Dyson may make wearable air purifiers that double as headphones, says report

It as of now makes floor-standing air purifiers.

 A vacuum goliath might look hoover into a portion of the wearable tech showcase.

Dyson is thinking about making a wearable air purifier that could twofold as earphones, as indicated by Bloomberg, which announced the organization submitted licenses for wearable air-cleaning tech prior this year.

Dyson didn’t instantly react to a demand for input.

Air purifiers are prominent in Asia, particularly in China where environmental contamination is a difficult issue. Air purifiers evacuate contaminations through filtration, electrostatic precipitation or ionization. Numerous Chinese nationals additionally wear confront covers when they go outside to abstain from breathing in air contamination.

Dyson as of now makes the Pure Cool Tower and Pure Cool floor-standing air purifiers, which appeared in March. Different organizations make convenient air purifiers, however they aren’t actually compact. Wynd Technologies, for instance, made a little gadget that filers the air close you.


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