China suggests Trump ‘can use Huawei’ after iPhone tapping report

It was accounted for that Chinese covert agents are tuning in to the president’s close to home discussions.

China reacted to a report that President Donald Trump’s own iPhone was tapped by its covert agents by recommending that he change to Huawei.

“On the off chance that they are exceptionally stressed over iPhones being tapped, they can utilize Huawei,” said Hua Chunying, delegate executive of the Chinese outside service data office, as per a Thursday morning tweet by The Washington Post’s Luna Lin.

Hua likewise rejected the Wednesday New York Times report that China’s government operatives are tuning in on Trump’s discussions as “phony news,” the South China Morning Post announced.

“Seeing this report, I feel there are those in America who are working full scale to win the Oscar for best screenplay,” she purportedly said at the service’s consistent preparation in Beijing.

The White House didn’t instantly react to a demand for input.



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