Asus ZenPad Z8s review

A moderate iPad Mini 4 elective with LTE



The Good / The Asus ZenPad Z8s is a little tablet with worked in cell benefit and a jazzy aluminum plan. It has awesome battery life and a sharp screen.

The Bad / It’s solitary accessible through Verizon. Capacitive secure don’t light. Information benefit has a month to month continuous cost.

The Bottom Line / The ZenPad Z8S is a strong little LTE tablet with a fabulous screen, premium plan and durable battery life.

The little tablet isn’t totally dead, at any rate not yet. The Asus ZenPad Z8s is a phenomenal little tablet that’s, shockingly, a Verizon selective, which means it’s not authoritatively accessible in the UK or Australia, which sucks since anybody looking for a little tablet with LTE doesn’t have an awesome assortment of decisions in the first place.

To be reasonable, numerous individuals searching for a gadget like that have just done what needs to be done and moved to an extra large screen phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ($750 at

LTE benefit is sold independently and cost relies upon your arrangement. On the off chance that it ever finds a bearer in different domains, that off-contract cost would be generally £190 or AU$320.

Little, however strong

The tablet’s most great element is its enduring battery. Subsequent to making up for lost time with the two most recent scenes of “Control Your Enthusiasm” and looking at the pilot of “The Deuce” on Amazon Video, at that point spilling a bunch of various Chicago Art Ensemble exhibitions on YouTube – all on LTE – I found the battery stayed at 100 percent.

Not at all like with most tablets, I truly needed to endeavor to deplete the ZenPad Z8s’ battery. In gushing video battery testing it kept going a noteworthy 13 hours.

The Z8s’ trim aluminum configuration is likewise a feature. It’s coolly smooth and compact, with an aluminum back and metal sides with coordinating catches. It feels and resembles an excellent tablet, despite the fact that it’s on the moderate side of the tablet range.

One outline annoyance is the absence of a backdrop illumination on the capacitive catches. Situated on the tablet’s base edge, the capacitive fasten don’t light when contacted, making them hard to find oblivious. Furthermore, however it charges through USB-C, it doesn’t bolster any sort of quick charging.

The Asus tablet has a brilliant sharp screen with wide review edges. It’s bright and dynamic when gushing HD video; in any case, its 4:3 viewpoint proportion (like the iPad Mini 4 ($326 at’s) includes a touch of additional letter hindering, that is, the huge dark bars that edge HD recordings. This perspective proportion works better to browse the web and perusing than for viewing HD video, however the fresh screen works magnificently for both.

While this may look and feel somewhat like the low-end iPad Mini 4, don’t befuddle the two. The $400 iPad Mini 4 runs iOS, which makes for an altogether different tablet encounter. In the event that you have an iPhone ($500 at Cricket Wireless), it matches up your most loved applications, instant messages and photographs flawlessly. There’s more fracture in the Android biological community.

Screen specs

  • 2,048×1,536-pixel determination
  • IPS screen

The ZenPad Z8s is sufficiently quick for ordinary utilize. The tablet runs Asus’ Zen UI skin and comes preloaded with Verizon applications to deal with your record and Google’s suite of applications, including Gmail and Google Docs. Applications dispatch quickly and exchanging between them is quick. Execution backs off while downloading records or applications; in any case, that is ordinary and normal.



  • Android 7.0
  • 1.8GHz Snapdragon 652
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB inward stockpiling
  • MicroSD card peruser, up to 128GB SDXC
  • Miniaturized scale SIM card space

A moderate option

In case you’re a Verizon client searching for a little tablet with LTE availability, the Z8s is an incredible decision. In any case, that is an unmistakable vessel to be in.

In case you’re not a Verizon client, the tablet is accessible at retail cost. While getting it out and out means you don’t get Verizon cell benefit, its retail value implies it’s as yet less expensive than the iPad Mini 4 and Huawei MediaPad M3, making it a strong and reasonable option.


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