Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review

Galaxy S10 Plus will be one of the year’s best phones

The Good / The Galaxy S10 and contains a fantastic AMOLED screen, monster battery life and many helpful camera tools. the choice to wirelessly charge another device is convenient and extremely works.

The Bad / Nighttime and low-light shots on the Galaxy S10 and are not as clear or crisp as dedicated night modes on the constituent three and Huawei Mate twenty professional. The inaudible in-screen fingerprint reader is not quick or correct. Mispresses on the snaky edge-to-edge show area unit a minor annoyance.

The Bottom Line / Galaxy S10 and could be a killer phone for 2019, though serious photographers can notice its nighttime camera shots lacking.
The Galaxy S10 and is pretty fantastic any means you slice it. Its 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, all-day battery life, wireless power-sharing feature and combination of 3 rear cameras area unit stellar, and therefore the S10 and is that the only 1 of Samsung’s four new Galaxy S10 phones to own a 1TB storage choice and a ceramic end for the 512GB and 1TB models.

The S10 and could also be one in all the primary smartphones for 2019, however there is not any doubt in my mind that it’ll stay one in all the simplest premium decisions for many consumers, despite increasing pressure from competitive devices and therefore the flood of 5G and collapsible phones we tend to already recognize can return. As always, detain mind that our product ratings area unit subject to alter as we tend to do a lot of testing and code updates area unit free.

While it’s going to not be as exciting because the acrobat Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, the S10 and could be a phone you’ll be able to purchase these days, while not removal out your checking account or expecting 5G networks to kick in. build no mistake, at $1,000 for the 128GB model, $1,250 for 512GB and a cool $1,600 for the 1TB storage choice (!), it is a expensive device. (It starts at £1,099 within the Great Britain and AU$1,499 in Australia.)

But even the foremost costly version remains tons of but April’s $1,980 Galaxy Fold, and you will not pay a lot of for 5G service as you’d on the Galaxy S10 5G, a phone whose covert value are even quite the S10 and on account of a bigger screen, further 3D cameras and after all, 5G capability.

I haven’t had an opportunity to check the Galaxy S10 5G (I did go active, though), and i am expecting the Galaxy S10 ($900) and “value” S10E ($750) review units to arrive on my table, therefore bear in mind that i am going to need to hold off any final comparisons till when I will check those alternative S10s. i am going to additionally still update this review with a lot of impressions as I still use the phone semipermanent.

The S10 solely saves you $100, however, and loses a second front-facing camera, a touch screen area and a touch battery life. that does not sound sort of a terrific savings on paper. i am inquisitive about the S10E as a worth proposition, though it’s even smaller and outfitted with fewer cameras. that ought to facilitate guide you, however if you are on the fence over that of the S10 phones you wish, I recommend you hold off till those reviews area unit in.

As for comparisons with alternative phones, i would not update from the Galaxy S9 and, however i’d from any older Galaxy phone. very cheap line is that you simply have a lot of general flexibility with camera shots on the S10 and than with the constituent three ($780 at Walmart). Night mode is one exception, and each the constituent three and Huawei’s Mate twenty professional ($989 at Amazon) have dedicated night modes that simply outdo the Galaxy S10 and. If nighttime photography could be a make-it-or-break-it feature for you, you will need to attend for next month’s Huawei P30 professional, October’s (likely) constituent four, or cross your fingers that Samsung may force a code upgrade.

Low-light shots are not a deal breaker on behalf of me, particularly once weighed against the Galaxy S10 Plus’ alternative advantages, however having the ability to match those alternative night modes would build the S10 and the undisputed champion across the board.

As it stands currently, the S10 and is a superb device that i might be happy to use each single day — and that i suppose you’d feel a similar means, too.

pretty to seem at, however a slippery devil

Samsung is a fan of shiny finishes that mirror lightweight in uncommon ways in which. My review unit is that the 128GB version in Prism White, and it undoubtedly reflects iridescent reminder pale blue, mint and pink within the lightweight. This color is sweet and refined. wader Pink, yellow, Prism inexperienced and Prism Blue area unit bolder — there is Prism Black moreover.

