Congress still wants answers from Amazon about its facial recognition tech

In a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, eight individuals from Congress communicated worry about Amazon’s choice to make Rekognition accessible to law requirement.

Eight Democratic individuals from Congress approached Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for more data about the organization’s facial acknowledgment programming, which has just been utilized by some police powers.

In a letter dated Thursday, the legislators communicated worry that the Rekognition programming wasn’t yet sufficiently exact to be utilized by law authorization.

“Facial acknowledgment innovation may one day fill in as a helpful device for law requirement authorities attempting to ensure the American open and protect us,” the individuals from Congress composed. “In any case, as of now, we have genuine worries that this sort of item has critical precision issues, places lopsided weights on networks of shading, and could smother Americans’ eagerness to practice their First Amendment rights out in the open.”

The letter was composed by US Reps. Jimmy Gomez, John Lewis, Luis Gutierrez, Jan Schakowsky, Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna and Judy Chu and Sen. Edward Markey. It pursues two different letters composed by individuals from Congress that asked for a “prompt” meeting with Bezos after a trial of Rekognition erroneously coordinated the administrators with mugshots of crooks.

In Thursday’s letter, the legislators communicated worry that Amazon is “effectively advertising this item to law requirement substances, including US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” They refer to reports that law authorization authorities are beginning to utilize cameras to gather film of observers and exchange the information to Amazon servers for facial acknowledgment examination.

The legislators additionally say Amazon has “neglected to give adequate answers” to the inquiries brought up in the before letters. They reestablished their request about how Amazon tests for facial acknowledgment precision, regardless of whether the outcomes have been freely checked and how the organization tests for predisposition in the facial acknowledgment results.

The individuals from Congress requested answers by Dec. 13.

Amazon didn’t quickly react to a demand for input.


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