How to download all your Flickr photos

Regardless of whether you’re cheerful SmugMug currently runs Flickr, you should need to recover your own duplicate of your photographs from the previous Yahoo site. Here’s the ticket.


In case you’re one of the 75 million or so individuals utilizing Flickr’s photograph sharing administration, you may worry about the eventual fate of your online photograph accumulation appropriate about at this point.

Verizon in 2017 procured Flickr’s previous parent, Yahoo, and now SmugMug simply gained Flickr from Verizon, and the changing corporate needs may make them believe it’s best to have duplicates of every one of those photos you transferred throughout the years. Or on the other hand perhaps the adjustment in proprietorship stirred enthusiasm for a record that has been gathering dust alongside your Blogger and MySpace pages.

It used to be a torment to recover parcels Flickr photographs, yet no more. Three years back, Yahoo included a mass download system and updated collection pages to give your photographs another out.

Here’s a glance at the two alternatives. Note that you’ll require a PC – the download highlights aren’t in the telephone or tablet application.

Sending out your entire Flickr gathering

To get all your photographs, or enormous bunches of them, first open up your Flickr camera roll, an interface that sorts out the entirety of your shots by the date they were taken. This is basically Flickr’s document administration interface, giving you a chance to choose numerous photographs that you should need to add to a collection, add to a gathering, limit to loved ones survey – or trade. On the upper right of the screen, you can change the view to demonstrate bigger or littler thumbnails of your photographs.

Next, tap on the upper left photograph – the latest shot. The photograph thumbnail will get a checkmark, and it’ll show up in a sheet over the base of the page.

At that point comes a cumbersome part: choosing a gathering of up to 500 pictures, Flickr’s present greatest for each download bunch. Look down until a couple of dozen photographs have slid by. Presently hold down the move key and snap a photograph to choose all the photographs between that shot and the main you clicked. The chose photographs will get checkboxes and show up in the base sheet. Check the left half of the sheet at the base of the screen to perceive what number of photographs you’ve chosen. Continue including more photographs with the move click strategy until the point that you approach 500. In the event that you overshoot, you can click individual photographs in the sheet over the base to deselect them generally quickly.

After you’ve chosen a bunch, tap the Download catch at the base of the page. Flickr will bundle all the photographs into a packed document and send you a download connect through Flickr’s message framework. You can check for Flickr messages by tapping on the ringer symbol in the upper right of the principle page, however don’t expect quick delight.

Next, rehash the choice and download procedure to recover another gathering of up to 500. Indeed, it’s a torment on the off chance that you have a great many photographs, yet the uplifting news is SmugMug has said it would like to enhance the procedure in the end.

Sending out a Flickr collection

In the event that you would prefer not to trade everything, you can choose only a subset of photographs in the camera roll. Or then again you can utilize an alternate methodology, downloading only a solitary accumulation of photographs you’ve gathered into a collection.

For this strategy, first go to, at that point toward the upper left tap the “You” catch then the “Collections” alternative.

When you’ve discovered the collection you need, float your mouse pointer over it and tap the down-bolt catch that shows up. Once more, you’ll get a notice through the Flickr message framework.


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