Right away I noticed that the S10 and contains a tendency to slide out of hands and off surfaces, particularly if they are not dead level. It’s shot out from between my fingers various times, typically landing on my purse, a table or my lap. It additionally fell off my nightstand, a couch, a chair, however has emerged unharmed up to now. i favor to review phones the means they emerge from the box, however i am reaching to need a case for this one.

good show, but, O, that ‘notch’

The Galaxy S10 and has associate degree Infinity-O “notch” that is extremely a hole cut within the show to create area for 2 cameras. Its oval form attracts a lot of attention than the only lens of the Galaxy S10 and S10E, however i am not extremely a disciplinarian regarding notches anyway.

More to the purpose is that the feeling of getting an oversized screen with slim bezels. Most of the time, it variety of blends into the background, not occupation an excessive amount of attention to itself. however once the screen is bright lit, like with a white background, the imbalance of a pill-shape cut-out becomes a lot of noticeable. i’m wondering if the Infinity-U show, just like the one Samsung placed on the midrange Galaxy A50 and A30, would look higher, although it’d additionally look a lot of like associate degree eyebrow-style notch than this. the answer to the all-screen quandary could also be out there nevertheless.

The screen itself is attractive, with a 6.4-inch AMOLED show and three,040×1,440-pixel resolution. outside readability is astounding. once I come to life within the middle of the night and browse the phone to fall back asleep, the screen is really too bright, even with the brightness turned low and therefore the blue-light filter on. Heck, it’s even too bright exploitation Android’s Wind Down mode that shifts colours to grayscale.

Finally, remapping the Bixby button is real

After 2 years of complaints, Samsung has listened to fans and free some code to allow you to remap the Bixby button to open another app.The capability has continually existed — even Galaxy S Active phones of many years back allow you to set your convenience key — however Samsung was reticent. higher you ought to learn to like Bixby, it reasoned. that is why it’s nice to examine Samsung do the proper factor here.

Android Pie and One UI

There area unit 2 words to explain the One UI design: massive and bubbly. Icons area unit giant, flat circles that take a moment to induce wont to since several of the styles have modified, from the colour of the Gallery icon to the form of the Galaxy Notes app.

I mean it: these icons area unit Brobdingnagian. exploitation them on the house screen created ME want a child. I like a shot switched to a smaller icon size (therefore, a bigger app grid on the house screen) to suit in additional of my go-to apps while not creating by removal through folders or swiping further screens.

Even though i favor my screen icons smaller, seeing the larger icons within the app drawer was fine — they’re easier targets to hit. I additionally likeable that some larger app menus and “cards” area unit easier to scan while not craning your neck or closed . this is often particularly noticeable in Bixby Home, that you access by swiping to the left of the house screen.

Bixby Routines: i am not an enormous Bixby fan and that i solely decision it up out of the blue, however Bixby Routines may modification my mind. i used to be affected with the IFTTT-like flexibility to line up routines, and also the presets square measure straightforward enough for novices to urge their feet wet.

For example, I established a morning routine that starts at six a.m. and activates the Always-On show (yes, you’ll be able to flip it off), surfaces specific lock screen shortcuts and turns off the blue-light filter i am going to activate for a hour routine.

I’ve been testing the Galaxy S10 and whereas conjointly victimisation it to hide the MWC conference in Spain, therefore i have never had a collection routine to actually poke into however well this works. that is tough once bedtimes and wake-up alarms square measure erratic, and after you cannot set a true “home” to use as a baseline check. i will be ready to take a deeper dive once i am settled back in point of entry.

Gesture navigation: Navigation buttons square measure turned on by default, however you’ll be able to unlock even a lot of screen house by turning on gesture navigation within the fast settings menu. flip it on and also the bottom of the show expands, departure you with 3 horizontal dashes in situ of the buttons. To navigate, you gently flick up to use them (they “bounce” back down). it isn’t a tough adjustment, and it is usually nice to own alternatives.

Kids Home: there is a new a mode within the notifications setting known as children Home, that opens a parent-protected profile/walled garden for teenagers to require photos and transfer apps. Young kids, that is. Older ones would roll their eyes and scoff, then verify the secret and alter all of your language settings.

Wireless PowerShare very works

I love this feature, which can charge the other Qi-enabled device after you place it on the Galaxy S10’s back. Samsung is not the 1st to implement this, however it is a real plus, particularly for topping up accessories, or giving your friend’s phone a lift. Wireless charging is not as quick or economical as wired charging, however this will enable you to go away a lot of cables reception, particularly for brief jaunts. I will see a state of affairs wherever you charge your phone nightlong and trouble a second device on high of it.

