Lyft’s longest ever ride was a 639-mile drive from Colorado to Iowa

That is a $744 trip at standard Lyft rates.


Lyft praised its 1 billionth ride by uncovering some entrancing details from its six-year history.

The ride-hailing organization on Tuesday featured the development in an excited blog entry, and said its “colleagues will be specifically astonishing a large number of fortunate drivers with a little endowment of our appreciation.”

That token ended up being a free tank of gas for around 3,500 drivers over the US, a Lyft representative uncovered in a messaged proclamation.

The details indicated how riders utilized the administration, with 76 million adventures to air terminals and 500,000 excursions to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The longest ride in the organization’s short history was a 639-mile travel among Denver and Sioux City, Iowa. That’d taken a toll $744 for a standard Lyft, as indicated by EstimateFares.

Individuals were in a rush to get to bars for party time, with 88 million rides taken amid this time and 2,500 of them were by a solitary rider. Be that as it may, that figure is predominated by the most rides taken by a solitary rider: 9,000.

ber, Lyft’s fundamental adversary, praised its 10 billionth ride in July, however has been around two more years and offers its administration outside the US (dissimilar to Lyft).

Lyft is in front of Uber in no less than one territory, having taken off dockless, rentable electric bikes in Santa Monica, California, on Monday. It’s the second city where it offers the administration, having conveyed bikes to Denver recently – maybe the individual going to Sioux City could have spared a minimal expenditure by taking a bike?

Uber presently can’t seem to move into the e-bike advertise.

Among its 1 billion rides, Lyft has had 233 million shared rides, while 630,000 were taken with gift vouchers.

The organization additionally has somewhere around one extremely beneficial laborer – 31,000 rides were the most given by a solitary driver.

Night owls utilized the administration more than go-getters, with 153 million rides taken between 11 p.m. furthermore, 2 p.m. versus 97 million between 5 a.m. furthermore, 7 a.m.

Those utilizing the administration were anxious to maintain a strategic distance from the chilly, with 47 percent of all rides being taken amid the winter, Lyft’s most famous season.



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