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Keep it simple, sound bar



The Good / The Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar offers complex home performance center sound in a solitary speaker, without a subwoofer. It’s anything but difficult to set up and utilize, and sounds nice with the two motion pictures and music. It’s more unique sounding than our most loved one-box sound bar, the Zvox SB500.

The Bad / It can’t coordinate the elements of sound bars with devoted subs. The Zvox has better bass and more normal exchange.

The Bottom Line / The Q Acoustics Media 4’s moderate highlights set, worked in subwoofer, and complain free stable make for an alluring contrasting option to bulkier sound bar frameworks.

Sound bars without discrete subwoofers are one of the most smoking patterns in home silver screen at the present time. In the previous a half year alone, we have seen units from Samsung, Bluesound, Bose and Paradigm, notwithstanding newcomer Q Acoustics. These sorts of speakers have an incorporated “subwoofer,” yet in testing we’ve discovered that most battle to contend with a genuine sub. Everything except one, that is: the Zvox SB500.

At an indistinguishable cost from the Zvox, Q Acoustics’ Media 4 has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead, and the difficulties begin with the brand itself. While Q Acoustics is notable in British hello fi circles, the Media 4 is the main item the organization has discharged in the US.

At the point when judged against its transcendently American rivalry the Media 4 is somewhat more mannered, progressively “The Guardian” than “Watchmen of the Galaxy” maybe. It needs bass punch, even contrasted with different units without subwoofers. One zone where it excelled, nonetheless, was with flow.

In case you’re searching for a basic, fitting and-play framework with the choice to move up to a sub later the Q Acoustics Media 4 is a decent decision – it sounds conventional and it’s well-manufactured.

It is accessible for $399, ‎£329 and AU$749. The unit is likewise accessible in the US with the discretionary 3070 subwoofer as the Q Acoustics Superbass Sound bar Package for $699.

Unequivocally straightforward – without expressions of remorse

With the outer appearance of an unbalanced boomerang, the trapezoidal Media 4 is 40 inches wide by 6 creeps at its most profound point. At 3.5 inches tall, it’s greater than numerous sound bars and may hinder your TV’s remote control sensor, and shockingly there’s no IR blaster to address that issue. Rather there are a few keyhole ports for divider mounting. Dissimilar to a portion of the plastic rivalry, the Q Acoustics includes a strong MDF development, and it felt adequately profound when we hauled it out of the case.

The Q Acoustics isn’t about extravagant preparing or sound traps – it’s a 2.1-channel sound bar, and it’s unashamed in regards to it. The sound is delivered by a couple of 65mm Balanced Mode Radiators in conjunction with a 4-inch-by-6-inch bass woofer. Availability incorporates computerized optical, a couple of simple information sources (3.5 and phono) in addition to a subwoofer yield and aptX Bluetooth.

With regards to the moderate subject, the remote control is a five-catch issue – Volume +/ – , quiet, info and power. It’s not especially ergonomic and sufficiently little to effortlessly lose, however control clients will need to program a TV or widespread remote.

Connect it to and go

The Q Acoustics Media 4’s setup couldn’t be less demanding, simply attach your link box, diversion support, or Blu-beam player and you’re ready. There’s no speaker alignment or subwoofer volume acclimations to obsess about. The Media 4’s sound straight out of the case is excellently nonpartisan, and it will remain as such on the grounds that you can’t incidentally press a catch and turn on a sound preparing mode to adjust the sound.

How it sounds

With “The Vessel,” a tranquil little film about a Latin American town as yet recouping from a tidal wave that ended the lives of 46 youngsters 10 years back, the Media 4 everything except vanished and let us center around the story. Discourse was clear and normally adjusted, and with the scenes on the shoreline there was a lot of ocean side climate.

Then again, the soundstage was thin, not so open as we’ve gotten notification from contending sound bars, for example, the LG SH7B ($346.90 at Amazon.com). We like that the Media 4 doesn’t attempt to summon artificial encompass, yet in the event that you need a greater, more space filling sound the Media 4 won’t cut it.

For more exceptional home auditorium thrills, we flew on “Star Trek Beyond” and the Media 4’s sound was skilled however no place as progressively alive and ground-breaking as the SH7B. That framework’s different subwoofer produced significantly more instinctive effect to go with the onscreen shenanigans of the Enterprise. The Media 4 wasn’t as energizing, and not on the grounds that it did not have the subwoofer – the Media 4 is basically a gentler sounding framework. Bass and treble controls would have helped a bit, yet the way things are we found the Media 4’s sound excessively tame with activity films.

JBL’s Cinema SB 450 sound bar framework likewise trounced the Media 4 as far as powerful effect and bass punch. Only one out of every odd sound bar purchaser needs that, notwithstanding, and coming back to “The Vessel” the Media 4 stood its ground against the Cinema SB 450, generally in light of the fact that the Media 4’s agreeable sound adjust favored exchange. In any case, on the off chance that you require a fundamental sound bar that lifts or upgrades discourse comprehensibility, we prescribe the Zvox SB500 Speaker over the Media 4.

With music, we favored the Media 4 over the Cinema SB 450 at calm volume levels; the Media 4’s smoother, less-brilliant sound won that go head to head. The Cinema SB 450 played louder with more bass oomph, yet neither one of the sounds bar was taking care of business at high volume with music.

So the Media 4 falls off second-best contrasted and sound bar/sub combos, however how can it sound against our most loved sans sub ‘bar, the Zvox SB500? Incidentally, great.

While the Media 4 can’t measure up to the two-piece frameworks over, it’s still more unique than the Zvox. The Thanator Chase from “Symbol” goes from calm (Jake’s symbol strolling through palm fronds) to noisy (trumpeting land creatures and beating drums) and the Media 4 stayed aware of the move in progression the entire way. The Zvox couldn’t pass on those volume changes similarly.

Be that as it may, the Zvox beat the Q Acoustics when passing on the researchers’ voices and the sound of the woodland itself – the SB500 sounded more normal, particularly with exchange. The Zvox could evoke more bass as well, which made the Media 4 sound somewhat thin.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Sound bars like the Sonos Playbar and the Bose Soundtouch 300 ($699.00 at Amazon.com) might be accessible without a sub, however they truly do require one for crest execution, which essentially expands the cost. In spite of the fact that we were not able test the unit with the coordinating sub, we trust the same goes for the Q Acoustics. It’s ready to set up a dynamic execution, however you do miss the edge that a devoted sub gives you.

While the Zvox SB500 is the speaker you purchase in the event that you never need a sub, the Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar will engage purchasers who need the least difficult conceivable setup and UI. Subsequently, the Media 4 presumably won’t be the best decision on the off chance that you watch an unfaltering eating routine of activity films stacked with embellishments, and will probably prevail upon people who organize normal sound.


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