Dell XPS 27 (2017) review

A devour for the faculties in an across the board impression

The Good / The XPS 27 (2017) has an astounding sound framework, particularly for an across the board, and a show with superb shading proliferation. It can likewise be designed to convey conventional gameplay and fundamental VR capacity.

The Bad / The webcam is inadequately put and it’s not the most effortless looking across the board. What’s more, the back connectors are wretchedly hard to work with.

The Bottom Line / For separating ears and eyes, the XPS 27 (2017) across the board offers the best blend of highlights for the cash.


Editors’ note: Originally distributed on January 18, 2017. Refreshed to reflect new designs, execution comes about for the Intel seventh era CPU and Radeon RX 570 GPU and well as active testing of the refreshing gaming and “passage level VR” encounters.

Ear treat enclosed by a strong suspension with a brilliant show and sensibly great execution for the cash, the refresh to the PC we commended in 2014 as “nearly all that you could need in an across the board” gets an upgrade for 2017. Most prominently, the current year’s XPS 27 (show 7760) Windows 10 PC gloats the most modern sound framework incorporated with a PC and an UHD 4K show with a wide shading extent, making it an extraordinary home stimulation framework or smaller impression decision for sound altering.

Costs begin at $1,550, with decisions of seventh-age Core i5 and i7 processors (Skylake). You can pick incorporated illustrations or a switchable discrete AMD Radeon RX 570 GPU, and in addition settle on an UHD 4K (3,840×2,160-pixel-determination) touchscreen show or a nontouch board of a similar determination yet 50 nits brighter and Dell’s thin-bezel Infinity Edge. The seventh-age/Radeon RX 570 models aren’t accessible in the UK, yet the past, non-diversion/VR-prepared models – which weren’t accessible prior this year – are, beginning at £1,700. Dell still doesn’t offer the 10-speaker show in Australia.

Dell XPS 27 AIO (2017)

The refreshed parts complete a vastly improved activity of future-sealing the framework than the last age. While it’s still not a gaming powerhouse, it ought to get you through a couple of long stretches of midlevel-outline rate fun, and the Radeon RX570 conveys a strong section level VR encounter – sufficient for the present run of the mill VR designs. Unfortunately, you can’t arrange any of the more affordable frameworks with a full SSD drive; the rest utilize little SSDs for storing, to accelerate the moderate 5,400rpm turning plate drives. So in case you will get this framework, you ought to presumably go for the most noteworthy end display.

Hear ye, hear ye

On the off chance that you have separating ears – or simply like your music extremely noisy – this is the framework for you. It has 10 speakers; you can just observe six of them – two tweeters and four full-go drivers – arranged unmistakably under the screen, yet there are likewise two down-terminating and two inactive radiators (the last for better bass).

The objective of the sound outline is by all accounts dying ear, furniture-vibrating din with insignificant mutilation, an expansive recurrence reaction range and great encompass sound directionality – every one of which is hard to accomplish in an across the board without anyone else, significantly less all the while.

Also, Dell accomplishes those objectives. At the point when wrenched up the distance, it’s sufficiently boisterous that I couldn’t hear myself singing as loud as possible. (Gratefully, the workplace was betrayed.) Music extending from delicate to noisy, high frequencies to low and instruments and voices with complex suggestions all sounded incredible turned to the maximum.

I could feel “Scents Like Teen Spirit,” even amidst the volume range, and it delivered rich sound at the lower volumes. The encompass sound interpretation in films and music appeared to be very precise and enveloping. I found the highs excessively splendid for my taste, yet that is close to home inclination, and whatever is left of the recurrence run sounded somewhat hotter. The framework consolidates the Waves programming sound control board too, bearing the imprimatur of maker Jack Joseph Puig who likewise helped plan the equipment.


To join PC-shaking sound, Dell needed to make an inflexible bureau for the framework. It stays to be seen whether the bass vibrations will influence the workings after some time.

The nearest contenders for top notch sound are the ongoing HP Envy All-in-One displays that consolidate four front-terminating Bang and Olufsen speakers; while the HP line sounds great, it’s not so full-conditioned. Of course, with Dell you’re paying a premium for the higher-quality sound and show.

Consider me awed

The 27-inch contact show on our assessment unit wasn’t isn’t exactly up to that of the Microsoft Surface Studio or iMac 27-inch for pixel thickness, however it’s still damn great with fantastic shading precision. It covers 100 percent of Adobe RGB for photograph altering and the majority of DCI-P3 for better shading interpretation when playing motion pictures, and the Dell PremierColor programming is very great, enabling you to control the greater part of the vital parameters and offering presets for every one of the basics – including separate profiles for Adobe RGB and P3. Dell’s product just backings the $200 X-Rite i1Display Pro calibrator, however since it doesn’t store profiles in equipment it doesn’t make a difference whose adjustment instruments you utilize. (Note: the second time I tried the framework I saw some backdrop illumination seep in the upper right corner.)

