August Smart Lock Pro review

Wanting a fundamental entryway bolt? August’s smart Pro ain’t for you



The Good / Your August Smart Lock Pro buy incorporates a DIY keen bolt, a Connect Wi-Fi module and a DoorSense open/close sensor – for $279. The Pro additionally underpins Z-Wave (center excluded) and works with Amazon Alexa speakers, the Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Nest.

The Bad / You can’t purchase the Pro as an independent secure stores; Z-Wave clients/anybody not intrigued by the Connect frill must experience August’s rundown of expert merchants.

The Bottom Line / August’s packaged Smart Lock Pro is an extraordinary choice on the off chance that you need huge amounts of reconciliations available to you, yet anybody longing for a less complex bolt should look somewhere else.

This is what you have to think about August’s $279 US-just Smart Lock Pro:

1. Its outline and execution are tantamount to the $229 second-gen Smart Lock (accessible for $199 while supplies last).

2. The Pro depends on the same application and has comparable center highlights, including support for Siri, Alexa the Google Assistant and Nest.

3. It’s Z-Wave-prepared (center excluded). An open/close DoorSense sensor and a Connect Wi-Fi module go with the bolt.

This all sounds truly incredible; you surely can’t beat the Pro’s rundown of brilliant home incorporations.

What’s more, indeed, you’re paying more in advance, yet the cost incorporates a packaged Wi-Fi adornment, Z-Wave similarity and DoorSense. August’s $229 Smart Lock 2.0, in addition to a $79 Connect (beforehand sold independently) would set you back more than $300 – and it doesn’t work over Z-Wave or accompany DoorSense.

People basically needing to work the bolt finished Bluetooth or with Samsung SmartThings or Wink shouldn’t preclude the Pro, however it isn’t as great an arrangement. You’ll either need to spend the $279 packaged cost for a Connect Wi-Fi module you don’t require or experience August’s rundown of endorsed merchants to catch an independent bolt without a Connect.

August’s Smart Lock goes ‘Star’

I extremely enjoyed the past cycle of the August Smart Lock – I even gave it an Editors’ Choice honor. The Pro works correspondingly well. Not exclusively is it amazingly easy to stick over a current deadbolt, it was additionally solid all through testing.

I got immediate warnings by means of the August and Home applications, the equipment introduced in minutes, and it reacted rapidly to my Siri orders.

DoorSense is the Pro’s champion element, however, a really shrewd expansion to a brilliant bolt. Here’s the essence: DoorSense is basically the same as a conventional entryway/window sensor. Yet, rather than having two little sensors, the bolt itself goes about as one of the sensors.

The other sensor can either be mounted outwardly of the door jamb or inside the strike plate for a more incorporated look. DoorSense not just discloses to you when the Pro is bolted or opened, yet in addition if your entryway open or shut.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

On the off chance that you need decisions – from associating over Wi-Fi or Z-Wave, to imparting through Siri or Alexa – August’s Smart Lock Pro is justified regardless of the $279.

Be that as it may, not every person will need to manage these conventions and going with tech. Bluetooth and Z-Wave followers are at a specific disservice, since they should spend the same packaged $279 for a Wi-Fi module they don’t require, or experience a merchant.

On the off chance that you aren’t occupied with Z-Wave network, consider rather August’s new $149 Smart Lock. It accompanies DoorSense, yet it isn’t perfect with Siri or Z-Wave – and it doesn’t accompany a Connect module. All things considered, you could include a Connect frill independently for an additional $79. For that $228 ($149 Smart Lock in addition to the $79 Connect), you get nearly precisely the same, highlights and adornments as the $279 August Smart Lock Pro.



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