Garmin Forerunner 235 review

The best watch for casual and serious runners



The Good / The Garmin Forerunner 235 has exact GPS for following runs and a day in and day out wrist-based heart-rate screen. It can track throughout the day exercises like advances and rest, and can show warnings from iPhone and Android gadgets. It’s water-safe and can be worn in the shower or while swimming.

The Bad / Heart rate precision drops off amid interim preparing, there are infrequent association and synchronizing issues and Garmin’s Connect application can be befuddling to explore.

The Bottom Line / The Garmin Forerunner 235 offers the best an incentive for genuine and easygoing sprinters searching for an across the board running watch and wellness tracker.

 The Garmin Forerunner 225 was one of my most loved running watches of 2015. It was a gadget I for one prescribe to various loved ones, however there’s another lord of the slope – the Forerunner 235.

The Forerunner 235 does everything both easygoing and genuine sprinters would need. It has GPS to quantify pace and separation when running, it has an optical heart-rate sensor, and it can track day by day exercises like advances and calories. These are on the whole highlights imparted to the Forerunner 225, however the 235 can do significantly more.

It can show warnings from your iPhone or Android gadget and approaches Connect IQ, Garmin’s outsider application store. It’s additionally sleeker, more agreeable to wear, and like a large portion of Garmin’s items, it can be worn in the shower and keeping in mind that swimming.

In any case, a standout amongst the most engaging things about the Forerunner 235 is the sticker price. The watch is accessible for $330, AU$469 or £270, just $30 more than what the Forerunner 225 was offered for. All things considered, you currently get far more an incentive with almost no penances.

It’s effectively one of my new most loved looks for both easygoing and genuine sprinters, however there’s a couple of things you have to know before you go out and get one.


Changes from the Forerunner 225

The Forerunner 235 includes in excess of twelve new highlights to the 225. It’s additionally more slender, lighter, has a higher determination show and to a lesser extent a bezel. The watch includes throughout the day heart rate following, cell phone warnings, music controls and access to Garmin’s Connect IQ application store.

On the wellness side of things, it incorporates bolster for GLONASS (the Russian GPS satellite option), which enhances finding you in territories where GPS might be constrained. There’s likewise an element for foreseeing your race times and a recuperation counsel to enable you to decide when you’re prepared for that next hard exercise.

The watch can even gauge your VO2 Max (a metric utilized by competitors for estimating the most extreme measure of oxygen that can be utilized amid exercises). The greater part of this is notwithstanding the essential running highlights like auto stop, auto lap, interim exercises and monitoring your own records.


Running with the Forerunner 235 is agreeable. It’s agreeable to wear, the satellite flag is gained right away (even in New York), and it’s entirely precise. The recuperation guide appeared somewhat off, as did my VO2 Max gauges, however they are only that – gauges.

With respect to you cyclists out there, while the watch is principally to run, you do be able to match ANT+ speed and rhythm sensors. Lamentably, there is no help for any Bluetooth sensors.

The heart-rate sensor isn’t great

Garmin chose to utilize its own in-house innovation, called Elevate, for the heart-rate sensor on the Forerunner 235. The technique is like different sensors: Three green LED lights are utilized to illuminate the vessels while the sensor measures how quick your blood streams past.

Dissimilar to with the Forerunner 225, the sensor on the 235 will run consistently for the duration of the day. Like its ancestor, I observed the heart rate information to be moderately precise. Resting heart rate vacillated in the vicinity of 47 and 50 thumps for every moment (bpm), which is typical for me. Simple runs created comes about like those recorded on a Polar H7 chest lash, in spite of the fact that the 235 was deferred by in the vicinity of 3 and 6 seconds, however that is genuinely basic for optical sensors.


It was the point at which I completed an interim exercise that I started to see a few imperfections. The two gadgets recorded my heart rate each second. I at that point sent out the information and examined it in an Excel spreadsheet. You can see it beneath.

As should be obvious, amid my 12-minute warm up the heart rate data is comparable between the two gadgets. The information stayed reliable amid my first interim and through my first rest cycle. Beginning with the second interim, nonetheless, the Forerunner 235 attempted to keep pace with the chest lash. At the 21:30 stamp, it quantified my heart rate at 164, while the chest tie had me at 184.

This proceeded for resulting interims and rest cycles. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes into my cooldown that the Forerunner 235 could close the hole. At the 50-minute check, the watch estimated my heart rate at 159 bpm contrasted with the chest tie’s 166 bpm.


The issues I experienced could be resolved in a future programming refresh. On the off chance that you require up-to-the-second precise heart rate information, there is the choice to combine an ANT+ chest lash to the Forerunner 235. It ought to likewise be noticed that the further the watch is from the wrist bone (around two finger lengths) the more exact estimations will be.

The heart rate information recorded on the Forerunner 235 can likewise be shared to other ANT+ perfect gadgets, for example, Garmin’s Edge bicycle PCs. It’s somewhat dubious to set up, however. You need to look down to the heart rate watch screen, at that point press and hold the up key, and select Broadcast Heart Rate.

Garmin’s application still needs work

Garmin has been gradually enhancing its Connect portable application on Android and iPhone. There’s currently customized experiences and criticism in light of your day by day exercises. The application is superior to anything it used to be, yet it’s still not comparable to what Fitbit and Jawbone offer.

Garmin just endeavors to do excessively with it. These gadgets can record a huge amount of information, however there are basically an excessive number of menus to peruse through to discover every last bit of it. I’ve utilized Garmin gadgets more than anybody I know, and it even took me two or three minutes to make sense of how to impair or change certain highlights.

 I’ve additionally experienced periodic hiccups with availability between the application and the watch. At times the watch wouldn’t adjust my exercises until the point that I opened the application, which was a touch of irritating. Different circumstances the watch would separate from the application for a couple of minutes before reconnecting. It didn’t occur all the time, however application availability is as yet something Garmin needs to chip away at with the majority of its items.

The Forerunner 235 additionally bolsters outsider applications, watch countenances and widgets…sort of. The Connect IQ store, which can be gotten to from the Connect application, has been around for multi year now, however despite everything it needs helpful applications and gadgets. There’s potential here, yet it doesn’t appear like designers have hopped on board at this time.

Battery life is great

The Forerunner 235 will last you around 11 hours with a functioning GPS flag, a hour longer than the 225. That time drops to under 9 hours on the off chance that you utilize the two GPS and GLONASS. Garmin has said that in watch mode with notices and heart rate empowered, the watch should last up to nine days. I for the most part charged it once per week, yet your opportunity will differ in light of the amount you run.

The best general GPS running watch

In case you’re searching for a GPS running watch with heart rate, the Forerunner 235 is justified regardless of the speculation. The heart rate estimations aren’t impeccable amid hard exercises, yet the advantages of the watch exceed the cons by a mile. It’s precise at estimating pace and separation, gives simple to-peruse cell phone alarms and has a huge amount of running highlights that are ordinarily found on further developed gadgets. Basically: It’s an awesome esteem.


In the event that you aren’t occupied with heart rate, the Forerunner 230 is similarly engaging. It has all an indistinguishable highlights from the 235, however is $80 less expensive and doesn’t have an optical heart-rate sensor. While the watch shows signs of improvement battery life (16 hours with GPS, up to five weeks as a watch with notices), certain highlights, for example, the recuperation counsel and VO2 Max gauges, will require a heart-rate chest lash to utilize.


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