NASA is still holding out hope for the Mars Opportunity rover

This resembles the finish of WALL-E. Wake up little fella! Wake up!

NASA’s Mars Opportunity meanderer has had a harsh year. A managed residue storm on Mars made the wanderer lose contact with NASA and things have been on battle road from that point forward.

In August NASA gave Opportunity, the little Mars wanderer that could, 45 days to get back in contact. That time period has gone back and forth, however NASA has by and by decided to not surrender trust.

In mid-October, NASA said it was cheerful fortifying breezes would explode the residue it supposes is meddling with Opportunity’s capacity to get back in contact.

“A breezy period on Mars – referred to Opportunity’s group as ‘dust-clearing season’ – happens in the November-to-January time allotment and has helped clean the wanderer’s boards previously,” clarified NASA. “The group stays cheerful that some residue clearing may bring about got notification from the wanderer in this period.”

In the two weeks from that point forward NASA has assessed the methodology, it’s chosen it’s not abandoning the Rover until January 2019 in any event.

“After an audit of the advancement of the listening effort, NASA will proceed with its present procedure for endeavoring to reach the Opportunity wanderer for a long time to come,” clarified NASA in another refresh. Winds could increment in the following couple of months at Opportunity’s area on Mars, bringing about residue being brushed off the wanderer’s sun based boards. The office will reassess the circumstance in the January 2019 time span.

NASA intends to send a new meanderer to Mars in 2020, however it wants to keep its present wanderers operational meanwhile.


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