Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt (2016) review

Kwikset’s touch-to-open bolt is back, and better than anyone might have expected

The Good / The Kwikset Kevo is a remarkably helpful brilliant bolt that can give you access with a solitary touch. The second-gen show is outlined better than anyone might have expected, with a littler inside impression, less demanding establishment and obstruction against animal power assaults. All “eKeys,” including time-confined ones, are presently free and boundless.
The Bad / The second-gen Kevo never again incorporates the accommodating key dandy adornment, however despite everything it costs more than age one.
The Bottom Line / This is an extremely strong keen bolt that offers a genuine accommodation overhaul for your front entryway.

In 2013, Kwikset collaborated with Unikey to bring contact to-open smarts to your front entryway. The item was the Kwikset Kevo, a Bluetooth-empowered deadbolt that sets with your telephone and opens with only a tap when it recognizes you remaining outside. It was a truly cool look at a without key future, however a high sticker price and worries about the physical security of the deadbolt made it extreme to prescribe.
After three years, Kwikset is back with a second-gen Kevo. It’s basically indistinguishable touch-to-open brilliant bolt from previously, but with two or three inconspicuous yet imperative upgrades. First of all, it’s sturdier and all the more keenly planned, with an inside lodging that is substantially littler than last time. It’s more grounded, as well – you can’t drive it open with a similar savage assault that takes a shot at form one. Also, in a particularly welcome change, the “eKeys” that allow others access to your entryway are presently free and boundless.
The majority of that improves for a Kevo, however at $230, it’s much more costly now than it was three years back. Over that, the second-gen shrewd bolt additionally bars a $25 key coxcomb extra that initially came included – so you’re getting less equipment for more cash. The Kevo is still honestly cool, however you have to truly need that touch-to-open accommodation keeping in mind the end goal to legitimize getting one.

Initial introductions and key contemplations 

Before you purchase this brilliant bolt or any shrewd bolt, you will need to investigate your entryway. Bolt it and open it two or three times. Did you have to push or draw on the doorknob all together for the rush to turn easily? Assuming this is the case, you’ll have to realign the entryway, since keen locks can’t hold the entryway set up as they turn the bolt like you can.
You’ll additionally need to investigate your entryway’s plan. On the off chance that it’s sliced to hold a mortise-style bolt, for example, at that point the Kevo won’t fit. Most more generally styled entryways should work, however download the Kevo application and check your estimations previously purchasing just no doubt. This would likewise be a decent time to check similarity with your telephone, particularly in case you’re an Android client – Kevo just works with Android 5.0 and higher.
In the case of everything looks at, at that point rest guaranteed that introducing the Kevo is a quite straightforward process. Much of the time, all you’ll truly require is a screwdriver and around 15 minutes. The application is useful here, with nitty gritty, well ordered guidelines and straightforward vivified representations. The second-gen bolt is likewise intended for a less demanding establishment than any time in recent memory, with shading coded inner parts and a solitary link association between the inside and the outside. Credit to Kwikset.

When it’s introduced in your entryway, the Kevo looks pretty much like some other standard deadbolt you may utilize. It’s plain and subtle, just illuminating when you contact it. I’m an enthusiast of the relaxed plan, as the possibility of darting garish, costly looking tech to the outside of my home gives me stop. What’s more, with three distinct completions to browse, you shouldn’t have any issue picking a Kevo that’ll mix in with your home’s stylistic theme.

Not exactly keyless

Notwithstanding locks at the CR Smart Home and the CR Smart Apartment, I introduced a second-gen Kevo on the secondary passage at my own home in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s the entryway I go all through every day when I leave for work and when I get back home, and I needed to get a feeling of what the Kevo could offer my everyday.

I begun by blending it with my telephone. With the application running out of sight on your Android or iOS gadget, the Kevo will distinguish when you’re outside. At that point and at exactly that point will contact to-open let you in.

But it didn’t. Toward the beginning of my tests, I had recently moved up to the recently discharged iOS 10, and iOS 10 propelled with changes to how gadgets interface over Bluetooth. Thus, iPhone clients needed the application open in the frontal area before the secure would let them. I stayed with the key.

Luckily, ensuing iOS refreshes amended the Bluetooth issue, and inside a couple of days I could begin utilizing contact to-open like typical. It worked dependably well over whatever is left of my seven day stretch of tests, and never neglected to give me access. The main exemptions were a bunch of times where I needed to tap on the bolt a few times previously it’d open – it’s demanding about your telephone’s particular area.

The explanation behind that is a decent one. It’s insufficient just to be in remote scope of the bolt – the Kevo has to realize that your telephone is outside of the entryway. Else, anybody could tap to open your entryway whenever you cleared out your telephone, say, sitting on a table simply inside.

The drawback is that the bolt takes a couple of moments to think before giving you access, and in some cases, won’t let you in on the primary touch by any means. What’s more, obviously, you won’t have the capacity to tap your way inside on the off chance that you leave home without your telephone, or if your battery passes on. Hence, regardless you’ll need to keep the key on your keychain.

Shouldn’t something be said about coxcomb?

Your other touch-to-open alternative is to utilize the Kevo’s coxcomb adornment. It’s a little piece of dark plastic that clasps to your keychain, and it houses its own particular Bluetooth radio. Combine it with the bolt, and you’ll have the capacity to utilize it instead of your telephone to get contact to-open working.

