Belkin WeMo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug review

Belkin’s itty-bitty WeMo Mini has huge plans for the shrewd home



The Good / At $35, the new WeMo Mini is intensely evaluated, and the littler outline won’t square contiguous outlets. Local similarity with IFTTT, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa make it a standout amongst the most all around associated keen fittings you can purchase.

The Bad / WeMo equip won’t work with Apple HomeKit (or with Siri), and the WeMo application is still woefully glitchy now and again.

The Bottom Line / WeMo’s dependably been a strong keen home beginning stage, and at just $35, the WeMo Mini is the line’s best offering yet.

The fundamental fascination is the new WeMo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug, right now accessible for presale at a cost of $35 (‎the Mini isn’t accessible outside of the US yet, however other WeMo items are – changed over generally, the value turns out to about £30 or AU$50). Much the same as the first WeMo Switch, it’ll let you robotize anything you connect to behind it, however like the name proposes, it’s significantly littler than previously. That implies it won’t close off adjoining outlets like the old switches do.


Beside the littler outline, there’s extremely just the same old thing new here. The WeMo Mini offers the majority of indistinguishable highlights from the first WeMo Switch, incorporating its reconciliations with stages and administrations like IFTTT, Nest, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa – yet no help for Apple HomeKit, or for Siri. It won’t track vitality use, either; for that, you’ll have to spend a couple of bucks additional on a WeMo Insight Switch.

Absence of Siri controls aside, the WeMo Mini is as yet an all around associated shrewd fitting, and a sensible follow-up buy for any individual who got an Amazon Echo or a Google Home savvy speaker for Christmas, as both will give you a chance to kill the attachment on and utilizing voice directions. It isn’t flawless, however at $35, the WeMo Mini is a sheltered, basic approach to dunk your toes into the associated home of tomorrow.


The brilliant home made straightforward

Savvy plugs like the WeMo Mini are a portion of the easiest and most clear associated home contraptions you can purchase. Connect one to and afterward connect another thing to it, and you’ll have the capacity to kill that thing on and from your telephone, or mechanize it to turn on and off at particular occasions.

The most clear utilize cases incorporate lights, space radiators, work area fans, and other little machines you should need to robotize, yet there’s space for inventiveness.

For example, you could plug your stimulation focus’ electrical extension into a brilliant attachment, at that point naturally slice the juice to your AV equip amid the night when you aren’t utilizing any of it.

There’s even a brilliant skillet that can match up with a WeMo Switch to consequently cook your supper.

Associating your keen fittings with other brilliant home devices and administrations opens the way to significantly more potential outcomes. WeMo does really well here, flaunting similarity with Nest, IFTTT, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, among others.


New year, new plan

It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the WeMo Mini looks a ton like two of its best rivals, the iHome Smart Plug and the iDevices Switch. Both of those Belkin challengers ran with little plans that don’t square neighboring outlets, making the massive first-gen WeMo Switch look dated by correlation. Refreshing the outline was a fundamental concession for Belkin – and an unmistakable sign that it’s enthusiastic about keeping the WeMo Switch aggressive on retail retires.

It’s a decent move. Subsequent to offering a great many units a year ago, Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot keen speakers were both typically hot merchants this Christmas season – and that implies gigantic quantities of new potential clients for Belkin’s Alexa-prepared WeMo equipment.

Toss in the introduction of the Google Home keen speaker, with which WeMo was an early accomplice, and you’re taking a gander at what’s turning out to be a major 2017 for voice-perfect shrewd home devices. No big surprise Belkin needs its WeMo Switch prepared for a crisp closeup.

In any case, remaining aggressive with iHome and iDevices isn’t just about beautifiers. Both of those shrewd attachments work with Apple HomeKit, the arrangement of brilliant home controls incorporated with the product that forces iPhones and iPads. Like its antecedents, the WeMo Mini doesn’t, and a Belkin representative discloses to me that it isn’t probably going to at any point in the near future, since Belkin chose not to include the vital HomeKit chipset.

The objective, the organization lets me know, was to stay away from a circumstance where some WeMo items worked with HomeKit while other WeMo items didn’t. That implies no HomeKit similarity for any of them for a long time to come. With HomeKit as yet attempting to set up itself as a market mover, that’ll either end up being a savvy bit of limitation or a major passed up on chance for Belkin. My figure is that we’ll know which before the current year’s over.

