‘Robots for everyone’ in 5 years, says Japan’s most valuable tech startup

A robot that grabs your grimy underpants. Sign me up.

When you think robots – the kind that may live in your home and take into account your each need – you tend to think far-flung future. You absolutely don’t think a long time from now.

That is except if you happen to be Toru Nishikawa, the organizer of Preferred Networks, the most important innovation startup in Japan, as per Bloomberg in May.

“We need to convey such robots to the market inside five years and see them being utilized,” Nishikawa told Nikkei. “Ten years is too long to pause.”

In October this year at Ceatec, a Japanese shopper electrics appear, Preferred Networks flaunted a self-governing robot fit for cleaning up a room, grabbing garments, toys and shoes.

With the right financing, Preferred Networks trusts it can get robots like these in the hands of shoppers in five years.

Favored Networks is as of now esteemed at an expected $2 billion, as indicated by Bloomberg, and has a powerful notoriety as an AI centered organization. It’s at present in association with Panasonic and Toyota, working with its self-governing auto innovation.

It is this foundation in AI that has Preferred Networks so bullish.

“We are not going to be simply giving AI innovation,” Nishikawa told Nikkei. “We will give arrangements by consolidating AI and mechanical technology. That is the place we need to go.”



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