Your phone can mechanically flip it off once your phone hits thirty %. Since battery life is therefore sensible, that ought to be lots to urge you thru the remainder of your day. Note that Wireless PowerShare will not work if you have got beneath thirty % battery life remaining.

I’ve already used this naturally doubly. The night I got the S10 and, I required to use the new wireless power-sharing feature once I detected that my Galaxy S9 and was right down to seven % and about to die whereas i used to be still putting in place the new phone. i used to be at dinner, with my cables in my bedroom, and hey, this is often specifically what the feature’s meant for. therefore I turned it on and flipped it over and watched my battery climb duplicate to a barely healthy 30%.

Since the phones were back to back, with the Galaxy S9 and facing up, I may still faucet and sort away, as long as i used to be careful to not shift its position on the Galaxy S10 Plus’ back. i am proud of this one.

The second time, my CR linear unit Español colleague Juan Garzón innocently asked what proportion battery life I had left, then asked if he may get a indefinite quantity. My battery drained from fifty seven % to thirty %, however he got from the low double digits duplicate to thirty %, and each our phones still had hours of life to travel.

Ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner is within the right place

The fingerprint reader moves from the rear of the phone to integrate with the screen. this is often a decent issue. It’s far more convenient that a rear-facing fingerprint reader, particularly once it involves victimisation Samsung Pay or Google acquire mobile transactions. (The Galaxy S10E incorporates a fingerprint device within the power button, as can the Galaxy Fold.)

This fingerprint scanner may be a massive deal as a result of it is the 1st to use Qualcomm’s inaudible technology. which means it’s victimisation sound waves to urge a 3D image of your print. It’s beaked the maximum amount safer than AN optical device, that primarily takes a 2nd image of your finger. however that looks to use a lot of to natural films of goo and sludge. once I squeezed AN oily (and delicious) churro between my fingers so tried to unlock the phone, I mismatched twenty times straight. Turns out, there’s a limit.

I had problems with accuracy and speed initially, however it has been a lot of correct since Samsung pushed out AN update to reviewers. It looks to figure best the a lot of deliberate you’re regarding the position of your thumb. it will take a solid second to unlock, and you would like to form certain you are truly pressing the screen, not simply skimming it. I conjointly suggest scanning four fingers therefore you have got backups. I used my right thumb doubly, my left thumb once and my right finger.

One alternative note: there is not any a lot of identity verification, that was a signature feature since the Galaxy S7. that is AN odd move for Samsung, that is usually a devotee of a lot of options. you may still have Android’s constitutional face unlock, however i do not suggest victimisation it as a result of it’s not secure enough for mobile payments. you’ll be able to use it if you need one thing quick and convenient, however i am going to continue security.

The real question is where’s Samsung’s version of Apple’s Face ID? It’s currently trailing the iPhone during this feature by 2 years, that are a few things Samsung very, very hates to try and do. Now, while not identity verification, the whole has no identity verification feature it will purpose to that is secure enough for mobile payments (the Face Unlock possibility engineered into automaton is not). Rumor has it that automaton alphabetic character, succeeding version of Google’s package, can fold a secure Face Unlock into the code.

Perhaps Samsung is awaiting that, or holding back a feature for the Galaxy Note ten. we tend to do understand that Samsung is clench 3D cameras on the phone’s front and rear. The Galaxy S10 5G can get one among every. Right now, Samsung’s speech those square measure for AR and portrait video, not for face unlock, however you ne’er understand if that is a secret feature Samsung would illuminate if and once the automaton alphabetic character secure face unlock rumor involves pass.

Three rear cameras square measure pretty nice

Testing a camera may be a large enterprise in itself, and Samsung has another heaps of parts. There square measure 3 cameras on the S10 Plus’ back (12-megapixel, 12-megapixel telephotograph, 16-megapixel ultrawide-angle) and 2 on the front (10- and 8-megapixel, respectively).

Photo quality is incredibly sensible overall, however I actually have some complaints regarding low-light mode in a very section below. We’ll have lots of deep dive camera shootouts and comparisons within the returning days, however here’s my general assessment for currently.

Let’s begin with this handy chart to check the cameras on the S10 and to the opposite S10 phones.

