Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 review

A moment film camera for making immaculate print recollections



The Good / The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 utilizes another square configuration that offers bigger prints while keeping the camera moderately smaller. It’s a computerized camera giving you a chance to shoot and print just the pictures you need, and you can include channels or a vignette previously or after you shoot.

The Bad / Its low-determination computerized photographs are unremarkable and features victory effortlessly. The camera’s controls and menus are unintuitive. There’s no remote association for sharing or printing with a cell phone. Film packs are expensive.

The Bottom Line / The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 is a moment film camera wedded with the accommodation of an advanced camera, yet it’s not without trade off.


The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 takes the fun, nostalgic shooting background of a moment film camera, consolidates it with the wellbeing of shooting computerized and includes the interest of another square print organize that is well-known to both Polaroid and Instagram clients.

Fujifilm’s other Instax cameras are completely simple, which implies each time you press the shade discharge you get a film print. While this can prompt some incredible exceptional shots, you won’t generally get flawlessness and the expenses of those goof prints includes. Additionally, since you get only the one print, it intends to share a photo online you’ll need to take an advanced picture of it or sweep it first.


The Square doesn’t shoot straight to moment film, however, yet rather utilizes a little advanced picture sensor that catches 1,920×1,920-pixel pictures (around 3.6 megapixels). With a flip of a switch, you can have each photo you take printed – like a simple moment film camera – or you can catch a shot and choose in the event that you need a print afterward. What’s more, since all shots are put away straight to inward memory (it’ll hold up to 50 photographs) or a discretionary microSD card, you have a computerized duplicate to impart to loved ones.

As a computerized camera, its picture quality doesn’t approach your normal simple to use or your telephone. That is hard to acknowledge thinking about its cost: $280, £249 and AU$399 (however it offers for less). It is, be that as it may, equipped for doing things Fujifilm’s other Instax cameras can’t care for take close-ups as close as 4 inches (10 cm), edit in regarding your matter and shoot with 10 distinct channels, vignette control and shine modification.


That is not a major print estimate, but rather the square arrangement lets you effectively fit more in. Tragically, it additionally costs more: $17 per pack of 10 photographs (£9 in the UK and AU$35 in Australia). Like the camera, you can discover the film for less at about $14 a pack. That is as yet not modest, but rather thinking of you as can pick and pick what you print, it’s superior to anything an unadulterated simple camera like whatever remains of the Instax line or Polaroid Originals’ OneStep 2.

Making straightforward confounded

For all the comfort that advanced conveys to the Square, Fujifilm’s simple moment film cameras are less demanding to utilize for the most part since they don’t do excessively. The Square’s advanced internal parts let you accomplish more both when you shoot, however the controls and the menus aren’t completely instinctive.

For instance, Fujifilm utilized terms commonly for introduction modes – Auto and Manual – to recognize whether you print each shot or pick which shots to print. On the off chance that you shoot in manual, each time you take a photo it just stays there on your screen until the point that you reject it, which backs you off and could conceivably cost you some missed shots. The camera has Standard, Bulb and Double Exposure shooting modes, yet they’re covered in a menu except if you reinvent one of its two shade discharges to change modes.


Alongside singular catches for including a vignette as well as channel, changing introduction, playing back put away pictures and printing, there’s a dial control that goes about as a directional catch too. Now and again this directional cushion and dial can be utilized conversely, yet different circumstances it can’t, which prompts some dissatisfaction while changing settings or exploring menus.

Maybe one of the greater setbacks with this camera is the absence of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to exchange pictures off the camera and onto a telephone or tablet. To get pictures off you either need to fly out your microSD card or interface the camera specifically to a PC, so you can drag the pictures off. What’s more, in the event that you need to utilize the Square to print photographs from different cameras, you need to drag pictures onto your card after you rename them to a four-letter, four-number configuration, for example, ABCD1234.jpg.

Moment satisfaction (nearly)

Except if you’re devoted to the specialty of simple moment photography (and have a fat wallet for purchasing film), the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 is a fine decision for getting the simple enchant of moment film with the security and adaptability of a computerized camera. At the cost, however, it would be pleasant in the event that it completed more or were a superior independent computerized camera. Its menus and controls could likewise utilize some refinement.


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