Correspondingly to the Surface Studio, the remain for the touchscreen adaptation gives it a chance to overlap level, however it’s not as a lot of a work area hugger, while both the touch and nontouch forms can tilt back by 30 degrees. In any case, neither one of the versions bolsters a stylus, so I’m to some degree at a misfortune concerning for what reason you’d need to lay it level except if you need to influence it to vanish when not being used.


I found the show extremely intelligent, notwithstanding when tilted to attempt to lessen the point of rate. Tragically, that is the standard nowadays. Also, it’s a unique finger impression and residue magnet, which is kind of an issue for a touchscreen.

Diversion prepared… kind of

It is anything but a gaming framework, yet it performs pretty respectably; insofar as you’re not hung up on outline rates or need to maximize the quality settings, you’ll presumably be quite upbeat. Truly, it has an IPS show, however I didn’t see any related antiquities. With quality set at medium, it routinely hit around 100fps in Doom, and even with the quality wrenched up a bit in Bioshock Infinite, I didn’t encounter any glitchiness. The sound is extraordinary, as you’d expect, however there was incidental faltering. As indicated by Dell that shouldn’t happen, however I didn’t have sufficient energy to investigate.

VR looked great (given the dismal province of VR illustrations today) and worked easily with the Oculus Rift, however as VR rendering gets higher determination and begins heaping on the polygons that may change. It has precisely enough USB ports for two sensors, a headset and two hand controllers – without a console and mouse. Be that as it may, you can simply utilize connectors in the USB-C ports, or join a center point.

While the inherent screen doesn’t bolster FreeSync, you can drive an outside FreeSync screen. I attempted it with the Samsung CF791 and worked it fine – once I incapacitated the Intel incorporated designs processor in the BIOS. Without that, Doom just couldn’t identify the Radeon. I don’t know whether that is Dell’s concern or Microsoft’s.

Configuration bargains

The guts of the PC live in the show segment, as in an iMac, however for both tasteful and functional reasons I lean toward them in the base, similarly as with the HP Envy AIO arrangement or Microsoft Surface Studio . The XPS 27’s links run out from a break in the back through an opening in the stand. That is fine in case you’re a set-it-and-overlook it equipment client, however it’s a torment on the off chance that you have to get into the back USB ports all the time, since the stand compels you to reshape your hand to get it into the break, and you can’t really observe anything without turning the framework around and utilizing an electric lamp. Also, to do that, you need to turn the framework around, which is hard; it weighs 38 pounds (17.3 kg) and the base has rubber treated feet so there’s a considerable measure of opposition. You can simply hang an unattractive center off to the side, however. Subsequent to managing this outline the second time around, I despise it significantly more.


At the highest point of the show sits a variety of four amplifiers and vents for warm dispersal. The mic cluster is outlined to a limited extent with the goal that you can “Hello, Cortana” the framework from a separation, which is decent. In any case, accounting for all the sound extravagant accessories in the XPS 27 implies that the webcam is at the base of the show, an awful situation like that of the XPS 15 PC. Tragically, while you can without much of a stretch raise the workstation, in the event that you just once in a while utilize the webcam, moving the work area so the webcam’s not pointing up your nose is more troublesome.

Altogether the framework has five USB ports – one USB 3.1 as an afterthought and the other four USB 3.0 inset behind the show, however you lose one to the Bluetooth mouse and console dongle – in addition to two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, one DisplayPort, a HDMI and an Ethernet jack. A SD card space sits on the left half of the show.

Worth the batter?

In the event that I had you at “10 speakers” or “incredible shading exactness,” at that point this is certainly the across the board for you. In spite of some aggravating parts of the outline it truly is an extraordinary framework that I appreciated utilizing and very suggest in the event that you have segregating ears or eyes. Be that as it may, it’s pointless excess in case you’re simply hoping to work at home or watch feline recordings and surf the web.

Multitasking Multimedia Test 3.0

NOTE: Shorter bars show better execution (like a flash)


Geekbench 4 Multi-Core

NOTE: Longer bars show better execution


Cinebench R15 OpenGL

NOTE: Longer bars show better execution (fps)


3DMark Fire Strike Ultra

NOTE: Longer bars show better execution


Cinebench R15 OpenGL

NOTE: Longer bars show better execution (fps)


Framework designs



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