JBL Endurance Sprint review

Financial plan Bluetooth sports earphones that don’t sound modest



The Good / The JBL Endurance Sprint fits safely and serenely and sounds useful for an unobtrusively evaluated Bluetooth sports earphone. It’s likewise completely waterproof and has contact controls.

The Bad / Touch controls can be somewhat finicky and there’s some nearness support in the treble.

The Bottom Line / The JBL Endurance Sprint is a shockingly decent remote games earphone for $50, with just a couple of little drawbacks.


Multi year prior, you couldn’t get quite a bit of a Bluetooth sports earphone for $50. Without a doubt, there were the typical non specific brands on Amazon, however anything from a name mark tended to cost at least $80 – or more.

In any case, things have changed, and JBL is serving up its new Endurance Sprint for 50 bucks. They have contact controls, fit serenely and sound great insofar as you can get a tight seal. They’re likewise completely waterproof with IPX7 accreditation, which implies they can be submerged in 3 feet (1 meter) of water for up to 30 minutes.

These remote headphones have an unexpected plan in comparison to a great deal of the in-ear Bluetooth sports earphones. Those element wings or stabilizers that guide into the inward piece of your ear to secure the buds. JBL’s are an adjusted form of Beats’ well known Powerbeats 3, which have a snare that folds around the highest point of your ear. The Powerbeats 3 cost in excess of three fold the amount of as these folks.

The headphones accompany three diverse size eartips and an arrangement of scored silicone “enhancers” that cover the base earbud. You should embed the buds descending at a point into your ears at that point curve the enhancer up so the buds secure and the snares go over your ears.

JBL calls it “Twistlock” innovation and it works really well. The organization says the headphones will never “drop out,” which is valid however that doesn’t mean you’ll generally have the capacity to keep up a tight seal, which is essential to expanding sound quality with these earphones.

It merits saying that the snares are charged and hold fast to a space close to the bud, making a circle. This clever outline contact enables you to cut the buds to your attire or a lash on a knapsack.

They worked awesome in the rec center for me, yet I did once in a while lose the seal while I was running and needed to straighten out the bud to get it back. The main issue is that when you change the headphones you wind up contacting the correct earpiece – where the touch controls are found – and incidentally delaying your music.

The touch controls are responsive yet somewhat finicky. I thought that it was sufficiently simple to interruption and play music (one tap) and reply/end calls (additionally one tap) and skip tracks forward (two taps). Things got somewhat trickier raising and bringing down volume (I picked to utilize the volume controls on my telephone).


Battery life is genuinely fair at eight hours and there’s a speedy charge highlight that allows you a hour of playback from 10 minutes of charging. That speedy charge is rapidly getting to be standard on these kinds of earphones.

As I stated, these sound very great, and I don’t know I’ve heard $50 in-ear sports earphones that sound any better. There’s a pinch of essence support in the treble that prompts a little sibilance (another method for saying the earphones are a smidgen splendid) yet there’s a lot of bass and respectable clearness and receptiveness. I thought they sounded somewhat superior to anything the JBL Reflect Mini 2 remote games headphones, which I likewise loved, yet are more costly. They likewise worked fine as a headset for making calls, however don’t expect business-class execution.

The Endurance Sprint is really the slightest costly remote model in the Endurance line. There’s likewise the Endurance Jump ($70, £70), which includes a stiffer necklace style outline and the Endurance Dive ($90, £90), which have worked in memory so you can store MP3 records on them and take them swimming (Bluetooth doesn’t transmit submerged however in the event that you have music playing on the earphones themselves, you don’t need to stress over transmission back to a Bluetooth-empowered gadget).

Except if you’re a swimmer, you ought to approve of the lower-estimated Endurance Sprint. It’s a shockingly decent remote games earphone for $50 or £45 with just a couple of little drawbacks.

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