Logitech Circle 2 review

Logitech’s Circle 2 is superior to its unique security cam



The Good / Logitech’s $180 Circle 2 wired surveillance camera is anything but difficult to set up and works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant for a wide assortment of brilliant home/voice control applications.

The Bad / While this camera can be utilized inside or out, it depends on a connector for control (instead of a battery-powered battery). Logitech sells a without wire Circle 2 camera independently for $200.

The Bottom Line / The Logitech Circle 2 is flexible, responsive and simple to utilize, however you should just purchase this wired model if its all the same to you keeping your cam near a divider outlet.

Logitech’s $180 Circle 2 wired surveillance camera is a noteworthy change over its first-gen display, but at the same time it’s altogether different. Rather than a battery-powered battery, this new model requires a connector for control. It’s additionally appraised for indoor and outside utilize; the first Circle cam ($172 at Amazon.com) was entirely inside as it were. At the present conversion scale, $180 believers to generally £130 and AU$225.

Note: Logitech offers a sans wire rendition of the Circle 2 camera with a battery-powered battery for $200 (£145 and AU$250 changed over), and also an assortment of accomplices to give you distinctive approaches to associate and mount both the wired and sans wire Circle 2 cameras.

The wired Circle 2 is an indoor/open air camera with 1080p HD live gushing, a 180-degree seeing edge and free 24-hour occasion based distributed storage. It likewise works with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit and the Google Assistant. Buy in to a discretionary month to month cloud benefit for access to longer-term video cut stockpiling, individual cautions and adaptable movement location zones.

Consider the Logitech Circle 2 in case you’re searching for a connector controlled indoor/open air surveillance camera that is responsive and dependable.


Hovering back

The Circle 2 camera accompanies a power connector, a base you can turn to suit essentially any coveted point, the camera and discretionary mounting equipment. As opposed to interfacing the Circle 2 to its base by means of a Micro-USB or other port, the camera really joins to (and disconnects from) the base with a basic wind. Two attentive indents demonstrate where to fix up the camera with its base. From that point, essentially turn the camera until the point when you can never again effortlessly isolate the two. I wish it clicked or gave a type of clear sign when it’s introduced accurately, yet it’s sufficiently simple to make sense of.

The camera’s base has a matte white complete; its face is done in lustrous dark. It looks fine generally speaking, yet I especially like that it is so natural to pivot to accomplish diverse review edges. An unpretentious ring around the focal point cautions you to the camera’s status:

  • Strong white: On and prepared to utilize
  • Strong green: Someone is seeing the live video feed
  • Strong yellow: In protection mode
  • Strong red: Off or not recording
  • Squinting blue: In matching mode

Looking at indoor/open air surveillance cameras

The Circle 2’s highlights obviously cover with the Flex and the Arlo Pro 2, with a couple of real special cases.

Both the Flex and the Arlo show accompany battery-powered batteries, however the Circle 2 has a substantially more extensive 180-degree field of view. The Netgear camera likewise offers free 7-day cut stockpiling, though Logitech and Canary just offer 24 hours for nothing out of pocket. Canary’s Flex camera accompanies free individual alarms, which is a discretionary membership include for the Circle 2 – Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2 doesn’t right now offer this element by any means.


Utilizing the Circle 2

Logitech’s Circle 2 was strong all through testing. It sent me incite movement and individual alarms; the 1,080p HD live feed was clear in day and night vision modes and the spared video cuts completed a great job catching the greater part of the movement action (instead of only a little part). I likewise extremely like the time-slip by recordings you can create for nothing to see a fast diagram of everything that occurs for the duration of the day (watch the video to see the time pass in real life).

To associate the camera to the application, download the Logitech Circle Security Camera application on your Android or iOS gadget and take after the directions. This procedure took around a short ways from beginning to end. Make a record or login with a current username and secret key. Catalyst your camera with the included connector, give your camera a name and enter in your neighborhood Wi-Fi data. From that point, you ought to get quick access to the camera’s live feed and the Circle 2’s different highlights. To get alarms, try to select in to “Brilliant Alerts” in the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the application screen.

I associated my Circle 2 camera to an Amazon Echo Show speaker by means of the Alexa application, and also Apple HomeKit specifically from the Circle application (select “Brilliant Home Integrations” from the settings menu and Apple HomeKit to empower HomeKit from the Circle application). Request that Alexa or Siri demonstrate to you your “lounge room/front yard/visitor house” camera to see the live feed either on a screen-accommodating Alexa gadget or straight from Apple’s Home application for iOS.


The $180 wired Logitech Circle 2 home security cam offers a great deal of highlights at its cost, including a wide assortment of shrewd home incorporations. It likewise performed well amid testing, conveying movement and individual alarms in close constant. Its day and night vision modes both showed live video in fresh HD.

I don’t know why Logitech needed to make two separate Circle 2 cameras, however. Why not make one battery-fueled Circle 2 you can tie to the connector every minute of every day like the Canary Flex? All things being equal, I’m awed with the wired Circle 2. It’s a decent alternative on the off chance that you need the adaptability of an indoor/open air camera, however wouldn’t fret tethering it to a power connector.




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