Polk Signa Solo review

Is the Polk Signa Solo basically excessively shabby?

The Good / The Polk Signa Solo is a shabby method to overhaul your TV’s sound. It offers Bluetooth and computerized network and also a determination of sound modes. Offers a not too bad other option to Bluetooth speakers.

The Bad / Similarly estimated sound bars incorporate subwoofers and sound more refined.

The Bottom Line / The Polk Signa Solo offers a modest overhaul over your TV’s speakers, yet it can’t beat the simple hardened rivalry.

So you’re tired of tuning in to your crappy TV speakers, yet would prefer not to spend a fortune on a different sound framework. Would you be able to manage the cost of 200 bucks? $150? What about $130?

The Polk Signa Solo ($129/£149) is the least expensive sound bar we’ve ever found in the CR office. Shockingly for the Solo, in any case, the standard of section level TV speakers has genuinely been raised on account of Polk’s own Signa S1 and the exceptional Vizio SB3621N-E8, which both cost only a couple of bucks more.

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They both incorporate subwoofers, and that is a major motivation behind why the Solo doesn’t sound on a par with it is possible that one. Indeed, it makes TV louder, and it has all the network you require, however with two splendid sound bars contending straightforwardly against it, the Solo doesn’t bode well without a value cut. On the off chance that the Solo was accessible for $99/£99, it would be considerably more recommendable to individuals who need a ultracheap sound bar however don’t need a sub.

Outline and highlights


The Signa Solo is a sound bar stripped to its barest pith with only two sources of info (3.5mm and computerized optical) and Bluetooth. It offers four 2.5-inch drivers with worked in bass ports, and the speaker will disentangle Dolby Digital soundtracks.

In case you’re apportioning a space to put the Solo ensure you have a square shape no less than 3.54 inches (8.99 cm) tall by 39 inches (99.06 cm) wide by 3.91 inches (9.93 cm) profound. The bureau is dark plastic and accompanies a material barbecue and a bit of controls at the best. As an appreciated touch, the Solo accompanies divider mounting openings at the back.

As a Polk sound bar the Solo accompanies various EQ settings including Movie, Music and a Night mode. The sound bar offers a guess of encompass the organization calls “protected SDA advanced encompass.”


Setting up the Signa Solo is basically an attachment ‘n’ play undertaking, and we like that you can alter the bass and discourse level through the smaller remote. Bass level control isn’t extraordinary, yet few spending plan or even midprice bars let you alter the exchange volume level – credit to Polk for including that!

Sound quality

Assessing the Signa Solo is initial a matter of setting desires. Shows improvement over your show’s worked in speakers? Totally!

Be that as it may, does it have the muscle of a portion of our most loved spending sound bars and sound bases? The Signa Solo can’t coordinate the room-filling intensity of the Vizio or the S1, yet it is somewhat more affordable, and since it doesn’t depend on a different subwoofer it takes up less living space.

To understand the Signa Solo’s stable we began our tryouts with “The Glass Castle,” a film about an uncontrollably unpredictable traveling family with youthful youngsters. With no embellishments to challenge the Signa Solo, it sounded impeccably fine. Discourse was clear, and the bass-midrange-treble adjust was regular.


With all the more requesting admission like “Roger Waters The Wall” show Blu-beam, the Signa Solo attempted to convey the full intensity of tunes like “In the Flesh.” The music’s elements were clearly packed, and bass quality and amount were hard to find. The calmer, less grandiose scenes were pleasant, and soundstage width broadened a little past the edges of the speaker.

The World War II dramatization “Hacksaw Ridge” was another film that uncovered the Signa Solo’s impediments to the extent home performance center muscle is concerned. Changing over to Vizio SB3621 reestablished the vitality and intensity of Waters’ music and the instinctive strike of nerve racking fight scenes in “Hacksaw.” While the SB3621’s sound bar is littler than the Signa Solo speaker, it’s the expansion of the diminutive sub that has any kind of effect in the size of the sound. The Vizio feels like a greater framework.

Concerning the Signa Solo’s protected SDA computerized encompass innovation, which Polk says “makes a sweeping, multidimensional sound involvement,” it didn’t emerge for us. The Signa Solo couldn’t extend a one end to the other soundfield, yet to be reasonable, a great deal of more costly stable bars can’t either.

We additionally gushed Sufjan Stevens’ new collection, “The Greatest Gift,” from Tidal from an iPhone 6S with Bluetooth. The climatic acoustic guitars and Stevens’ wispy vocals sounded shockingly not too bad. As a wellspring of mood melodies the Signa Solo was surely satisfactory.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

The Polk Signa Solo is useful for what it is, a redesign over the sound of your TV’s worked in speakers, and if that is all you’re searching for and you truly don’t need a sub, it merits looking at. In any case, there are a few different alternatives accessible to you, particularly in the US.


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