Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 review

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The Good / The Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 is extraordinary compared to other standmount speakers you can purchase. The speaker consolidates perfect form quality and extravagant great looks. Sound quality is among the most elite with a wide and profound soundstage and incredible explanation and dynamic haul. The precious stone tweeter’s point by point treble never turns to the brutality seen in less expensive speakers.

The Bad / The 805 D3 is estimated like the ultra-top of the line speaker it is. Its relative absence of low end won’t suit bass heads.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 review

I tuned in to a live account of Ryan Adams singing “Winding Wheel,” and was quickly transported from a little control room in Chelsea to an exuberant setting in downtown Dublin. The speakers essentially mapped the extensive execution space in apparently minute detail – I could even tell where the rowdiest crowd individuals were standing. However in the meantime, these speakers additionally made the fantasy that I was close by the vocalist as he warbled and whispered into the amplifier. Not very many speakers at any cost can do this without trade off, however the 805 D3s figure out how to pull this off

Since I’ve had the speakers to myself, and have invested some quality energy with them, I am no less awed by their significant abilities. These are extremely uncommon speakers undoubtedly. For me, they have turned into the new “precious stone standard” for amplifiers – a particularly adept portrayal, in light of the fact that these speakers really use jewel particles in their dazzling tweeters.

Model plan

Barely any audiophile speakers “traverse” and discover support with music recording, communicate and film sound experts, yet that is precisely what occurred with Bowers and Wilkins initial 800 Series demonstrate, the 801, presented in 1979.

The 800 D3 Series speakers are the perfection of seven years of improvement at the organization’s exploration focus in Steyning. It’s only a couple of miles from the processing plant in Worthing, England, where every one of the 800 Diamond Series speakers, including the 805 D3, are made.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 review

The 805 D3 is an expansive, two-way screen speaker. Despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to be fundamentally unique from the second era 805 Diamond Series speakers, Bowers and Wilkins claims several outline changes have been produced using the model that was presented in 2010.

My examples were done in an exquisite matte rosenut facade, however gleam dark is likewise accessible. Assemble quality measures are similar with the 805 D3’s high asking cost. Arbors and Wilkins likewise offers good looking floor remains for use with the 805 D3, which will cost $1,000/£450/AU$1,499 per combine.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 review

Instead of fabricate the bureau from more typical medium-thickness fiberboard, the 805 D3’s bureau is developed from different layers of beech wood attached to an overlay, which is bended under strain at the Bowers and Wilkins industrial facility. At the point when joined with the bureau’s inside Matrix propping – which is produced using medium-thickness fiberboard – the organization asserts the outcome is a more grounded, all the more acoustically dormant plan.

The most clear change to Bowers and Wilkins 800 Diamond Series speakers is that they never again highlight woven Kevlar mid-bass drivers. The 805 D3 rather wears a dark 6.5-inch Continuum cone which was produced in-house by Bowers and Wilkins. The fresh out of the box new Continuum driver is a sandwich comprising of a metallized weave and a froth center that is said to be lighter and more grounded than the Kevlar cone, and which the organization says brings about considerably less contortion.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 review

The 805 D3 accompanies removable dark fabric grilles, yet I never utilized them. A flared and stippled “Flowport” bass port, which the organization has since quite a while ago used to battle the chuffing impacts of “port commotion,” sits just underneath the woofer on the front puzzle.

the tweeter from bureau vibrations. The tweeter’s jewel arch is framed by ” compound vapor statement,” a procedure Bowers and Wilkins uses to “develop” precious stone particles into a mind boggling shape. The organization asserts the 805 D3’s jewel tweeter remains “pistonic” at higher frequencies than metal, plastic or texture arch tweeters, so the most astounding treble is “cleaner,” less contorted, and stereo imaging is upgraded.

The wonderfully machined, strong metal speaker connectors work with banana plugs, spades, sticks or stripped uncovered wires. Every speaker has a twofold arrangement of connectors, so the 805 D3 can be biwired, or utilized with standard single wire links.

The speaker’s “ostensible” impedance is 8 ohms, however it drops down to 4 ohms at a few frequencies. So, the 805 D3 can be utilized with almost any recipient or intensifier, yet a speaker with the 805 D3’s capacities ought to be matched with the most ideal hardware.


For home theater applications you may group the 805 D3 with the coordinating Bowers and Wilkins HTM2 focus channel speaker ($4,000, £3,000, AU$5,900 each), include a moment set of 805 D3s as encompass channel speakers, and the Bowers and Wilkins DB1 subwoofer ($4,500, £3,250, AU$6,500 each).

The 800 Diamond Series additionally incorporates three pinnacle speakers coming full circle in the notorious 802 D3, which is itself a change on the speaker utilized as a part of Abbey Road Studios. It will return you a cool $22,000 (£16,500/AU$35,900) a couple. The somewhat less-insane favor 803 D3 brags a comparative shape however will “just” set you back $17,000 (£12,500/AU$24,500) while the more universal 804 D3 floorstander costs $9,000 (£6,750, AU$13,500) per match.

