Michael Douglas stars in new comedy series for Netflix

The Kominisky Method assembles Douglas and Alan Arkin in another Chuck Lorre appear.

Welcome back to your manual for discovering what’s new on the web. Consistently, we set up together a digital recording that tells you what’s been added to administrations like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. The sound is about a moment or two long.

You folks know Chuck Lorre, isn’t that so? He’s the person behind Two and a Half Men, Mom and The Big Bang Theory. All things considered, he has another parody arrangement on Netflix at the present time. The Kominsky Method centers around two gentlemen endeavoring to deal with more established age.

Since you’re perusing this present, how about we give you some additional data not found in the webcast: WWE is holding one of its enormous occasions this Sunday. Survivor Series will be accessible on the WWE Network and will include Brock Lesnar going up against Daniel Bryan. This match could be astounding or a train wreck, however in any case, it will get some consideration. Sadly, The Man Becky Lynch can’t go up against Ronda Rousey this Sunday because of a broken nose. Get well soon, champ.

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