‘Real-life’ Pokemon monsters look wildly freaky

Move over, Homer Simpson. These reasonable 3D renderings of Pokemon characters make them look alive.

You looked on in wonder and awfulness at a reasonable 3D Homer Simpson. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to turn your eyes to the otherworldly universe of Pokemon with a progression of startling exact renders of the computer game stars.

French modeler and idea stone worker Mickael Lelièvre is the craftsman behind the eye-getting critters. Lelièvre strips them of their charming cartoony looks and transforms them into animals that could hide in the obscure profundities of woods and seas.

There’s a motivation behind why a significant number of these Pokemon seem as though they could creep out from under a stone in nature. “I attempt for the most part to keep a soul of their unique plan and blend it with genuine references,” Lelièvre tells CR “I have to discover anatomical precedents and species that can fit with the outline.”

Lelièvre’s interpretation of Squirtle appears as though it could straighten the majority of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in one go.

The craftsman says he rendered Pokemon in light of the fact that it gives him a chance to practice his abilities as a 3D stone carver. “Each Pokemon is novel, so the activity can be new each time,” he says.

Lelièvre utilizes a few bits of programming in his work, including ZBrush, V-Ray and Photoshop. Contingent upon the Pokemon, it can take anyplace from multi day to five days of computerized chiseling to make a completed render.

You likely wouldn’t have any desire to keep running into Lelièvre’s beasts in a dim rear way while playing Pokemon Go. This may be one time when you won’t have any desire to get them all.

Look at the full range of Lelièvre’s Pokemon manifestations on his ArtStation site



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