Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT review

Wireless monitor-grade headphones for serious music fans

The Good / The Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT offers nice sound quality each with and while not wires. they need AN open sound with enough bass to satisfy most users. The Bluetooth controls ar well integrated and therefore the inclusion of a separate cable with AN integrated mic could be a real boon.

The Bad / Not like several headphones at this value, there isn’t any noise cancelling. The sound will be a touch too forward in rip-roaring environments, leading to less natural sound. the facility button is in an ungainly spot.

The Bottom Line / The Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT offers systematically high sound quality for each wireless and wired use, creating them nice for music genre fans.

Headphone wires, particularly for mobile use, will be AN redundant distraction. They get tangled on your bag, snag on fellow commuters, or return unplugged and become a visit hazard.

Of course, wireless Bluetooth does not sound pretty much as good as a wired affiliation, thus audiophiles et al. World Health Organization obtain monitor-grade headphones just like the painting Audio Technica ATH-M50 like wires. Four years agone Audio Technica free its ATH-M50x update, that boasted a a lot of direct sound and one among the foremost requested options of all: a detachable cable. many third party makers fast onto this free port and began developing Bluetooth adaptors to form that electro-acoustic transducer fully wireless. But… they reasonably looked silly. They decorated off all-time low of the telephone receiver like busted earlobes.

The newest update, the ATH-M50xBT, finally brings with it integrated Bluetooth wireless, during a housing that is the same size because the original. The ATH-M50xBT is $199, £179 or AU$379.

Audio Technica’s engineers have done a wonderful job of integration the Bluetooth physical science and controls within the initial shell. It’s arduous to inform they are the Bluetooth version in the least.

The controls ar housed within the left cup, with the degree and play button all among simple reach behind the ear. My solely grievance is that the facility button could be a physical slider placed forward of the ear, that makes it awkward to activate. Hold your finger against the Audio Technica protective covering for 2 seconds and it’ll activate either Google Assistant or Siri on your phone. whereas it takes regarding 5 seconds from 1st press to once the voice assistant registers, it worked fine otherwise

The headphones ar engineered around a combine of 45mm drivers with a claimed frequency response of 15Hz to 20kHz. they are a lot of sensitive than most of the competition, they are going louder than my reference Sony MDR-1R for instance. It’s price noting that not like several Bluetooth over-ear styles at this value, just like the Sennheiser HD four.50 BTNC and therefore the AKG N60NC, the AT’s lack noise cancelling.

These ar the primary Bluetooth headphones I will think about that do not sound fully totally different once you plug a cable into them. most commonly sound worse. ostensibly a great deal of makers provide a phone input as a fall-back, when golf shot all of their effort into juicing the Bluetooth sound with relative atomic mass. the actual fact the M50x was a wired phone 1st clearly helps here. The wired version measured a tittle brighter with a touch less bass, however there wasn’t the hit in sound quality you would possibly expect.

One factor I did expertise is there’s a small amount of low-level electronic noise gift once the Bluetooth is on and there is no music enjoying. This will disappear once one thing is enjoying.

I started my evaluations with one thing slow — Pink Moon by Nick Drake. Drake’s voice was as elegiac as ever, and there was a way of area between him and his guitar. once the piano stabs came in they were felt the maximum amount as they were detected. mistreatment the cable shrank the sound stage and created his voice a touch additional chesty, however the impact was to spotlight a way of intimacy, mixed with a pinch of simple phobia.

I affected to one thing a touch more difficult — The Last Night by Dirty 3 — that options drums, a spare guitar and mournful string. This song brought out the refined variations between the cable and also the Bluetooth stream. The splash percussion instrument that seems at 1:15 measured additional coarse-grained and fewer clear once detected over Bluetooth, whereas the wired feed offered additional detail within the higher finish.

While there was a loss of stereo image with Bluetooth — central pictures became less material like the free-reed instrument that lost a number of its reediness — some music sounds larger. Missing U by electronic pop creative person Robin measured additional contained over the wire however additional expansive and fun over Bluetooth.

With rock and roll, and a wired association to a computer, the Audio Technicas do not skip a beat. Nub by Hebrew Lizard helped outline noise rock, however the sound will get splashy and skinny once vie loudly through bright speakers. percussionist mackintosh McNeilly plays the crash percussion instrument sort of a diseased person, David Sims’ low bass honks and singer David Yow freaks out regarding one thing unintelligible. whereas the cymbals were distinguished, the ATs conjointly managed to capture the deepest bass notes throughout the quieter choruses. There was still lightweight and shade here.

The phone hit a snag once I listened in noisy environments. I took the ATH-M50xBT on the ny subway, and also the typically awkward balance of the phone over Bluetooth came to the fore. The bass born out and while not relative atomic mass the sound was robbed of its drama. The additional even-handed Sony MDR-1R stuffed out the music with only enough bass to form my travel sound recording additional natural.

If you are considering a try of wireless cans you will be questioning what the distinction is between these and a try of (more expensive) Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones as an example. except the noise cancelling, the foremost obvious distinction is that the quantity of bass. there is simply a great deal additional of it with the Sony, that is nice in noisy trains. The Sony conjointly offers the pliability of various sound profiles if you would like to tweak the sound to your style. it is a massive jump to $350 however the noise cancelling, natural sound quality and improved construction might be worthwhile.

Should you purchase them?

If you are a musician or audio skilled, the ATH-M50xBT’s flexibility as each a wired and a wireless phone is also its greatest draw. It offers many midrange clarity and enough bass to be used in most environments. It’s likable and cheap for a phone of its kind. but if you are looking to pay this quantity of cash you will realize the Satyendra N. Bose SoundLink II headphones additional easy-going sound and subtler look additional enticing.



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