OCZ Trion 100 series solid-state drive review

A great SSD for the budget-minded



The Good / The OCZ Trion 100 arrangement strong state drive is considerably speedier than any general hard drive and is moderate. The SSD likewise has high continuance, enabling you to compose a ton of information to it before it ends up untrustworthy.

The Bad / Compared with other strong state drives (not conventional hard drives) available the new Trion is among the slowest. The drive additionally accompanies a short three-year guarantee and doesn’t bolster encryption.

The Bottom Line / For what it costs, the OCZ Trion 100 arrangement strong state drive and perfect substitution drive for a more established PC that still keeps running on a customary hard drive.

The new OCZ Trion 100 is one of the slowest strong state drive (SSDs) available however it’s probable the most reasonable. In particular, the SSD is still impressively quicker than any standard hard drives (HDDs).

Accessible in limits from 120GB to 980GB, the Trion has recommended retail costs from only $57 to $370, separately. (Evaluating and accessibility for the UK and Australia will be declared at a later date.) Like the instance of other OCZ SSDs, for example, the ARC 100, the genuine road cost of the Trion is required to be observably lower. Odds are the Trion 100 is or will be the most moderate drive available.

As a reward, the Trion has a high continuance rating, particularly the higher limits, which means you can utilize it for quite a while before worrying about supplanting it. On the off chance that you have a maturing HDD-based PC, this SSD is an amazing update that will influence your old framework to perform considerably speedier than notwithstanding when it was spic and span.

Then again, if its all the same to you spending more for speedier SSDs, look at this rundown of the best SSDs available.

Standard plan

The Trion 100 is the beforehand discharged OCZ ARC 100 with a contort. The two drives are esteem SSDs planning to offer SSD execution requiring little to no effort. In any case, while the ARC utilizes an OCZ controller, the Trion is made altogether of Toshiba parts, from the controller to the blaze memory. In a way the drive is the primary finish aftereffect of Toshiba’s securing of OCZ, which occurred over multi year back.

The Trion is additionally the primary OCZ SSD that utilizations triple-layer-cell (TLC) streak memory. Ordinarily, this implies the drive has higher thickness – you can put more memory cells in a similar territory of the silicon wafer – yet slower execution. This turned out to be the situation for the Trion in the execution area beneath.

Other than that, this is a standard inside drive, taking the 2.5-inch plan (PC). The drive bolsters the most recent SATA3 (6Gbps) however will work with all current SATA corrections. It will fit in all applications where a solitary standard hard drive is being utilized, anyway it’s best utilized as the fundamental drive of a PC that has the working framework and applications.

With the 7mm profile (more slender than 9.5mm of a standard workstation hard drive) the Trion will likewise work in some ultrabooks, in increases to PCs and work areas.

Note that the drive doesn’t bolster encryption, so it’s not appropriate for corporate or business condition where you have to secure information if there should arise an occurrence of hoodlum or misfortune.

Like the ARC 100, the new Trion drive arrives in a simple bundle that incorporates only the drive itself. There’s no different frill included, for example, a drive-sound section (which makes it less demanding to introduce a 2.5-inch crash into the drive cove of a personal computer.) This is certainly not a major ordeal, in any case; since a SSD has no moving parts, you can really abandon it hanging free inside a work area.

The Trion incorporate the downloadable OCZ Guru programming that proves to be useful on the off chance that you need to beware of the drive’s status, refresh its firmware et cetera.

High perseverance

Contingent upon the limit, the Trion’s perseverance can be very amazing.

Perseverance is the quantity of program-delete cycles a SSD can perform before you can’t keep in touch with it any longer. (Read more about SSD perseverance here.) as such, with a SSD there’s a limited measure of information you can keep in touch with it before the drive ends up untrustworthy. The higher this sum the more you can utilize the drive.

OCZ says that the four limits of the Trion, 120GB, 240GB, 48GB and 980GB, have a perseverance rating of 30TB, 60TB, 120TB and 240TB, individually. All the more particularly, take the most minimal 120GB limit, for instance; on the off chance that you compose 27GB every day consistently to the drive, it will take over three years for the drive’s perseverance to run out. Higher-limit drives will take likewise more. 27GB is a great deal of information and on a normal utilize case, we compose pretty much 5GB to the PC’s drive multi day, and most days we don’t keep in touch with the drive by any stretch of the imagination.


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