Dogecoin creator helps Elon Musk fix his Twitter scambot problem

Weirdest buddy cop movie ever.



Elon Musk is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, organizer of Space X, presumably the most acclaimed tech business visionary on the planet. Jackson Palmer is the co-maker of Dogecoin, the cryptographic money that began as an innocuous joke at the same time, at its pinnacle, had a market top of $2 billion.

For the briefest of times, they cooperated to fathom one of Elon Musk’s weirdest issues: Everyone continues endeavoring to mimic him on Twitter to advance digital money tricks.

I’m discussing tweets this way:

                             — EIon Musk

And This

                           — EIon Musk

Which, at a snappy look, influences it to appear as though Elon Musk lost his goddamn personality and began giving ceaselessly digital money for nothing. Clearly that didn’t occur. It’s simply Twitter scambots professing to be Elon Musk.

As you may expect, Elon Musk isn’t excessively glad about this, notwithstanding communicating profound respect before all else.

Be that as it may, Jackson Palmer, as the maker of one of the web’s most mainstream digital currencies, is no more odd to crypto scambots. He’s seen such a large amount of them he made a content that, he says, tackled the issue of crypto scambots invading Twitter answers.

Musk needed a piece of that arrangement.

ackson Palmer at that point welcomed Musk to send him an immediate message over Twitter, where the discussion proceeded.

“A moment or two later, while in bed,” Palmer told CR, “I got a message from Elon Musk with a connection to my tweet trying to say ‘alright’.”


Palmer and Musk started visiting. Palmer sent over a connection to his private GitHub, a facilitating administration generally utilized for PC code, where he had put the content.

“It’s truly a 30 line python content,” clarified Palmer.

The content takes advantage of a Twitter API and enables Palmer to distinguish and close down scambots. “In case you’re a checked record it gets prioritsed in their framework and disposes of it rapidly,” said Palmer.

He has no clue if Musk has set the repair yet, however Palmer has been effectively utilizing the content for a considerable length of time. Elon Musk did not promptly react to a demand for input.

Palmer believes it’s an issue Twitter ought to have effectively settled, and Musk concurred.

“He disclosed to me he would converse with Twitter about it,” said Palmer.

“The discussion all occurred in like 10 minutes. It was extremely 2018.”



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