Sultry sonics

I tuned in to the 805 D3s in the CR listening room with a Rotel RA-1592 stereo incorporated enhancer and an Oppo BDP-105 Blu-beam player; and an alternate combine of 805 D3s at home with my top of the line framework with a Pass Labs XP-20 preamplifier, XA100.5 control monoblock amps, and a dCS Puccini SACD/CD player.

Tuning in to a David Crosby demo of “History repeating itself,” singing alone with an acoustic guitar there was an unquestionable natural “wholeness” to the sound of his instrument, so even by top of the line speaker guidelines it sounded more like a genuine guitar. It’s a basic chronicle, with no additional creation traps, and possibly that is the reason it was, over the 805 D3s, having such a solid impact on me.

The 805 D3s come clean about the sound of music. They uncover more, similar to the way Holly Cole’s drummer slides his brushes delicately finished his drum heads on “I Want You,” from her “Enticement” collection. I’ve played this tune on truly many speakers since this record was discharged in 1995, however the drums never sounded this genuine. Ms. Cole’s hot vocals were likewise more totally understood, the 805 D3s were letting a greater amount of her music through.

It’s an extraordinary late-night listening speaker, even at quieted volume, there’s no loss of detail or determination. Turn it up and the sound gets louder obviously, however the nature of the sound stays consistent. In any case, this isn’t the kind of speaker you purchase to play head banger music turned far up uproarious. On the off chance that your room is colossal, or high effect sound is the thing that you long for, go for one of the 805 D3’s bigger pinnacle kin.

Stereo imaging was uncommonly clear and centered with audiophile chronicles as celeste Puente’s “Nama” CD. This society music from Argentina with vocals, guitar, accordion, bass, and percussion sounded astoundingly normal and present. The stereo imaging wasn’t simply profound and expansive, the sound of each instrument possessed its own “space” between the two 805 D3s. The precious stone tweeter’s fragile and vaporous high frequencies were uncommonly clear.

The sound of solo piano is an extreme test for any speaker, yet here with the 805 D3s Patrick Cohen’s stunning “Satie Piano Work” CD influenced me to sit up and pay heed to Cohen’s touch, each note was clear, his inconspicuous dynamic shadings were correctly rendered.

To test the 805 D3’s stamina with blitzed out shake I flew on the Flaming Lips’ totally crazy revamp of Pink Floyd’s “Dull Side of the Moon” collection. The guitars and God comprehends what else’s rankling bending and hugely handled sounds lit up the 805 D3s. There’s an enchantingly thick surface to the sound of this account, that is without a doubt!

The speakers might be relatively little, yet they posed a potential threat with James Brown’s amazing “Love Peace Power,” Live at the Olympia Theater, in Paris, 1971 collection. Indeed, even by JB gauges this show is over the best; the band is ablaze, and Brown’s lung control is superhuman. The 805 D3 didn’t keep anything down, the furious furrows never let up. I next pounded the speakers with Battles berserk prog shake from their “Reflected” collection, and the 805 D3s took the mishandle in walk. The Battles’ John Stanier’s drumming amazed, and the 805 D3s unwound the band’s stick stuffed blends easily. That capacity is voyage through even the most complex blends is something that isolates the 805 D3 from other just astounding speakers.

The 805 D3’s tonal adjust is cooler and less fatty than entirely nonpartisan; it is anything but a warm and sweet-sounding speaker. On the other hand, no speaker is ever extremely 100 percent impartial, they all bestow some character to the sound. The 805 D3’s mid-bass definition is great, however not up to the benchmarks set by this present speaker’s midrange and treble clearness. Profound bass under 50 hertz is hard to find, similarly as it is with any comparatively measured speaker. All things considered, couple of 805 D3 proprietors add subwoofers to their stereo frameworks, yet in the event that you need to feel your room shake, consider buying Bowers and Wilkins’ DB1, PV1D, or another brand’s subs.

Top-end sound at a best end cost

The Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 is a visit de power of top of the line speaker plan. Not simply in sound quality, each part of the speaker – the tech and materials utilized as a part of the bureau, drivers, and hybrid system – are on the whole model. While it’s an extremely costly speaker, when contrasted and top of the line speakers from Magico, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio or YG Acoustics the 805 D3 is moderately reasonable. In any case, while different segments of a framework, for example, computerized playback gadgets, streamers, and processors will, in the coming years leave date, the 805 D3 may give truly many years of satisfaction. In that light it’s a sensible speculation for purchasers who can manage the cost of the absolute best. The Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 will be one of my reference speakers for quite a long time to come.

On account of Park Avenue Audio in New York City for empowering us to shoot parts of the video and photograph display in their store.



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