Fitbit Versa review

Fitbit’s $199 answer to the Apple Watch is mostly great

The Good : The Fitbit Versa is a smaller, lightweight smartwatch and wellness tracker with an enhanced interface for less demanding wellness detail readouts. It’s water-impervious to 50 meters, and works with iOS and Android. A large number of the applications and watch faces are helpful and fun. Multiday battery life beats the Apple Watch.

The Bad : Its battery life misses the mark concerning other Fitbit wellness trackers. The applications and watch faces aren’t in every case simple to stack. Music exchange to the watch is convoluted and constrained. There’s no on-board GPS and the charger is cumbersome. Tap-to-pay show costs more in the US.

The Bottom Line : The Fitbit Versa is the best combination of smartwatch and general wellness tracker under $200, on the off chance that you can live with its impediments.

I wake up to a humming on my wrist, in delicate heartbeats. It’s my Fitbit Versa’s morning timer. I’m ready to utilize the quiet caution since I’m wearing my Fitbit smartwatch to bed. I’m ready to wear it to bed in light of the fact that Fitbit’s new watch endures a few days on a charge. I adore that. It’s a decent flashback to my long stretches of wearing watches by Pebble – the upstart smartwatch pioneer that Fitbit gained in the end long periods of 2016. Truth be told, the Versa is truly, as a colleague stated, similar to the Apple Watch and Pebble had a little infant.

I wore the Fitbit Versa while matched to an iPhone X amid seven days I spent in San Francisco, circling throughout the day at gatherings, getting huge amounts of messages and completing three exercises. It’s been agreeable, calm and helpful. It gets messages from my telephone – iPhone or Android. The Versa is completely water-safe for swimming, and it’s anything but difficult to follow my means, pulse or begin an exercise. It’s entirely incredible! Thus far, when utilizing the Versa, I miss completely none of the highlights of the more costly Fitbit Ionic.

Also, it’s reasonable, as well: It begins at $199 in the US, with a $229 Special Edition that adds a NFC tap-to-pay alternative and an additional woven wristband. That last model is likewise accessible universally for £199 or AU$299.
The prior adaptation of this audit depended on seven days of living with the Versa. From that point forward, I’ve gone through over multi month living with the Versa on my wrist, incorporating a get-away with my family in the UK and back at work in New York. It’s remained on my wrist past the audit, and I’ve left the Apple Watch I was wearing behind. The Versa has kept on being a great day by day watch.

For the most part, it’s been extraordinary from a solace, warnings and every day wellness following point of view. The enhanced music remote has proved to be useful, as well. I normal two watch charges seven days, which is much superior to anything the day by day Apple Watch charging (or each other day) I was doing.

I likewise inspired dependent on utilizing the Versa to follow my rest, something I like doing (and my new every day wellness challenge application I’m utilizing with my significant other considers rest logging one of its objectives, so it’s useful). What’s more, the quiet alerts on-wrist are extraordinary, with great, strong vibrational haptics.

While the Versa comes up short on the Apple Watch’s profound snare ins to your telephone – and worked in GPS and cell alternatives – it’s unmistakably progressively reasonable, as well. Eventually, I adore how Fitbit has hacked away the majority of the Ionic’s superfluous additional items, and concentrated on the nuts and bolts. On the off chance that you can grasp its confinements – and the Apple Watch Series 1 isn’t marked down – the Versa is the best wellness inviting easygoing smartwatch in its value go.

What’s extraordinary

The Versa feels little to me. Be that as it may, that conservativeness is a positive. It feels less cumbersome than the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3. But at the same time it’s wide – more extensive than the Apple Watch – and the square screen has a great deal of bezel around it. In any case, I like the structure a great deal.

It’s likewise more slender than the Apple Watch. The included elastic band feels incredible. Additional groups, as Horween calfskin and a metal work band, look extremely pleasant, yet were somewhat hard to connect. The work band needs manual modification, not at all like Apple Watch’s attractive tie.

The touchscreen is additionally considerably more responsive than the Ionic’s. Three catches handle alternate ways for music controls, warnings, practice begin times and cautions. Snaps and snap and-holds can be modified to do different things. You’ll have choices.

I can get what I require before long on the Versa, as a smartwatch and as a wellness tracker, and that is the thing that issues most.

The battery life is sufficient that I can wear the watch to bed. I like wearing watches to bed: I can check the time, I can set cautions, I can follow rest – all of which Fitbit completes a not too bad employment of. It keeps me mindful of my horrendous sleep time propensities.

This Fitbit is additionally waterproof to 50 meters, similar to the Ionic and the little Flex 2. I wore it in the shower all week, yet didn’t motivate an opportunity to swim with it.

Fitbit’s refreshed on-watch OS has a superior structure in little ways. (Ionic clients are getting a similar refresh, as well.) The remote for controlling telephone associated music really bodes well now, with controls all on one screen. A swipe-up dashboard for wellness following details incorporates more information. Not as much as I’d like, but rather the best it’s been on a Fitbit: I can filter week after week advance, see late exercises and take a gander at my resting pulse.

I thought about advances and heartrate following against an Apple Watch Series 3 on my other wrist, and against handgrip pulse readings on inn rec center curved machines. It offered comparative readings and precision.

Watch faces: The great, the awful, the terrible

Fitbit has an application store presently, called the App Gallery, that dispatches from inside the Fitbit application. A year ago’s Fitbit Ionic recovered these applications in December, however there will be less Versa-good applications until the point that they’re improved for the more up to date watch.

All things considered, there are more than 50 to attempt as of now, including some peculiar contributions and watch faces that review the magnificence days of the great Pebble Watch – everything from tip number crunchers, applications for Nest and Philips Hue light controls, a Starbucks pay-by-standardized tag application, Flipboard news features and Strava. Others incorporate Yelp, the NY Times and E-Trade.

