OCZ Vector 180 review

A decent reasonable strong state drive for work areas



The Good / The OCZ Vector 180 secures information if there should be an occurrence of intensity misfortune and incorporates bother free purchaser bolster and in addition a long guarantee.

The Bad / The drive’s speed and sturdiness rating trail behind top of the line SSDs available. There are no information security or execution improvement highlights.

The Bottom Line / The OCZ Vector 180 is a decent, moderate strong state drive supported up by a protracted, easy to use guarantee.

In case you’re hoping to overhaul the speed of your work station, or need to abstain from paying some dues with client bolster when setting up another drive, OCZ’s Vector 180 strong state drive (SSD) is for you. For whatever length of time that you don’t expect top benchmark numbers, you won’t be disillusioned.

In spite of being proposed as rivalry for other top of the line SSDs available, for example, the Samsung 850 Pro, the new drive didn’t live up to my desires in testing, trailing behind its rivals in many tests. It additionally has a large portion of the guarantee time and the continuance rating (what number of bytes it can keep in touch with itself before going done for). To compensate for that, it conveys a friendlier recommended sticker price at dispatch of $90 (£58, AU$113), $150 (£95, AU$189), $275 (£178, AU$349) and $500 (£330, AU$634) for 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB, separately. Besides, it incorporates propel substitution if there should be an occurrence of imperfection, prepaid return and bother free help amid its five-year guarantee time.

Taking all things together, while the Vector 180 doesn’t make the grade regarding some top of the line SSDs, it’s as yet a decent substitution drive, particularly for the individuals who require help getting it up and running. For more decisions, look at this rundown of current best SSDs.


Standard plan, ShieldPlus guarantee

For capacity gadget the guarantee is essential, and the Vector 180 conveys in such manner. While it conveys just a five-year guarantee – which is for the most part fantastic, however still simply a large portion of that of the Samsung SSD 850 Pro – the drive incorporates ShieldPlus bolster. As indicated by OCZ, this implies you simply need to give the drive’s serial number to get bolster, and if there should arise an occurrence of deformity, OCZ will send you a unit ahead of time and give a paid return shipping name for you to dispatch the old one back. Over that, the organization additionally guarantees “high-bore” client benefit on the off chance that you require help with the drive. (I didn’t have an opportunity to experiment with the help since I tried the drive before it was authoritatively discharged.)

The Vector 180 itself is a standard 2.5-inch inward drive that is 7mm thick. It fits in any Workstation utilizes a standard hard drive, including those that require low-profile hard drives. It likewise incorporates a connector that licenses it to fit in a work station. To enable clients to redesign, the Vector 180 accompanies a permit for Acronis True Image HD, which is a decent programming suite for information reinforcements and drive cloning.

OCZ Vector 180 Specs

The drive bolsters SATA 3 (6Gbps) yet will works with all modifications of the SATA standard. It’s prescribed to utilize it with more up to date PC that backings SATA 3, yet notwithstanding when utilized as a part of more seasoned SATA 2-based PCs that are outfitted with a normal hard drive, the Vector 180 will in any case support the execution significantly.

Normal continuance with Power Failure Management

The Vector 180 has fundamentally the same as specs to its more established sibling, the Vector 150, having the same OCZ’s home-developed controller. In any case, it utilizes the new Toshiba A19 MLC streak memory and has an element called Power Failure Management to secure its information.


Essentially, the drive has framework capacitors that give additional capacity to it to complete the process of recording information before closing in the event of surprising force misfortune. This is like utilizing an UPS with a PC. Over that, OCZ says this element additionally empowers the firmware to intermittently make previews of the drive’s mapping table and consistently screen the drive for control irregularities. While valuable, I presume this element will barely be evoked, particularly in workstations where the loss of intensity doesn’t happen all the time.

What’s more imperative than control administration is its perseverance, where, shockingly, the Vector 180 doesn’t emerge. Continuance, otherwise called program/delete (P/E) cycles, is the rating that measures the aggregate sum of information that can be composed to a SSD before the drive winds up questionable. You can consider perseverance the drive’s toughness. (For additional on the perseverance of SSDs, look at this post.)

