Feit Electric 6.5W Vintage Style LED review

Feit’s new vintage LEDs are a portion of the most attractive knobs you can purchase



The Good / Feit’s “Vintage-Style” LEDs include stupendous outlines with twisty, counterfeit fibers, and every one of them are somewhat more splendid than publicized. Every one diminished easily down to zero on each dimmer I tried them on.

The Bad / None of them are sufficiently brilliant to fill in as great commonsense lights, making them to a greater extent a beautification than whatever else. They additionally demonstrated an exceptionally slight glimmer when darkened down low.

The Bottom Line / These globules are a pleasant enriching pick for uncovered knob setups needing a little wistfulness.

¬†Sentimentality is enormous business nowadays, and even your lights need access. Enter a developing product of “vintage” LEDs with counterfeit fibers intended to mirror the old-school look of yesteryear’s incandescents. Unmistakable yet productive, these great looking knobs need to bring mid twentieth century lighting into the mid 21st century.

Feit has been particularly forceful here, with a wide grouping of vintage-style LED globules gobbling up a decent size piece of the lighting walkway at Home Depot. The most up to date among them offer enhanced outlines with fibers turned into spirals, helices and other imaginative examples intended to dial up the sentimentality. What’s more, sufficiently certain, they look really darned great.

None of them are as brilliant as a standard, family unit knob ought to be, yet that is kind of the point here. The thought isn’t to shroud them under a lampshade for pragmatic lighting, yet to demonstrate them off in uncovered globule setups. You need to have the capacity to take a gander at them and value them without squinting.

For setups like that, they’re a portion of the most attractive globules you can purchase, and with costs extending from $8 to $12 every, they aren’t absurdly costly. That, combined with moderately solid darkening execution and the effectiveness you’d anticipate from LEDs, makes them a simple proposal.

First of all, we should talk specs, beginning with the focal point of Feit’s vintage-styled lineup, a $11 prolonged 6.5W LED that cases a light yield of 250 lumens. I timed it well over that figure in CR’s lighting lab, with a last perusing of 326 lumens – short of what you’d anticipate from the kind of 40W knob you may use in a highlight light, yet at the same time sufficiently splendid to fill in as an utilitarian enhancement.

I tried a couple of Feit’s other vintage-style globules, as well, and every one of them came in over spec. A work of art, A-molded LED that costs $10 and claims a light yield of 125 lumens really estimated in at 147 lumens. So also, a $8 candelabra LED with an expressed light yield of 125 lumens really came in at 152 lumens.

In any case, none of those are as splendid as more conventional looking knobs, and they’re not as brilliant as contending vintage-style globules, either. For example, GE offers a prolonged glass LED with a phony fiber – it doesn’t look very as unmistakable as the Feit globule, however it puts out 447 lumens, enough to consider itself a genuine 40W substitution. An A-formed vintage-style LED from Philips improves, putting out 855 lumens. That globule arrives in a $12 two-pack, improving it a much incentive than the $10 A-molded Feit LED.

Like those contenders, the Feit LEDs each make the presence of an old-school tungsten fiber inside the knob by organizing the light-radiating diodes into minor strips. That Feit thought to twist those strips into more aesthetic outlines appears somewhat evident looking back – I’ll wager that Philips, GE and others are wishing they’d thought of it first. I additionally valued that every one of Feit’s globules completed a shockingly great job of throwing light out uniformly every which way, without an excessive amount of shadowy “surface” to the light (an issue I saw with both the GE and the Philips knobs).

The shading temperature is another critical piece of the nostalgic plan. No issues here, as Feit gave every globule a pleasant, low, orangey sparkle of 2,150 K (the A-formed knob I tried utilizations yellow-tinted glass, and claims an even lower shading temperature of 2,000 K). I gauged every one of them inside 20 degrees Kelvin of their objective temperatures, which is a magnificent and precise outcome.

I likewise made a point to investigate the darkening abilities of every knob. Like the out-dated incandescents they copy, vintage-style LEDs like these look awesome when you diminish them down low. That makes darkening a key execution metric – and, all things considered, Feit’s globules completed an extraordinary activity.

Every one of the three I tried could diminish easily down to add up to dimness on each dimmer switch I tried, which is great. The prolonged LED just radiated around 70 percent of its aggregate light yield at the maximum setting on two of the more current, slider-style dimmer switches I tried, however I can excuse that since it’s around 30 percent more splendid than publicized in any case, at any rate.

I noticed a moderate and exceptionally slight flash from every one of the three knobs at low settings, however. It wouldn’t be sufficient to disturb me, yet it was sufficient to be perceptible, and enough to shield me from saying that they aced the test.

 The decision

These knobs aren’t sufficiently brilliant to justify a spot underneath your bedside perusing light’s lampshade, yet that is not what they’re proposed for. For uncovered knob setups where the tasteful could really compare to the light yield, they’ll work, and they’ll perform well on dimmer switches, as well.

At $11, the cost of that stretched LED is somewhat high, however not nonsensically so – and in case you’re picking it over a real brilliant, you’ll gain a great deal of that cash back in vitality investment funds as time goes on (at three long stretches of utilization every day, it’ll add only 78 pennies to your yearly vitality bill, and it’s appraised to last well over 10 years). As an enriching, educated highlight globule, I believe it’s a quite gorgeous pick.



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