Pioneer SP-SB23W review

Moderate sound bar that is not kidding about sound


The Good / Execution is much more noteworthy thinking about the measure of the small remote subwoofer, which is anything but difficult to stow away in the room. Furthermore, there’s likewise worked in Bluetooth for remote sound spilling.

The Bad / The framework’s style won’t wow you and the sound bar’s moderately thick size may obstruct your TV’s remote sensor. The included remote is fair and there’s no front-board show for visual input while making changes.

The Bottom Line / The Pioneer SP-SB23W is the best reasonable sound bar on the off chance that you think about sound quality, with its extraordinary sonics compensating for a portion of its plan impediments.

Editors’ note: Pioneer has recognized that some SP-SB23W units have defective Bluetooth sound playback and is putting forth to repair or supplant influenced units. Read our full story on the issue for more data.

Pioneer SP-SB23W review

The Pioneer SP-SB23W ($400/AU$849) sounds superior to anything pretty much any stable bar we’ve heard. That shouldn’t come as an astonishment to any individual who’s been following Pioneer’s line of Andrew Jones-outlined spending speakers, which have reliably offered remarkable sound quality at unassuming costs. While other sound bars regularly endeavor to wow you with exorbitant bass or gimmicky virtual encompass impacts, the SP-SB23W essentially endeavors to sound more like an arrangement of good, adjusted speakers and that approach clarifies the framework’s reliably characteristic sound. Clearly Pioneer’s choice to call the SP-SB23W a “speaker bar” as opposed to a sound bar was a legitimate concern, however it’s a fitting qualification in any case.

While the SP-SB23W‘s sonics are incredible, it’s less amazing with regards to plan. The framework won’t win any style grants, in spite of the fact that its modest remote subwoofer is anything but difficult to cover up. The sound bar’s thick wooden bureau is greater than most and its 4-inch tallness may hinder your TV’s remote sensor. The shoddy included remote is satisfactory, best case scenario, in addition to there’s no front-board show to give visual input while making volume and subwoofer changes. The greater part of those issues are slight or can be settled with workarounds, yet they’re minor obstructions for purchasers who simply need to set up an essential sound bar absent much whine.

In any case, we’re ready to a great extent ignore those blemishes for a framework that sounds so great at such a sensible cost. In the event that you think about sound quality and are determined to a sound bar framework, Pioneer’s SP-SB23W is the simple pick, gaining CR’s Editors’ Choice Award for the classification. Less requesting audience members might be in an ideal situation with Sony’s HT-CT260 ($240), which is less demanding to utilize and set up, yet doubtlessly that SP-SB23W is the champ with regards to sound.

Configuration: Room for development

Item configuration is about tradeoffs and with the SP-SB23W, great looks are yielded for execution and esteem. It doesn’t look terrible, yet its dark vinyl complete absolutely isn’t snazzy, particularly contrasted and more costly frameworks like the Sonos Playbar ($700) and the Sony HT-ST7 ($1,300). Not at all like most solid bars, it has a bureau made out of composite wood, instead of plastic, which adds to the framework’s great sound, yet in addition to its cumbersome stature.

The plan fuss go past simple feel. The sound bar itself is moderately sizable (39.98 inches wide, 4.05 inches high, 4.74 inches profound) and in case you’re setting it before your TV, there’s a good possibility it will hinder your TV’s remote sensor. Other sound bars, for example, the Sony HT-CT260 and Yamaha YAS-101, get around this issue with an IR repeater, yet the SP-SB23W doesn’t offer any arrangements. There are workarounds that will help – just boosting your TV with a little riser will work – however you may need check the stature of your TV’s remote sensor before purchasing.

There’s likewise no front-board show past a couple of little lights, so you need to make volume and subwoofer level modifications without knowing precisely what level you’re at. Home theater idealists may likewise protest that the lights aren’t dimmable, yet that is effectively settled with some darkening tape.

Pioneer SP-SB23W review

The remote subwoofer may be the littlest one we’ve seen for a sound bar framework, an unfathomably minimal 9 inches wide by 10 inches high by 9 inches profound. What the crate needs in style it compensates for in “stashability.” While you’ll regularly get the best solid by setting it near the sound bar and a divider (yet not in a corner), the sub still sounds OK with elective arrangements, for example, behind the love seat, in case you’re hoping to shroud it outside of anyone’s ability to see.

The included remote likewise misses the mark, utilizing the modest, skinny “charge card” plan that is second rate compared to full-measure clickers. The shape and the format of the catches make the remote difficult to explore by feel, and their bubbly shapes neglect to reassuringly click when squeezed. In any event you can program the SP-SB23W to acknowledge charges from your TV’s or link box’s remote, in spite of the fact that note that a few TVs show a blunder message when utilized as a part of this setup.Pioneer SP-SB23W

While none of these plan issues are significant, they do make the SP-SB23W somewhat harder to prescribe to purchasers searching for a dead-straightforward and simple to-utilize home sound framework. 

Highlights: Minimal contributions, in addition to Bluetooth

Around back you’ll locate an absolute minimum determination of ports: a simple information and an optical info. That won’t not appear like much, but rather it’s bounty on the off chance that you utilize your TV as a switcher by associating every one of your gadgets straightforwardly to your TV, at that point interfacing your TV’s sound yield to the sound bar. You’ll be constrained to the quantity of contributions on your TV, yet the upside is there’s less bobbling with remotes, as you’ll just need to change the contributions on your TV to switch between gadgets.

The one slight burden to this course of action is that most TVs “stupefy” approaching Dolby Digital encompass sound signs, yielding only a stereo PCM flag to the sound bar. That is less of an issue for an entirely stereo sound bar like the SP-SB23W, yet the individuals who are fastidious about their sound won’t have the capacity to pick whether the sound bar or TV unravels the Dolby Digital flag. The capable of being heard contrasts between decoders are likely little.

The SP-SB23W additionally has worked in Bluetooth, in this manner supporting remote sound gushing from almost every cell phone. Shockingly better, it bolsters the aptX codec, which licenses higher-quality remote transmission on gadgets that help it. Bluetooth spilling is ideal for moment satisfaction tuning in, particularly since it works with any application you have on your cell phone, including administrations like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and iTunes Radio.

Setup: Sync and you’re set

The SP-SB23W‘s just setup necessity is blending the sound bar and remote subwoofer, which is done essentially by hitting the match up catch on the two gadgets. As dependably with sound bar frameworks, it’s best to position the sub near the sound bar, inside 5 feet or less. To support the little sub’s bass reaction, we put it straight up against the divider behind the TV, just to one side of the TV stand.

The SP-SB23W‘s remote offers guide access to three sound field modes: Music, Movie, and Dialog. That last one doesn’t in fact “support” film exchange; rather it kills the subwoofer, which has the impact of likewise making the discourse less demanding to hear. In Music and Movie modes, you can alter the subwoofer volume level, however it can be somewhat dubious since there’s no visual sign of the sub’s volume level. Motion picture mode changes the subwoofer’s EQ somewhat and includes more bass, while Music mode’s bass is more precise. Something else, the SP-SB23W doesn’t have bass or treble controls, or any approach to modify the sound or tonal adjust.


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