Pixel Slate hands-on: The keyboard’s my favorite part

Google’s convertible tablet-meets-Chromebook has the console we wish the iPad had.

Google makes bunches of Chromebooks. The Pixel ($379 at Amazon) Slate is an endeavor to make a tablet that is additionally a Chromebook, something like Microsoft’s Surface. Google needs you to consider the Pixel Slate regarding its excellent showcase, its full Chrome program, its more tablet-like Chrome OS.

I simply consider its console.

I got the opportunity to invest some energy with the 12-inch tablet at Google’s New York occasion, where new Pixel 3 telephones and the Google Home Hub additionally appeared. The Slate is obviously intended to go up against the Microsoft Surface and its work environment meets-tablet plan, however the Slate additionally appears to come extremely close to the iPad Pro, particularly as far as cost.

A year ago’s Pixelbook was a magnificent however genuinely costly Chromebook. The Pixel Slate pursues that natural example, going for premium in a tablet-meets-Chromebook plan.

The Pixel Slate begins at $599, yet that is just for the tablet, no console or pen stylus included. The console’s an additional $199; the pen, an additional $99. Furthermore, the Slate begins with an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of capacity (non-upgradable). You can pay more for additional capacity and quicker processors, as far as possible up to an insane $1,599 for a Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB stockpiling.

The program is its best programming highlight

The Slate appears to sparkle most when Chrome is open. The Chrome program, similarly as with any Chromebook, resembles a PC, and amazingly flexible. New split-screen choices open up numerous sheets or applications without a moment’s delay, similar to the iPad or Surface.

The Slate looks pretty, however it’s enormous for a tablet; with a 12.3-inch screen, this is more similar to a workstation. The presentation looks fresh, however the general UI, which goes for a Pixel Android feel, didn’t move all that easily at the occasion’s demo gadgets. The interface stream simply wasn’t as liquid as I anticipated. Or then again, just, not iPad-level rich smooth. That is a bit concerning, particularly at this cost. At a cleaned item demo occasion understanding, I’d anticipate that the Pixel Slate will be on its best balance

Truly, as specified over, the Chrome would now be able to do part screen, demonstrating two sheets without a moment’s delay. Now and then it appears to be useful. The new Slate pen is weight touchy and feels like the Surface Pen, however it some of the time appeared to make computerized ink spots on the showcase when the pen hadn’t reached yet.

What’s more, the console’s the best equipment include

The console – a different $200 buy – feels awesome, however. The snap-on extra has strong roundabout illuminated keys with liberal dividing, a huge interactive trackpad and a back attractive stand that can be calculated to any fundamental tilt. The case can crease up while remaining joined and serve as a folio case. This is really shrewd.

It’s fundamentally the iPad console I’ve needed for a considerable length of time: one with a touchpad, one that feels like a workstation, and one that adds front and back security to the tablet when voyaging.

It is anything but an impeccable arrangement contrasted with a PC – the console and its back help signify a wide table impression, much like the Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s likewise not useful for laps. In any case, on a table, it felt incredible to type on.

The Pixel Slate needs it to finish the Chromebook condition, however its additional value implies spending at any rate $800, or considerably more for the capacity and processor you may need. The Slate appears to be an extravagance most won’t pay for, and not exactly the ideal Chromebook, on the grounds that it’s not as lap cordial. In any case, that console is an ideal model for where Apple should take its iPad next.

No earphone jack, however – or SD card opening

Simply be readied: the 3.5mm earphone jack isn’t here. Rather, the Pixel Slate has two USB-C ports. That may be the place all gadgets are heading, however it’ll likewise mean an extremely irritating requirement for dongles.

There’s additionally no SD card space, which implies no effectively expandable capacity. This likewise implies you would be wise to pick the capacity level precisely. Google inclines toward boundless distributed storage, normally, yet there are a few things that are useful to store locally.

The Pixel Slate arrives in the not so distant future. We’ll have a full audit when we get a model to use for longer than a snappy demo session. However, at this value, the Pixel Slate has an unavoidable issue stamp hanging over it: who might purchase this over a Microsoft Surface or an iPad?


  • Begins at $599
  • Intel Celeron, Core m3, Core i5 or Core i7 CPU
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • 12.3-inch Molecular showcase with 293 ppi
  • 8 megapixel back and forward looking cameras with Portrait mode
  • Two USB-C ports
  • Support for 4K outside showcase
  • Pixel Imprint unique mark scanner
  • Stereo speakers
  • New form of Chrome OS
  • Incorporated Google Assistant
  • Titan M Security Chip, which scrambles information and passwords
  • Family Link controls
  • Incorporates free 3-month preliminary of YouTube TV ($40 at Google Store)
  • 48Wh battery gives up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Measures 11.45×7.95×0.27 inches (LWH)



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