claims a title that later includes Atmos, that title will get updated for nothing out of pocket.


Just films in iTunes will get Atmos at first, be that as it may. Despite whether Atmos is a major ordeal in any case, it would be decent if different administrations with Atmos titles, as Netflix, Amazon and Vudu for instance, refresh their Apple TV 4K applications to include Atmos as well. Other 4K HDR streamers, as Roku and the Xbox One, offer Atmos for those administrations, and Apple ought to as well in the event that it needs to guarantee spilling matchless quality for the Apple TV 4K.

New menus with widespread peruse and watch list (with Netflix)

Another patent depicts a refreshed menu framework for Apple TV that is centered more around TV shows and films instead of applications themselves. Sounds great; Apple TV’s present interface looks dated and feels caught by the iPhone inheritance. The new menus, as indicated by the patent application, would give a focal place to clients to keep watching current recordings, find new ones and get suggestions from numerous applications, without going into the individual applications themselves.

On the off chance that you surmise that sounds a considerable measure like the present “television” application on Apple TV, you’re correct. That application is awesome, and various video administrations are incorporated, yet not Netflix. It additionally needs well known applications including Plex, YouTube, Vudu, Movies Anywhere. Live TV applications are additionally missing like Sling TV, DirecTV Now and YouTube TV. Ideally Apple gets more extensive investment for its new interface than it improves the situation its TV application.

‘Discover my Apple TV remote’

Roku has put remote discoverers on its containers for a few years, and I cherish the component. It works this way: tap a catch over the container and the remote discharges a clamor, enabling you to discover it from among your lounge chair pads or wherever.


I adore the Apple TV’s touchpad remote, specifically the clean activity of its touchpad, yet it’s super-thin and super-simple to lose. It does not have a speaker so it can’t make clamor itself, however there ought to be some approach to get an iPhone to find the remote in a room. Correct? If not, Apple should offer another supplanting clicker with a discoverer highlight.

Up and coming TV benefit packaged with Apple Music

This isn’t in fact limited to Apple TV, however worth specifying regardless. Apple will apparently dispatch its video benefit in 2019 to contend with Netflix, Hulu and the rest. It’s contributing $1 billion and has effectively reported over twelve shows and multi-year advancements.

Why not let it ride the coattails of the undeniably fruitful Apple Music ($10, £10 and AU$12 every month)? You know, sort of what Google did with YouTube Premium (otherwise known as YouTube Music with the past Red administration) yet with stuff you may really need to watch. Possibly Apple could toss in the most reduced level of iCloud stockpiling ($1, £0.79 and AU$1.49 every month for 50GB) and offer a markdown in general package.

I know the words “Apple” and “markdown” go together like “nutty spread” and “lobster,” yet in the present ultra-focused gushing world it may require the assistance. The video administration will supposedly be estimated beneath Netflix, which for HD spilling begins at $11, £8 and AU$14 every month, which to me peruses like it could be $10 every month. On the off chance that truth is stranger than fiction, a heap of Apple’s TV, music and capacity administrations could be truly enticing at $15 every month.

A value cut

Talking about nutty spread lobster, the great old $179, £179 or AU$249 Apple TV 4K could utilize a lasting markdown a year after dispatch. $150 sounds ideal to me, particularly if combined with the non-4K adaptation, which appeared in 2015, being cleaved to $100 (perused: $99). Sublime 4K streamers like the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Amazon Fire TV are $70 in the US, so the Apple TV still feels “premium” at those costs, however in any event it would get back in the discussion at the center cost point.

And keeping in mind that I’m imagining, why not another Apple TV Stick that needs 4K and the extravagant remote for $50? Quite a long time ago, the more seasoned Apple TV box sold for $69, £59 and AU$109. Possibly we could see those days once more.



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