Huawei Watch 2 LTE review

Your Apple Watch 3 alternative

The Good / The Huawei Watch 2 is one of few watches that backings 4G network, however not in the US, and does wellness following and additionally some other wearable.

The Bad / No highlights that make this an absolute necessity have gadget for the normal client. It’s additionally excessively enormous and massive, and its 1.2-inch screen is too little.

The Bottom Line / Within the classification of smartwatches, the Huawei Watch 2 is an extraordinary gadget. In any case, that doesn’t mean it’s one you have to purchase in case you’re not officially sold on wearables.

The Apple Watch Series 3 ($345 at Amazon Marketplace) offers 4G bolster, which means you can get calls, warnings and more without the utilization of your iPhone ($537 at That is awesome – in the event that you have an iPhone. Android clients are left without however, as the Apple Watch is just good with iOS. That is the place Huawei ventures in… for a few sections of the world, at any rate. It’s one of only a handful couple of cell prepared Android-competent watches available other than the Samsung Gear S3 ($279 at

The Huawei Watch 2 with cell will set you back AU$599 (which believers to generally $470, £350). That places it in a similar value section as the Apple Watch 3 and Samsung’s Gear S3. The 3G availability is limited to Australia, as the Watch 2 sold in the US comes without the capacity to associate with portable systems (and offers for $299, £219).


The Watch 2 appears to be like Samsung’s Gear S3 however without the turning bezels: it’s a work of art, customary looking round game watch. While it’s excessively cumbersome for my own tastes, I got compliments from companions who observed the Watch 2 to be a la mode. I am, be that as it may, a tall man with fat wrists, so the gadget’s weight is less observable on me than it would be on the normal individual.

The Watch 2’s champion component, similar to the most recent Apple Watch, is cell network. Be that as it may, do you truly require a cell watch?

You think you need it

Smartwatches are tagging along, however they’ve yet to convey on their guarantee and turn into a really basic bit of innovation. Correspondingly, a smartwatch you can space a SIM card in sounds like a substantial advance into what’s to come. For me, notwithstanding, it wound up not having a gigantic effect. I quite often have my telephone on me, so I don’t really require a cell watch.

Be that as it may, perhaps that is simply me.

 To locate the additional network valuable, you should do exercises where you’re helped by having web get to and obstructed via conveying a telephone. The waist of that Venn outline is littler than you may might suspect. Running or cycling, where you need to tune in to music and be contactable yet don’t have any desire to have a delicate telephone dangling around in your pocket, are the main circumstances that ring a bell.


The Huawei Watch 2 runs Android Wear 2.0. The main applications that right now offer 4G bolster on the stage are Uber, Google Play Music, Facebook Messenger and, for reasons unknown, Foursquare. I can see Uber being valuable; you’ll have the capacity to hail an auto if your telephone kicks the bucket on a night out, for example. Google Play Music will give you a chance to stream music without your telephone, which is incredible – yet it’s a disappointment that the more well known Spotify doesn’t offer the same.

You’ll additionally have the capacity to get messages and make calls utilizing the Watch. This worked shockingly well, as individuals I conversed with through my watch couldn’t reveal to I wasn’t utilizing a telephone.

Another availability expansion is NFC, which empowers Android Pay. The Huawei Watch 2 can pay for stuff with a flick of the wrist – if your bank is bolstered. I’m with Commonwealth Bank, which is tragically an Android Pay no-go. Westpac and ANZ are both good, however. Check here for a full rundown of taking an interest banks. Once more, this won’t be accessible on the U.S. form of the watch.

Enormous cumbersome watch feel

Huawei’s principle smartwatch rivalry are Samsung, Apple and now Fitbit. Every one of the three brands have discharged slimmer watches over the most recent couple of months.

The Watch 2 is a major watch, and however there’s nothing characteristically amiss with a monstrous watch – I’ve seen individuals shake fat G-Shocks for a considerable length of time – they’re by and large a gained taste. What’s more, regardless of whether you like huge watches, you presumably won’t care for how the Watch 2’s huge bezel makes the show’s touchscreen feel indented in and difficult to reach.

In spite of its size, it’s as yet a looker, with a decent scope of advanced watch appearances to browse, and a lot of simple return plans. There are two catches as an afterthought; one that goes about as a back catch, and another that begins exercises.

The Watch 2 has a 1.2-inch screen, a touch littler than the Gear S3’s 1.3 inches and the Apple Watch 3’s 1.65-inch show. It feels considerably littler, however, due to being enclaved by the bezel.


The Gear 3 had a comparative issue, yet it was balanced somewhat by the way that the pivoting bezel could be utilized to explore. You depend more on the screen here, making the issue, however not huge, more detectable.

Rec center prepared (however not pool benevolent)

Huawei Watch 2 is entirely full-included for wellness, to the extent Android Wear watches go. It has heart-rate following and GPS association. It can likewise track wellness measurements like reproduced V02 Max, in case you’re into finding out about your cardiovascular cutoff points.

Huawei hurls in some instructing to enhance your cardio, alongside calculations to track your digestion. However, you’ll generally need to experience Huawei Wear, a telephone application that is sufficiently simple to explore, regardless of whether it feels incidental. One thing this watch needs is a waterproof outline. Apologies, swimmers.

Same melody and move

The Huawei Watch 2 is a decent smartwatch. All that it does, it does well. Also, I discovered Android Wear 2.0 smoother to use than the Tizen OS that keeps running on the Samsung Gear S3. In case you’re a sharp sprinter who aches to be carefully associated yet liberated by a cell phone, or have another particular use for 4G availability, the Huawei Watch 2 is a solid choice. Particularly in case you’re on Android and can’t utilize an Apple Watch.

In any case, I have my reservations. The issues you’ll have with it are a similar you’d have with each smartwatch: it’s irritating to need to charge each day or two, and none of its highlights are really basic. That is exactly where we’re at with smartwatches at the present time. You can discover use in them on the off chance that you’ve chosen you need a glimmer new device, however there’s insufficient substance for the regular person to legitimize the buy. Think about it in the event that you’ve officially dedicated to purchasing a smartwatch. All things considered, it’s likely more costly than it should be.


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