Panasonic ZS200 ups the lens zoom for 1-inch compacts to 15x

Panasonic’s successor to the ZS100 “travel zoom” smaller conveys the focal point to 24-360mm, yet forfeits speed.




At the point when Panasonic propelled the ZS100 conservative around two years back, it had the qualification of offering the greatest zoom go in the 1-inch sensor reduced class; now, its successor, the ZS200, holds that preferred standpoint with its 15x zoom. While Panasonic has changed the plan a bit, the 24-360mm f3.3-6.4 focal point, a higher-determination electronic viewfinder and the expansion of Bluetooth are the essential changes.

Like the ZS100, it has may assumed names: in the UK you’ll see it as the TZ200, and in Australia the TZ220. It will make a big appearance at a higher cost than the ZS100 however, $800, when it sends in March. (I don’t have valuing for anyplace yet the US yet, yet that $800 straightforwardly changes over to £580 and AU$1,020.)

The ZS100 dependably wavered between being a standard and an aficionado reduced, which is a piece of its appeal. With the ZS200, Panasonic organizes zoom over a wide gap, pushing it solidly into the broadly useful zone, and sort of into a class independent from anyone else.

Other 1-inch sensor previous contenders like the $700 Canon G7 X Mark II and the $900 Sony RX100 IV have littler zoom extends however wide f1.8-2.8 openings for better low-light execution and barely better foundation defocus. This gives Panasonic a chance to expand the separation between Panasonic’s LX10/LX15, another 1-inch sensor camera with a littler, quicker f1.4-2.8 focal point that Panasonic discharged an indistinguishable year from the ZS100.

On the other side, there are a great deal of less expensive cameras with enormous ranges yet littler sensors, which don’t convey a similar photograph quality.

In spite of the greater focal point, the camera keeps up its minimized outline; it’s expanded by under 0.1 inch/1mm on two sides and increased just around 1 ounce/32 grams of weight.


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