For watch faces, it’s an alternate story: There are now many alternatives from a large group of engineers, extending from idiosyncratic and geeky to totally appalling. The assortment is incredible, however the quality differs broadly, to say it gently.

In fact, designers are making these quick, and for the most part for nothing. (Some are free preliminaries that inevitably require installment past Fitbit’s application, which gets peculiar.) It’s a specialist or grassroots engineer scene, much as was Pebble. Be that as it may, it means a ton of filtering through the Fitbit application for pieces.

To exacerbate the situation, it is highly unlikely I can bookmark or generally spare my “top choice” watch faces. What’s more, strangely, just a single watch look at once can be put away. That gets irritating, in light of the fact that the Fitbit application loads applications gradually, and in some cases requires the Fitbit to be associated with Wi-Fi, which must be associated physically from the Fitbit application running on a telephone.

The Apple Watch doesn’t have a watch confront store, something that feels ludicrously past due (and could be coming this year, in light of early WatchOS 4.3.1 reports). Be that as it may, Fitbit’s blended pack of watch faces demonstrates the significance of good curation: a huge amount of awful looking watch countenances could be viewed as more terrible than a couple of great ones. I have, nonetheless, chose I like the assortment.

This is what made me miss my Apple Watch

Indeed, the Apple Watch – even the “moderate” Series 1 show – is more costly than the Fitbit Versa. However, with that comes more tightly combination with the iPhone (my favored telephone stage), in addition to the advantage of increasingly develop highlights, which Apple has been cleaning and refining since the main model appeared in 2015.

Keeping that in mind, here’s the place the Versa missed the mark contrasted with Apple:

Trashy music encounter: There’s solitary 2.5GB of locally available music stockpiling on the Versa, and tracks must be stacked from a PC, except if you buy in to Pandora or Deezer and synchronize playlists with those administrations. None of these alternatives are as great or advantageous as the Apple Watch’s dead-basic auto adjusting from Apple Music Google’s recently rebranded Wear OS watches and Samsung Gear watches are better on this point, as well.

Fitbit Pay isn’t as large as Apple Pay: Overseas, contactless installment alternatives are substantially more universal than in the US, and it’s an incredible travel comfort. Fitbit Pay on-wrist installments exist for worldwide Versa watches (which is the one that costs $30 more in the US). In any case, up to this point, Fitbit’s installment benefit doesn’t bolster my bank, so it’s a debatable issue.

Phone calls and reacting to messages: At home, it’s useful to have the Apple Watch to handle telephone calls through speakerphone, Dick Tracy-style. Apple Watch likewise makes it simple to pick straightforward reactions to instant messages. (Android telephone proprietors can do snappy canned reactions from the Versa.) Now, I’m circling to discover my telephone once more.

No more “Discover my telephone” pings: I had utilized the Find My iPhone highlight on the Apple Watch day by day. Presently, I need to ensure I don’t really lose my telephone.

No Siri: Ah yes: everybody derides Siri, however you’ll miss her when she’s no more. With Versa, I can’t utilize a voice colleague for fast activity things like setting clocks.

Unfastened without maps: No all the more looking to my wrist (or sitting tight for the taps) for fast directional clues.

Paying for applications and stacking them is less demanding on Apple Watch: The Versa’s store is cumbersome, and doesn’t index watch faces I’ve utilized or gotten. Paying for them is far more detestable, requiring steps like direct PayPal installments to engineers or KiezelPay to get codes that enact these after preliminary variants lapse.

Other Versa nitpicks

Recording exercises is simple on the Versa, however I don’t discover the readouts in the same class as what the Apple Watch offers – I can’t see the same number of lines of details and I can’t tell the time while working out – and music controls aren’t anything but difficult to juggle. Fitbit Coach, a membership benefit for exercises, costs additional every month (I haven’t utilized it yet with the Versa), and I’d incline toward not to pay for an administration for my watch.

Battery life relies upon what you’re estimating against. The first occasion when I utilized it, I kept going three days on a solitary charge, while Fitbit publicizes four. Different Fitbits have improved the situation – some last an entire week. Fitbit says that music playback battery life is just 7 hours, yet I haven’t tried that guarantee.

The Versa’s battery life beats the Apple Watch, however not as much as I anticipated. Furthermore, those old Pebble watches I adored kept going five days or more. The included charger is one more new restrictive Fitbit charger, contradictory with anything other than the Versa. The clasp on charge support is bedside-accommodating, however bulkier to pack.

What’s more, the Versa needs locally available GPS, which the Ionic and Apple Watch Series 3 have. Sprinters may miss that, yet they ought to get one of those previously mentioned models, or something from Garmin. I don’t figure most by far of clients will miss GPS, and the tradeoff for the Versa’s littler size was justified, despite all the trouble. (You can connection to your telephone for GPS, in any case.)

I adore it regardless of its weaknesses

In case you’re OK with those setbacks, the Versa is extremely agreeable, shockingly pleasant looking and enjoyable to wear. The shorter-than-most-Fitbits battery life, still ease back to-download applications and cumbersome principle interface keep it down.

Once in a while I even like that it’s somewhat less profoundly snared in to my telephone, since that implies I am, as well. It’s a decent buddy, with simply enough associated smarts.

In case you’re searching for a general ordinary wellness observe at the present time, I think this is the best alternative in case you’re not intrigued by an Apple Watch.


  1. Recording workouts is easy on the Versa, but I don’t find the readouts as good as what the Apple Watch offers — I can’t see as many lines of stats and I can’t tell the time while working out — and music controls aren’t easy to juggle. Fitbit Coach, a subscription service for workouts, costs extra per month (I haven’t used it yet with the Versa), and I’d prefer not to pay for a service for my watch.


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