Here’s how to use multiple timers on the HomePod

Try not to confine your HomePod to a solitary clock, let it name and track the same number of as you require.



Apple declared a huge number of new items and programming a week ago, alongside different clock bolster for its HomePod brilliant speaker.

A while ago when the HomePod appeared in February, the gadget just let you set a solitary clock at any given moment. That is a genuine impediment, notwithstanding for a music-focused speaker. Since Apple has discharged its iOS 12 working framework, this inadequacy is a relic of times gone by. Here’s the manner by which it works.

Update your iPhone

First ensure your iPhone has the iOS 12 update. Regardless of whether your HomePod’s product is state-of-the-art, the new highlights won’t work with iPhones running more established forms of iOS.

Here’s the means by which to update to iOS 12.

Update your HomePod

Since you have iOS 12 on your iPhone, do likewise with your HomePod. There’s a possibility your speaker has just been refreshed, since it ought to do as such consequently.

In the Apple Home application, tap the bolt symbol at the upper left of the screen and look to Software refresh to affirm your speaker has the most recent refresh.

Set your clocks

After both the iPhone and HomePod have iOS 12, utilizing the different clocks is a snap. It’s as simple as saying “Hello Siri, set a clock for 5 minutes” and rehashing that procedure for extra clocks.

You can likewise name them to reveal to them separated as well. Say “Hello Siri, set a steak clock for 18 minutes” and Siri does only that. Need to make you don’t overcook one side? Say “Hello Siri, set a flip clock for 9 minutes” and you’re ready.

Remember however, right now Siri can’t make clocks rehash. For instance, on the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to flip your steak like clockwork, you’ll need to make another 2-minute clock each time the old one lapses.

All things considered, numerous clocks monitors various things cooking immediately. Thus, timing the veggies in the broiler is basic. Say “Hello Siri, set a dish Brussels grows clock for 22 minutes” and the HomePod has your back.

Check your clocks

It’s anything but difficult to check the status of any clocks you have running too. Say, “Hello Siri, how much time left on Brussels grows clock?” or “Hello Siri, how much time is left on the steak clock?” and Siri will fill you in.

You can request a report on the entirety of your clocks, as well. Simply say, “Hello Siri, what amount of time is left on my clocks?” or even just, “Hello Siri, what amount of time left?”

Quit remaining clocks

Some of the time it turns out the clocks you set were far too ache for the errand. There’s no need however to give them a chance to run out alone. Spare your ears by halting every single current commencement and their alerts. Say, “Hello Siri, drop clocks”. This deletes all clocks still in play.


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