ISS robot accuses crew of being mean

Global Space Station bot CIMON likes Kraftwerk and space explorers who are decent.

“Be decent, please,” a free-coasting mechanical face reveals to ESA space explorer Alexander Gerst in a video discharged by the European Space Agency on Friday.

CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) is an Alexa-like robot loaded down with IBM Watson man-made consciousness. It touched base on the International Space Station prior this year.

The robot is intended to help the human team individuals with errands, give some excitement and lift confidence. The ESA video demonstrates Gerst’s first cooperations with the machine, and some of them are somewhat unusual.

It begins off guiltlessly enough with CIMON reacting amiably to Gerst’s directions. The robot participates in casual chitchat. Gerst requests that it play his main tune, which ends up being “The Man-Machine” by German electronic band Kraftwerk.

Things accept a turn as CIMON questions the expectations of his human friends. “Don’t you like it here with me?” it asks Gerst as NASA space explorer Serena Auñón-Chancellor watches from close-by. “Try not to be so mean, if it’s not too much trouble CIMON says, winning a surprised look from Auñón-Chancellor.

CIMON is an innovation exhibition explore that will probably get updates and upgrades from its improvement group.

The uplifting news is CIMON doesn’t have control of the ISS frameworks like HAL 9000 did with the rocket in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Gerst winds up applauding the robot’s capacity to fly in microgravity, yet CIMON may need to take a shot at its frailty.



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