Belkin has one clear preferred standpoint, however, and that is the $35 sticker price. It’s a less expensive expense of section than iHome or iDevices, and closer to what you’ll pay for deal evaluated contenders from names like Koogeek and TP-Link, where Belkin’s name acknowledgment should work well for it.

About the application

The WeMo Mini uses a similar Android and iOS application as existing WeMo gadgets. I’m holding out expectation that Belkin will upgrade that application at some point this year. It’s a gorgeous bit of programming that is quite simple to explore, yet it experiences laggy


To synchronize everything up, you’ll take after the application’s guidelines and connect the WeMo Mini to, at that point sit tight a couple of moments for it to begin broadcasting its Wi-Fi flag. Subsequent to associating with that flag, you’ll come back to the application, where it’ll tie the fitting to your home system.

In my tests, this matching procedure was normally truly slow, regularly timing out and expecting me to constrain quit the application. In the wake of propelling it back up, the WeMo Mini would dependably be on the web and prepared to go…but still, not an extraordinary initial introduction.

Things showed signs of improvement from that point, however. Surprisingly, the application appeared to be observably quicker than the last time I tried it out for a post from the CR Smart Home. Not at all like in that round of tests, I didn’t experience the issue where my switches were recorded as lethargic.


The WeMo application offers a straightforward and natural principles motor that gives you a chance to get your feet wet with home robotization. You could, for example, make a decide that turns a light on at dusk, or when a WeMo movement finder discovers you strolling into the room.

In my home, I have a decide that turns off a space radiator consistently at 1:00 a.m.. On the off chance that I ever neglect to turn it off, WeMo will recall for me and shield it from running throughout the night. Above all, the application makes it extremely simple to make those sorts of computerizations.

Matching up with the Amazon Echo shrewd speaker was a secure, as well. Once the attachment is up and running on your home system, simply request that Alexa find new gadgets. Inside seconds, she’ll identify the WeMo Mini and add it to her rundown of upheld contraptions, and you’ll have the capacity to advise her to turn it on and off utilizing whatever name you picked for it in the WeMo application.


Directions like these worked impeccably in my tests, and in my own particular home, where I’ve routinely utilized an Amazon Echo to transform a light connected to a WeMo Switch on and off for over a year now.

Controlling the switch utilizing the Google Home keen speaker, with which Belkin’s WeMo apparatus will before long appreciate local similarity, ought to be similarly as simple once that joining is up and running. For more profound mechanized controls, it’s genuinely easy to interface your WeMo adapt with the free online administration IFTTT, as well.

What’s more, recollect, in case you’re killing your switches on and with voice directions and mechanizations like these, at that point you’ll once in a while need to open the application by any stretch of the imagination.

How about we talk security

With the ascent of web associated gadgets in our homes comes some authentic security concerns, however Belkin’s on entirely strong balance here. The organization has completed a commendable activity of reacting to potential vulnerabilities with general firmware updates, and uses standard transport layer encryption for all transmissions to and from WeMo gadgets.

I talked with a Belkin agent about how WeMo handles security a year ago – this is the thing that the organization stated:

“We have a devoted security group that works at all aspects of our product improvement lifecycle, prompting programming and frameworks builds in best practices and ensuring WeMo is as secure as would be prudent. Our gadgets are not discoverable from anyplace on the Internet outside the home’s Local Area Network and we don’t alter the house switch’s outer firewall settings or leave any ports open to permit misuse. We likewise have a develop and vigorous security reaction process that enables us to react rapidly and unequivocally to push out basic firmware refreshes in case of a defenselessness or assault.”

Likewise with a considerable measure of shrewd home devices, a ton of it boils down to how all around anchored your home system is. Setting solid passwords and after that refreshing them routinely is a decent begin, and in the event that you require extra direction, we have you secured.


It’s fortunate, little bundle

At just $35 each, the WeMo Mini is a standout amongst the most moderate keen fittings available, and it’s an ideal fit with voice controllers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home savvy speakers. Mixes with IFTTT and with the Nest Learning Thermostat let you go much more profound into home robotization on the off chance that you pick.

On the off chance that you were waiting for Apple HomeKit bolster and the Siri controls that accompany it, at that point you’re frustrated (and all things considered, bouncing in with iDevices or iHome is your most solid option). For every other person, I think the WeMo Mini merits solid thought. Like the first, it’s a brilliant, straightforward approach to begin with home robotization, and the new, less prominent outline is a long ways better than anyone might have expected.


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