Elon Musk’s public pot smoking days are over, NASA chief says

“You won’t see that once more,” NASA’s head says of Musk’s scandalous appearance on a webcast.

You won’t see SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smoking cannabis or drinking bourbon on a digital broadcast again in the event that he needs to help get space explorers into space.

That is the word from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, whose organization is working with SpaceX and Boeing to fly space explorers to the International Space Station.

“I will reveal to you that was not useful, and that did not rouse certainty, and the pioneers of these associations need to accept that for instance of what to do when you lead an association that will dispatch American space travelers,” Bridenstine told correspondents Thursday at NASA’s central station in Washington, DC.

Bridenstine proceeded to state that Musk “is as dedicated to wellbeing as anyone, and he comprehends that that was not suitable conduct, and you won’t see that once more,” as indicated by a record of the gathering detailed by The Atlantic.

The remarks were in reference to Musk’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience web recording in September, where he took a puff of a pot obtuse amid the livestream. Musk’s appearance on the program didn’t sit well with NASA’s best authorities, who not long ago arranged a survey of the working environment societies of SpaceX and Boeing.

NASA’s agreements with the aviation organizations – worth a joined aggregate of $6.8 billion – require the two organizations “keep up a program for accomplishing a medication and liquor free workforce.”

Bridenstine said Thursday that he by and by requested the audits, a choice that was impacted by catastrophes in NASA’s history, including the Apollo I fire that killed three space explorers on a platform in 1967 and the Space Shuttle debacles that killed a sum of 14 individuals.

“Each and every one of those mishaps had various intricacies. Obviously, the innovative piece was a major bit of it. [But] the other inquiry that dependably comes up was, what was the way of life of NASA?” Bridenstine told correspondents. “What was the way of life of our temporary workers, and were there individuals that were raising a warning that we didn’t tune in to, and at last did that culture add to the disappointment and, in those cases, to calamity?”

Delegates for Musk and SpaceX didn’t instantly react to demands for input.



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