Ring Spotlight Cam review

One of the easiest approaches to watch over your yard



The Good / Ring’s $199 Spotlight Cam (£199/AU$329) introduces in minutes and its coordinated LEDs give dependable security lighting to your yard.

The Bad / You need to pay for Ring’s Protect distributed storage administration to get to spared video cuts.

The Bottom Line / The Ring Spotlight Cam’s basic setup and solid execution make it a most cherished among the present outside cameras with worked in lights.

Ring’s $199 Spotlight Cam (£199/AU$329) demolishes Netatmo’s Presence, the Kuna Light Fixture (now called Maximus) – and notwithstanding Ring’s own Floodlight Cam – for my most loved outside camera with coordinated lights.

That is in part because of its similarly simple establishment. Sink the baseplate, connect the camera and connect it to an adjacent outlet – no hardwiring required. Its 1080p HD determination and coordinated movement sensor, LEDs and alarm make it focused as far as specs. Furthermore, reward: It works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Spotlight Cam is a solid choice on the off chance that you need a movement initiated open air light with an implicit top notch camera. Simply be set up to pay $3 every month for distributed storage; you can’t see spared video cuts generally.


A superior Ring?

The Spotlight Cam performed well all through testing. I got quick movement alarms when I strolled in perspective of the camera, and the inherent LEDs turned on too. Its movement zones include enabled me to alter precisely where I needed it to identify action – and it effectively disregarded everything else.

I like that you can alter the splendor of the LEDs and even to what extent the lights ought to stay on after a movement occasion. You can “nap” the movement sensor from 15 minutes to up to 2 hours in the event that you need to it to quit following action for a brief timeframe. Be that as it may, you can likewise change the movement affectability in case you’re accepting an excessive number of alarms – or make a particular movement timetable to indicate precisely when during the time you need the camera to screen action and send you cautions.

Ring’s Spotlight Cam arrives in a dark and a white complete, and additionally in wired and battery-controlled models (both cost $199). I tried the wired alternative in dark, which accompanies mounting equipment and a 20-foot weatherproof rope. The Spotlight Cam is a streamlined rendition of the pricier Floodlight Cam. It essentially takes the principle camera body from the Floodlight Cam and includes LED boards either side – and forgets the two clumsy looking floodlights.

Download the Ring application for Android, iOS or Windows and take after the well ordered instructional exercise to set up your Spotlight Cam. It prompts you to connect to your camera, press the catch on the best (if the base of the camera isn’t now blazing). Look for and select the Ring Wi-Fi organize on your telephone, explore back to the application and enter your home’s Wi-Fi information. The application will request that you affirm your camera’s area and after that you’re finished.

Introducing it is simple, as well. Is anything but a hardwired show, so you just need to mount it with the included equipment and slide the camera over the baseplate to append it. On the off chance that you don’t care for the look of the power line, Ring gives cinches so you can endeavor to conceal it out of view.

The Spotlight Cam versus…

Inquisitive how the Spotlight Cam’s specs contrast with the Floodlight Cam, the Netatmo Presence and the Kuna/Maximus? Here’s a clever outline to help:

Looking at open air surveillance cameras

The Spotlight Cam is estimated the same as the Kuna/Maximus, yet Ring’s camera has a superior determination, night vision, movement zones and more brilliant home mixes. Empower the Ring expertise and you can request that Alexa demonstrate to you your camera’s feed on your screen-prepared Amazon speaker or on a Fire TV.

Netatmo’s Presence camera has neighborhood stockpiling, individual alarms (the Spotlight Cam doesn’t offer individual cautions) and works with Apple’s Siri-fueled HomeKit shrewd home stage, however it likewise costs 100 bucks more than the Spotlight Cam. The Spotlight Cam and the Floodlight Cam are basically indistinguishable with regards to highlights, except for their lumen yields.

The Spotlight Cam puts out 700 lumens of lighting (generally practically identical to a 60W substitution LED knob). It is intended to cover a littler space and just turn on the LEDs when it identifies movement. The Floodlight Cam, interestingly, puts out 1,800 lumens (generally similar to a 100W LED substitution, yet somewhat brighter) and can make more progress than the Spotlight Cam. The Floodlight Cam’s LEDs can likewise be utilized persistently – not exactly when it grabs movement. It’s the distinction between a movement light and a genuine floodlight, as the names recommend.

Ring, annoyingly, doesn’t offer a free distributed storage choice. Rather, you need to agree to accept one of Ring’s “discretionary” Protect intends to see spared movement related video cuts. Else you’re stuck watching the live feed day in and day out or being prepared to tap on movement alarms ASAP to ensure you get whatever action is occurring.

Ring charges either $3 or $10 every month for 60 long periods of spared film. The pricier arrangement incorporates extra highlights, similar to a lifetime guarantee and 10 percent off future Ring item buys.


The Spotlight Cam’s basic establishment, strong execution and simple to-utilize application make it a most loved among the open air surveillance camera-light installation crossover gadgets I’ve tried. I don’t care for that you have to pay for the month to month administration to get to any spared video cuts, however $30 every year isn’t awful.

Remember that a spotty Wi-Fi association can cause interferences in your live feed or cause it not to work by any stretch of the imagination; try out the nature of your system where you intend to introduce your camera in advance. The Ring application has a “Gadget Health” segment where you can monitor the status of your Spotlight Cam’s association initially.

Generally speaking, Ring’s $199 Spotlight Cam is an awesome choice in case you’re searching for a dependable open air camera with incorporated movement initiated LEDs.


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