I like the coxcomb. Truth be told, I favor it. With the coxcomb, there’s no stress over a product refresh fouling things up the manner in which iOS 10 at first did, and no worries about other matched gadgets meddling with your association, either. It’s a committed connection among you and the bolt, and in my tests, it worked similarly and also my telephone did.

The main issue? The dandy doesn’t come included. It did in age one, however now, you’ll have to pay an additional $25 for it over the $230 that you’re now spending on the bolt itself.

About the application

As said before, the application completes a decent activity strolling you through the establishment procedure. After you introduce the bolt, you most likely won’t require the application in particular. You can utilize it to bolt and open the entryway remotely (gave you’re inside Bluetooth run), yet I never had motivation to do as such amid my everyday tests. In the event that you need to interface with the bolt from past Bluetooth’s restricted range, you’ll have to buy the $100 Kevo Plus module passage to get the bolt on your WiFi organize.

The genuine post-establishment reason for the application is to enable you to deal with various clients. You’ll do as such utilizing what Kwikset calls “eKeys.” Send one to a companion’s email address, and they’ll have the capacity to match up their telephone up with the bolt, as well. From that point, they’ll have the capacity to utilize contact to-open to get inside, and you’ll have the capacity to see when they go back and forth in the application’s history segment.

eKeys come in three assortments: Anytime eKeys, Guest eKeys and Scheduled eKeys. Like the name recommends, Anytime eKeys will work inconclusively until the point that you deny get to. Visitor eKeys are simply Anytime eKeys that labor for 24 hours, at that point terminate. Planned eKeys accompany discretionary timetable limitations – you can give them a termination date, or confine them to work just on certain days or at specific occasions.

The best part is that Kwikset never again charges you $2 per eKey. Every one of the three assortments are currently totally free and boundless – an authoritative win for the client base.

On the smarts front, I was disappointed with the Kevo’s outsider mixes. In spite of being around for a long time, the Kevo doesn’t work with any bigger home computerization stages, and rather, just interfaces specifically with the Nest Learning Thermostat and with video doorbells from Skybell and Ring. Kevo offers coordination with Amazon Alexa, yet you’ll have to buy the $100 Kevo Plus Wi-Fi module. Contending savvy locks improve the situation, particularly the August Smart Lock – notwithstanding Nest, it likewise works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to give you a chance to bolt the entryway utilizing voice orders.

The ongoing expansion of an IFTTT channel for the Kevo helps, however. An acronym for “if this, at that point that,” IFTTT is a free online computerization benefit that associates things that don’t cooperate something else. With the Kevo, you can trigger IFTTT-perfect gadgets and administrations each time your entryway is bolted or opened (you can likewise restrain those triggers to just fire when a particular individual uses the bolt.) For example, you could make an applet on IFTTT that turns your Lifx keen LED globules on each time you open the entryway.

We attempted (and fizzled) to break in

One final thing: This is a more grounded, more secure deadbolt than age one, which, three years back, we demonstrated was helpless to a particular beast compel assault that uses a screwdriver and a pressure torque to drive the bolt to turn.

That is not the case any more. For age two, Kwikset made a point to address the powerlessness – notwithstanding going so far as bringing the free security master who found it, Marc Weber Tobias, on as an expert to encourage adjust it. A vocal commentator of the deadbolt utilized in the principal Kevo, Tobias presently calls it a standout amongst the most secure bolts available, and even disclosed to me that he utilizes one in his own home when I talked with him on the telephone.

We didn’t simply believe him, however (he’s on the Kwikset finance now, all things considered). Rather, we broke out the tool stash and attempted the system out for ourselves, much the same as we did with the principal gen Kevo. CNET specialized editorial manager and all-around jack of all trades Steve Conaway made the animal power passage look simple three years back – yet this time, he wasn’t effective. The bolt didn’t give one piece, regardless of how hard he attempted.

Notwithstanding the sturdier outline, the SmartKey deadbolt within the Kevo is almost difficult to pick, with high appraisals from autonomous analyzers and security specialists. It’s additionally intended to anticipate bolt knocking, a mainstream and alarmingly simple method for compelling shoddy locks open.

On the digital front, Kwikset utilizes end-to-end encryption for the majority of the bolt’s remote transmissions, and doesn’t associate with the cloud at all except if you buy the Kevo Plus Wi-Fi extender. It would take an extremely gifted, exceptionally decided programmer to deceive it into opening, and they’d should be inside Bluetooth range to do as such.

The decision

On the off chance that I needed to pick a brilliant bolt for my entryway at this moment, I think I’d run with the second-gen Kwikset Kevo. It isn’t too associated as savvy bolts that are intended to work with bigger home computerization stages, and it doesn’t exactly get us to the without key guaranteed arrive, however it’s as yet a remarkable and modern contraption that fills in as guaranteed. Contacting to open is helpful, novel, and irrefutably cool – the appeal of it never truly wore off amid my large number of tests.

All things considered, $230 is a difficult premium for an overhauled deadbolt, and it’s more than the first Kevo cost in spite of the way that the key coxcomb embellishment never again comes included. I like this bolt a considerable measure, however I don’t think I’d pay more than $200 for it.


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