Audeze Sine review

This marvelous sounding earphone is prepared for iPhone 7



The Good / The swanky, sturdily manufactured Audeze Sine is among the littlest and most moderate earphones to utilize planar attractive drivers. It offers exceptionally uncovering, open sound in a shut back outline. For an additional $50, you can get the organization’s Cipher Lightning earphone link, which connects specifically to your iOS gadget’s Lightning port – making it iPhone 7-prepared.

The Bad / The earphone’s somewhat overwhelming – agreeable, yet not exceptionally so. Included 3.5mm earphone line doesn’t have a coordinated remote and mouthpiece.

The Bottom Line / The Audeze Sine is a fabulous earphone that will engage anybody searching for genuinely top of the line sound that isn’t extraordinarily costly.

Audeze Sine review

The Audeze Sine is an extraordinary earphone. At $450 it’s one of the slightest costly earphones that utilization planar attractive drivers, which tend to sound exceptionally intelligent and extensive, with low mutilation. In the event that “planar attractive drivers” sounds Greek to you, you’re following after some admirable people. At last, what is important is that it’s a very surprising innovation than what you find in about all other standard earphones. In the event that you need the specialized points of interest, look at Inner Fidelity.

Be that as it may, what you should know it that what makes this earphone (and the Oppo PM-3) unique is that – in our current reality where most planar attractive earphones have open-back outlines – the Sine has a shut back plan. Truth be told, it’s one of only a handful couple of planar attractive models that is upgraded for portable utilize – it’s being showcased as the world’s first “on-ear” planar attractive earphone.

Open-back models for the most part offer more open, breezy sound, yet they additionally release sound, which makes them not as much as perfect for use within the sight of other individuals.

While it doesn’t it sound as rich or open as Audeze’s higher end open-back finished the-ear models – some of which cost in the thousands and are audiophile top picks – it’s one of those earphones that sounds so great you need to return and tune in to your music gathering to hear the little subtle elements that lesser earphones don’t uncover. It’s only an incredible sounding earphone

It merits specifying that in spite of the fact that Audeze calls this an “on-ear” earphone the earcups fit around my ears – scarcely at any rate. Be that as it may, I don’t have a major head, so the earcups will for sure sit on a few people’s ears.

Audeze Sine review

Prepared for iPhone 7

The Sine is alluringly planned, with a calfskin secured headband and earcups and tough metal parts. It overlays level into an included stockpiling pocket.  That makes an all-computerized association and has an advanced to-simple converter (DAC) incorporated with the earphone’s remote and supersedes the iPhone’s interior DAC. It somewhat helps the sound – and sound execution – while drawing a little power from your iPhone.

That implies if – the same number of suspect – the iPhone 7 that we hope to be declared in September drops the standard earphone jack, the Audeze Sine will be one of the principal wired earphones to be perfect with it.

That Lightning link is incorporated into the $500 heap of the earphones (alongside the standard link with a 3.5mm attachment). Alongside the inline remote, the Lightning link has an incorporated amplifier for making calls with your iPhone. Nonetheless, the standard link with a 3.5mm fitting does not have a coordinated remote or receiver, which is too awful.

Execution and fit

We contrasted the Sine with two or three earphones: Oppo’s $400 PM-3 shut back planar attractive earphone, which we additionally like a ton, and Beyerdynamic’s T51i, one of our most loved on-ear earphones. (Steve Guttenberg, who composes CR’s Audiophiliac section, and home sound proofreader Ty Pendlebury likewise tuned in to the earphones.)

How about we begin with the Oppo, which is somewhat less smart than the Sine, has an over-ear outline and is minimal more agreeable to wear over significant lots. The Sine is agreeable yet not supercomfortable and – at 8.1 ounces or 230g – it is very brave to it. Be that as it may, the Oppo and Sine complete a better than average occupation latently fixing out encompassing clamor.

The Sine is somewhat more forward and uncovering than the Oppo, which implies it’ll make all around recorded tracks sound shockingly better yet draw out the brutality in seriously recorded material and aggravate it sound even. So it runs with extremely straightforward earphones. Also, the perfect and common sounding Sine is simply.

An outcome, it works better with a few kinds of music than others. For example, it’s not perfect for tuning in to shake tracks (and I don’t mean shake melodies, which it’s appropriate for). It’s awesome with jazz, established, R&B, and groups like Beach House, a “fantasy pop” band. The Sine’s open characteristics draw out the ethereal characteristics in tracks like “Legend” and “Funeral poem To The Void.”

Contrasted with the Beyerdynamic T51i, the Sine is the all the more noteworthy, more straightforward earphone, yet the T51i is littler, seemingly more agreeable, and costs less at around $250 on the web. The T51i is all the more lenient and would be better with shake tracks, yet in general the Sine is the better, more open-sounding earphone.

Audeze Sine review


To the extent the Cipher Lightning link goes, don’t hope to get a brilliant earphone amp for the additional $50. Utilizing the Lightning link acts similar to an earphone amp, boosting the volume and the bass (it additionally draws a smidgen of energy from your telephone). In any case, a genuine earphone amp – a great one at any rate – would enhance the sound all the more altogether. I favored the sound marginally utilizing the Lightning link, however relying upon your tastes, you may lean toward utilizing the standard 3.5mm sound attachment.

For example, while the bass sounded greater with Beach House’s “Fantasy” utilizing the Lightning link, we felt a touch airiness was lost. Also, clearly, on the off chance that you don’t anticipate utilizing this with an Apple iOS gadget there’s no motivation to get the discretionary Lightning link. (We likewise tried the Sine with a couple of compact high-determination sound players.)

Genuine top of the line sound

It’s incredible to see Audeze convey planar attractive to a littler, more portable arranged earphone. We enjoyed this earphone a considerable measure and would prescribe it to anybody searching for a really top of the line sounding earphone that isn’t staggeringly costly.



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