Giant Lego Overwatch statue for BlizzCon has 145,000 pieces

The 9-foot tall model of character D.Va took 731 hours to build.

¬†What’s superior to a cool Lego Overwatch minifigure? What about a monster Lego Overwatch statue?

To observe Friday’s authentic declaration of new Lego Overwatch sets, the Lego Group discharged a period slip by video of a 9-foot (2.7-meter) Lego model of Overwatch character D.Va being constructed.

The video indicates how the mammoth Lego Overwatch show was made, from its structure on the PC to the meticulous procedure of building it step by step by the Lego Retail Model Production group.

The gigantic model portraying D.Va in Lego minifigure shape is contained 145,276 Lego pieces, including 43,853 pink blocks for her pink exoskeleton mech suit.

The Lego model of D.Va and her mech tips the scales at an incredible 1,256 pounds (570 kilograms). It took 731 hours to work by hand, with the bigger completed parts gathered by crane.

Participants to Blizzard’s yearly tradition BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center can see the vast scale demonstrate face to face.



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