For the most part, the perseverance rating increments with limits, however OCZ says all limits of the Vector 180 offer a similar continuance rating of 50GB/day. This implies in the event that you compose 50GB of information to the drive every day consistently, it’ll take five years for the drive to come up short on P/E cycles. Viably, this implies the drive can deal with up approximately 91TB of information kept in touch with it. While 91TB is a great deal of information – a normal client composes pretty much 5GB every day, if that – the Samsung SSD 850 Pro’s perseverance nearly duplicates that. The as of late audited (and less expensive) Crucial MX200 even has a perseverance rating of up to 320TB. To be reasonable, multi year prior, a perseverance rating of more than 80TB, which is that of the SanDisk Extreme Pro, was thought about to a great degree high. In any case, now the Vector 180’s perseverance is just about that of a normal SSD and is a long ways behind a few. In spite of the fact that the drive has all that anyone could need strength for the dominant part of home clients, in case you’re searching for a SSD to compose a great deal of information on, for example, utilizing it for proficient video altering and recording, it’s a superior plan to get a drive with the most noteworthy conceivable perseverance.

Amicable estimating, kind of

Significantly more costly than the normal hard drives, SSDs have been fetched restrictive to numerous purchasers. OCZ plans to facilitate this agony with the Vector 180. In any case, as of now don’t depend on it being considerably less expensive than existing SSDs.


This is on the grounds that, at the season of this audit, the costs of its rivals, which turned out a year ago, have gone down altogether. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you think about evaluating at dispatch, the Vector 180 is to be sure a considerable measure less expensive than the Samsung 850 Pro or the SanDisk Extreme Pro. For instance, the 960GB limit of the Vector has the recommended cost of $500, while the 1TB Samsung and the 960GB SanDisk had the proposed cost of $730 and $600, individually. The lower proposed cost by and large implies that the road cost will likewise descend the more drawn out the drive is available. So for the Vector 180 to be an incredible give, you have to hold up multi month or so before making a buy.

SSD cost per gigabye in US dollars

NOTE: Measured in cost per gigabyte in view of current costs on Amazon; MSRP utilized for surveyed item. Lower numbers demonstrate better esteem.

All things considered, it’s sheltered to state that, among top of the line SSDs available, the OCZ Vector 180 is likely going to be the most reasonable. The inquiry is whether it has the execution of its planned companions.


What’s more, the response to that inquiry is: Not generally.

In many tests, the Vector 180 was behind other top of the line SSDs. For instance, in the consecutive information exchange tests, which measures a drive’s crude duplicate speed, it scored a managed speed of 175MBps while doing both written work and perusing in the meantime. That is around 80MBps slower than the Samsung (in non-RAPID mode) and the SanDisk. A similar thing happened when the Vector was tried as an optional drive doing composing and perusing independently. In those conditions, it enlisted somewhere in the range of 350MBps for both written work and perusing and was around 100MBps behind the previously mentioned Samsung and SanDisk.

This doesn’t mean the Vector was moderate. Actually, it was quicker than numerous different SSDs, however among the top of the line swarm, it beyond any doubt wasn’t amazing in successive execution.

Furthermore, it did far more atrocious in PC Mark 8 stockpiling benchmark testing, where it trailed behind most as of late looked into SSDs, both as far as score and capacity transmission capacity.

PC Mark 8 in general stockpiling execution

NOTE: Higher numbers demonstrate better execution.

Be that as it may, in application execution tests, the Vector 180 improved the situation, positioning over the normal on the diagrams. It was considerably speedier than the Samsung or the SanDisk with specific applications, however not by much.


As a top of the line SSD, the Vector 180 doesn’t achieve the execution statures of its counterparts. Gratefully, it likewise doesn’t cost to such an extent. Be that as it may, it’s as yet a commendable purchase on account of its Power Failure Management highlight, particularly if utilizing with a personal computer.

The drive’s ShieldPlus guarantee arrangement is likewise something worth considering, particularly in case you’re a first-time SSD client. What’s more, in case you’re hung up on the continuance rating – 91TB composed isn’t the most astounding number among SSDs – it’s still all that anyone could need for the drive to keep going for quite a long time with customary utilization.



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