Pixel 3 XL vs. iPhone XS Max vs. Note 9 vs. LG V40: Specs showdown

Which enormous telephone will administer them all?

For admirers of vast screen telephones, the diversion is on. Google lifted the top off the new 5.5-inch Pixel 3 and 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL on Tuesday, hurling the 3 XL in with the general mish-mash of supersize telephones ready for occasion rivalry. The ability here runs profound, with the Pixel XL flaunting camera ability and crude interior capacity to match the iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9 and LG V40 ThinQ.

The LG V40 specifically can sway its three back cameras at the Pixel 3 XL’s single back focal point. It’s significant, nonetheless, that the Pixel 3 XL takes a prompt from LG by including a second 8-megapixel, forward looking, wide-point focal point useful for selfie shots with numerous individuals.

Google’s Pixel telephone arrangement is a lynchpin in the product goliath’s methodology of putting Google’s administrations in more individuals’ hands. In spite of the fact that Google still depends on equipment accomplices worldwide to proliferate the Android stage, issuing its very own telephone enables Google to control a high watermark encounter from go to toe.

Then, these costly telephones, which inch near or have as of now jumped into $1,000 domain, are feeling weight from less expensive however great telephones from OnePlus, Motorola and Nokia. So far we’ve surveyed each telephone in this lineup aside from the Pixel 3 XL (that is progressing now), so we need to hold off conclusive judgment until the point that our testing is finished. For the time being, here’s the means by which the specs line up. Look to the end for a full specs correlation diagram.

Screen size and clearness

Does this unexpected you? The iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen of the four, with a 6.5-inch show. The V40 and Galaxy Note 9 come in at 6.4 inches each and the Pixel 3 XL has a 6.3-inch show. Yet, it’s the LG V40 that has the most elevated pixel thickness, edging the others. We’ll investigate them advance in various lighting conditions, however all ought to exceed expectations at watching recordings, perusing stories and staying aware of informal communities.

3 raise cameras versus 1

Our super camera examinations are still to come – they require immense exertion, however merit sitting tight for. What we can let you know is that the LG, iPhone and Galaxy telephones are muscle-bound with camera alternatives and apparatuses. The LG V40’s three back cameras are particularly braggadocious. For instance, you can take a photograph from each back camera in the meantime to either utilize exclusively or to line together.

Each of the four of these telephones incline toward AI camera programming. The V40 and Note 9 change your settings when it detects one of very nearly 20 scenes, for example, pets or blue sky. What’s more, the V40 and iPhone XS Max take sensational photographs with advanced lighting impacts. The Pixel 3XL can take wide-point selfies and guarantees spotless, fresh low-light photographs that never require a blaze, and fantastic computerized zoom.

Later on, Google will likewise include an apparatus that picks your absolute best for you when the movement setting is turned on – so regardless of whether the photograph you snapped is a total obscure, the Pixel 3 may have still caught something better.

In question here is the significance of the multicamera drift. Google’s single back focal point declares war against telephones with numerous back cameras, similar to the V40’s (and Huawei P20 Pro’s) three back cameras each. It is safe to say that they are extremely vital for creating awesome shots or generally window dressing to inspire purchasers and set the telephone creators apart?

Then again, Google assumes that a second focal point makes a distinction on the forward looking camera. We’ll have to test these telephones pretty comprehensively to perceive what the camera results let us know.

The storage room wars

Indeed, even only a couple of years prior, a 64-gigabyte vault of capacity was quite standard. Presently, circumstances are different. LG and Google offer you 64GB just to begin with. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 raises the stakes to 128GB at its most reduced cost, or you can pay more for 512GB. That does exclude the 512GB of outside capacity you can include with a microSD card.

Apple, in the mean time, gives the iPhone XS Max three stockpiling alternatives: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB, with no expandable stockpiling. So despite the fact that LG’s V40 ThinQ lets you extend up to 2 terabytes (in principle; the microSD card advertise beat out at 512GB at the present time), the aggregate falls behind Samsung’s biggest limit. Google, in the mean time, maximizes at 128GB aggregate, however it gives you boundless photograph stockpiling on the web with Google Photos.


Battery life

Looking at battery run-time on a solitary charge is precarious in light of the fact that there are such a significant number of components at play. Battery life isn’t dictated by simply the extent of the battery (the limit, estimated in milliamp hours, or mAh). There’s likewise an exchange between the processor, how effective the telephone’s base level programming is in overseeing assets, and, obviously, what you’re doing with the telephone.

The LG V40’s battery has a littler limit than the Pixel 3 XL and Note 9. Be that as it may, in genuine use, LG’s leader telephone is more than fit for taking you through your typical day.


Apple won’t supply particular battery limit and rather gives dubious, relative depictions. For instance, the iPhone XS Max is said to most recent a hour and a half longer on a solitary charge than the iPhone X. Our iPhone XS and XS Max battery tests are as yet continuous, so we’ll have more information sooner rather than later. Here’s CNET’s video deplete test convention, which we say something expansion to true perception.

Additional highlights

Every one of the four telephones have remote charging and waterproofing, so the primary contrasts come down to camera execution and their individual distinguishing strengths.

The Galaxy Note 9 has its S Pen stylus (which currently additionally fills in as a remote), the V40 its five cameras and the iPhone XS Max its FaceID, Memoji livelinesss and picture lighting mode (the V40 has representation lighting, as well).

The Pixel 3 XL guarantees unfathomable zoom and stick sharp photographs quality even in low light.

The estimation of these additional items boils down to individual inclination.

For instance, in case you’re captivated by photography, picture mode mastery may call to you. In case you’re a power client who loves the material utilization of a stylus, at that point the Galaxy Note 9 has no adversary.


Cost and esteem

The Pixel 3 XL and LG V40 ThinQ are the slightest costly huge telephones of the bundle in total terms, however relying upon which transporter or store you get it through, the investment funds may not add up to much. In the US, for instance, the V40 offers from $900 to $980.

For somewhat more, you could get a telephone with a stylus or longer battery life (the Galaxy Note 9), or access to Apple’s client benefit at its retail locations (iPhone XS Max).

The Pixel 3 XL is more direct, offering for either $900 (64GB) or $1,000 (128GB).

There’s additionally the topic of capacity. For the most extreme limit, the Galaxy Note 9 gives you the best arrangement of all, however in case you’re endeavoring to get to 512GB, you’ll set aside extra cash purchasing a LG V40 and compensating for any shortfall with a microSD card.

For the best arrangement, watch out for occasional advancements. That may move the parity for you somehow when purchasing any telephone.



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