Fitbit Flex 2 review

A calm, wear-whenever tracker that is swim-confirmation (finally!)

The Good / The Flex 2 is thin and swim-confirmation, can track fundamental wellness information and backings an assortment of extras, including pendants.

The Bad / It does not have a show and the further developed highlights of other Fitbit trackers. Needs heart rate following. The LED lights can be befuddling; battery life ought to be better.

The Bottom Line / The Fitbit Flex 2 doesn’t have the greater part of the fancy odds and ends of different trackers, however it’s at long last swim-verification, and it does the fundamentals and it does them well.

Finally, there’s a Fitbit that is swim-verification!

Yet, in return for that long-past due swim-invitingness, different highlights are lost. There’s no heart rate following, and it doesn’t have a show. It is safe to say that you are OK with that trade off?

The Flex 2 looks, from multiple points of view, similar to the ideal thin tracker from Fitbit that we’d needed for some time: It resembles Fitbit’s adaptation of the Jawbone Up2. It’s $100 (£80 or AU$130 changed over) and will start sending toward the beginning of October. It accompanies an elastic lash in both extensive and little sizes, yet the excellence of the Flex 2 is its customization.

You can fly out the tracker and pop it into an alternate shading wristband, a metal bangle or even a neckband. It’s the most adaptable Fitbit, and much like the more seasoned Flex, it accompanies an assortment of design marked adornments from Tory Burch and others. It’s a past due overhaul, and the water obstruction and swim racking on the Flex 2 may be reason enough to get it for a few.

I do like the Flex 2. It’s the tracker to get in the event that you need something that can be both careful and snazzy. It’s a sleeker tracker than the bulkier Fitbit Alta discharged not long ago. It’s estimated well. Be that as it may, indeed, there are penances to be made.

Swim-verification (at long last!)

The Flex 2 is the principal Fitbit you can wear in the shower and keeping in mind that swimming. It’s waterproof down to 50 meters (around 165 feet) and can be utilized as a part of both new water and salt water. I adore not taking the tracker off when it’s a great opportunity to shower, which additionally implies I’m more averse to overlook it on my bureau.

Like the Charge 2, the Flex 2 can likewise naturally perceive and record exercises. This incorporates strolling, running, biking, high-impact exercise and others. Because of the new swim-verification configuration, it’s additionally the main Fitbit that can track swimming (you need to empower the element in the Exercise segment of the application) Now that Fitbits are successfully programmed trackers, it’s somewhat simpler to swallow the way this doesn’t have a show.

It’s about frill

The Flex 2 is 30 percent littler than its ancestor, the Fitbit Flex. It’s thin and attentive, which is the thing that interests to me, and it could even be worn by a conventional watch (on the off chance that you have the wrist room). My solitary dissension is with the tie. It’s protected and never tumbled off my wrist, however you need to swap out the two-prong connector when changing to another tie, which was in reality truly troublesome.

Other than the two diverse estimated groups in the case, there are an assortment of extra ties in various hues and plans. There are elastic ones, cowhide ones (coming in 2017 from the originator accumulations), and gold and silver bangles and pendants. The adornments begin at $15 (£10, AU$20) for elastic lashes, the distance to $100 (£75, AU$130) for the gold bangle.

A speedy survey of my female partners found that these outlines, chiefly the pendant, were engaging, particularly contrasted and the closest wellness adornment comparable, the Misfit Shine accessory (presented previously). One associate whined that the bangle was “deficient with regards to energy” and another said the Fitbit pendant was somewhat “too long,” however both loved these alternatives superior to the elastic lash.

Everybody concurred that having these extra alternatives is something to be thankful for. They help keep the Flex 2’s plan new, and help it not feel like a wellness tracker. While some whined about them being excessively costly, most concurred they would make decent endowments.

Notwithstanding the bangles and pendants specified above, Fitbit said we can expect more sumptuous groups from fashioners Tory Burch, Vera Wang and Public School.

It does the nuts and bolts (and somewhat more)

The Flex 2 tracks steps, remove, calories consumed, dynamic minutes and rest. There’s no heart rate sensor, and it doesn’t quantify floors climbed.

There’s likewise no show. Rather than a clock or a screen, the Flex 2 utilizes vibration and five modest LED lights to demonstrate to you that you are so near achieving your day by day step objective and caution you to approaching calls and messages. The Flex 2 can serve up get-up-and move updates simply like the Fitbit Alta, the Charge 2 and the Blaze, which influences you to walk 250 stages to “win” the hour, however on the Flex 2 these updates move toward becoming hums and mysterious glimmering shaded lights. Final product: not as rousing, by one means or another.

The diverse LED hues were befuddling. The wrist trinket hums and flashes blue. Would it be a good idea for me to get up and move? Gracious pause, now it’s flickering red. Does that mean I have an instant message, or did I simply beat my progression objective? The vast majority won’t have a decoder ring convenient.

As it were, it was anything but difficult to overlook what each light implied. (For the record, blue means you have a call or instant message, red is to get up and move, and every one of the lights shine when you achieve 10,000 stages.)

Battery life could be better

I got around four and a half long stretches of battery life on a full charge when wearing a Flex 2, which isn’t awesome. At Day 3, the application gave me a low battery cautioning. It passed on the following day, yet I didn’t know for very nearly 60 minutes. There was no vibration, or last cautioning. I went to adjust and nothing happened. That is a simple method to pass up a major opportunity for steps, which is disappointing.

Fitbit claims you ought to get five long periods of battery life, which would be fine for a further developed gadget, yet it should last more. There’s no show or optical heart-rate sensor, two highlights that put significant deplete on a battery. What’s more, considering how the Flex 2 just drops out without notice on low battery, I’d need to charge mine the minute I got a low battery cautioning, and not hazard it.

I anticipated that the Flex 2 would last an entire week or more. The Jawbone Up2, which was an old most loved of mine, figured out how to get seven days. So do most essential wellness groups without shows.

Charging is additionally irritating: The Flex 2 accompanies yet another restrictive and very surprising charger from each other Fitbit. You need to expel the tracker, which is an amazingly modest little stick, and embed it into a little dock. A full energize will take to 2 hours.

The Fitbit application is as yet truly outstanding

There are a ton of wellness trackers out there, some of which are less expensive than the Flex 2, however one reason you purchase a Fitbit is for the product. The Fitbit application stays one of our top picks. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and is good with a considerable measure of outsider applications, for example, nourishment following application MyFitnessPal.

In the event that one of your companions claims a wellness tracker, there’s a decent possibility it’s a Fitbit. The Fitbit application has the biggest social base and gives you a chance to contend with loved ones, which helps keep you propelled and more inclined to finish your every day step objective.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

The Flex 2 is intended for two kinds of individuals: the individuals who need an essential, moderate and waterproof Fitbit, and the individuals who need an adaptable and a la mode wellness tracker. It exceeds expectations at both. On the off chance that you couldn’t care less about heart rate and can live without a show, the Flex 2 is the tracker to purchase. Its thin and swim-verification configuration is the thing that prevailed upon me.

In the event that you need something somewhat more propelled, look at the Fitbit Charge 2.


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