How to remove your phone number from Facebook (and prevent targeted ads)

The administration has even been sharing numbers given for security purposes.



On the off chance that you utilize two-factor verification (2FA) to anchor your Facebook account, you likely, sooner or later, gave Facebook your telephone number. 2FA includes a relatively impervious layer of security to your Facebook account, since it expects you to enter a code sent by means of instant message before signing in.

What you likely didn’t know was that Facebook would utilize that information – your telephone number – to target you with promotions.

Following a report by Gizmodo that Facebook enables publicists to target telephone numbers, Facebook has affirmed the training with TechCrunch, expressing that it utilizes telephone numbers accommodated security purposes to target clients with promotions.

For instance, a supermarket that gathers telephone numbers for remunerations could, in principle, focus on that database of telephone numbers on Facebook. Facebook would cross-reference the supermarket’s rundown with its very own database of telephone numbers and serve promotions to clients related with those numbers.

On the off chance that you’d rather not get promotions focused to your telephone number, it’s a smart thought to know how to take those digits off of your record settings at the present time. This guide will demonstrate to you industry standards to expel your telephone number from your general profile and two-factor confirmation (while giving an option in contrast to utilizing a telephone number).

On versatile

Open the Facebook application and select Settings and Privacy from the fundamental drop-down menu. Select Settings and after that Personal Information, which raises your name, email address and telephone number. Snap Remove in the telephone number field, which will provoke you to reemerge your Facebook secret key and after that snap Remove Phone keeping in mind the end goal to affirm the change. Pay special mind to an affirmation email.

On work area

To expel your telephone number from Facebook on your work area, go to Settings under the fundamental drop-down menu. Pick Your Facebook Information, and after that pick View under Access Your Information. From that point, go to Personal Information and pick Your Contact Information, where you’ll see your cell phone number(s). Snap Remove, and afterward Remove Phone when you’re inquired as to whether you’re certain.

Client note: Even on the off chance that you’ve attempted to expel your telephone number from the Facebook application and it seems fruitful, you may need to likewise check from a work area if the number is still there, as it was after I thought I had erased it from my versatile. Whichever way you attempt to erase it, you ought to get an affirmation email in case you’re effective.

(We connected with Facebook for input about this inconsistency and have not heard back.)

Got two-factor-confirmation?

You may have likewise shared your telephone number with Facebook to turn on two-factor-confirmation (2FA), despite the fact that the administration quit requiring the utilization of a telephone number in May, so you may have utilized a verification application, for example, Google Authenticator to turn on 2FA.

With a specific end goal to expel your telephone number from your 2FA setting on Facebook, you’ll need to kill 2FA and after that walk out on utilizing a verification application. On portable, go to Settings starting from the drop menu, pick Security and Login and afterward go to Two-Factor Authentication to turn it now and again. Rather than utilizing your telephone number, you can utilize an authenticator application or a physical key as the second factor.


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