Galaxy S10 camera specs

Three cameras, 3 views: you’ll be able to take a photograph victimisation any of the 3 lenses simply by sound the on-screen icon. I primarily shoot with the quality 12-megapixel lens, change to the telephotograph to travel finish off (2x) on a faraway detail, just like the sculpture on high of a fountain, or to the ultrawide lens to suit a lot of of my friends or the scene into the shot. Ultrawide angle incorporates a 123-degree field of read, therefore it will distort the image slightly and you may notice that your friends look a touch stretched.
Better portrait mode shots: known as Live Focus, portrait mode photos get a 3 a lot of effects on the Galaxy S10. additionally to the regular blur slider, you’ll be able to conjointly apply spot color, and effects known as “Zoom” and “Spin.” Best yet, you’ll be able to change the intensity of those effects before or when you are taking the shot, even change to a unique result. There square measure still minor problems. Spot color does not continuously work swimmingly and flyaway hairs will still get blurred come in these portrait shots, however pictures square measure nice on the complete, and also the effects are often placing. in contrast to last year’s Galaxy S9, the S10 solely saves the Live Focus shot, not the portrait mode and normal image.

Scene optimizer: The S10’s camera AI will acknowledge thirty scenes and autoadjust settings to boost the pic. you’ll be able to faucet the on-screen management to show it on and off, particularly if you do not just like the planned result. Note that you just will not be ready to use the dedicated night mode with scene optimizer turned off.

Shot Suggestions: this is often a menu setting which will guide you to line up the shot and focus space, then mechanically take the image once it’s all aligned. I likable it once taking photos of buildings and street scenes, as a result of it meant I did not have to carry the phone with one hand and press the shutter with the opposite.

Other times, the feature took a lot of photos than I wished, or took them before i used to be prepared. you have got to stay going into the menu to show it on and off if you typically need a lot of management. AN on-screen toggle would create this far more convenient.

Quick GIF-maker: If you alter a camera setting, you’ll be able to record a brief GIF after you press and hold the shutter button. The playback is not wholly sleek, and also the quality is not pretty much as good as shaving a GIF from a video, however it is easy to try and do and gets the purpose across for a fast tweet.

Instagram Mode: Samsung hasn’t pushed this out nonetheless, however I did get a demo on the S10 5G. If you have got AN account, you’ll be able to flip it on to use a similar filters and post on to Instagram while not departure the app.

Smooth video: Video results were nice, due to the HDR10+ format and an excellent sleek motion management setting you switch on by sound the icon of a hand once recording video. I got the right chance to check this on a organization of fellows tumbling on the pavement outside Barcelona’s main cathedral.

HEIF: Save photos within the HEIF format, additionally to raw. HEIF is hailed for its space-saving talents.

Low-light camera shots cannot match the component three

Like last year’s Galaxy S9, all the S10 phones have a 12-megapixel twin aperture lens. which means the aperture mechanically adjusts from f2.4 to f1.5, to let in additional light-weight. As a rule, a lot of light-weight = higher photos.

The S10 phones conjointly get a brand new Bright Night Shot mode that aims to require clearer, brighter photos in terribly low light-weight conditions. in contrast to the component 3’s Night Sight and also the Huawei Mate 20’s dedicated nighttime mode, Bright Night Shot is integrated into the native camera and kicks itself into gear as long as Scene Optimizer is toggled on.
While i prefer that it’s integrated, it conjointly suggests that you have got less management over once the feature comes into play. the sole indication it’s on is that the small icon of a crescent moon, and perhaps AN on-screen tip to carry the camera steady a moment longer. I had to figure pretty onerous to seek out conditions that brought Maine that crescent moon icon. Oftentimes, even {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very dark bar, the scene optimizer algorithmic rule selected alternative settings, like individuals, design then on.

When I finally got one that worked — a trial of some street lights, there was just one real distinction between the 2 shots. With Scene Optimizer on, the road lights look starry .
In general, low-light photography is not obtaining the boost i actually wished. Most low-light performance is that the same as on the Galaxy S9, and i am very missing the dramatic results of Google and Huawei’s phones. it’s totally clear in side-by-side comparisons that the S10’s shots square measure on the average mushier than on those contestant phones.

This distinction is not enough to downplay most phone patrons, however you are not about to win any low-light photography arguments with fervent fans of these alternative phones.

2 front-facing cameras square measure higher than one

The Galaxy S10 and is that the just one of Samsung’s new phones to offer you this mixture of front-facing cameras: a 10- and 8-megapixel jazz band (the S10 5G incorporates a 3D depth-sensing lens; this will not). many phones have 2 front-facing cameras, and it is a feature i prefer as a result of you’ll be able to expand your finder to suit a lot of in.

Selfies square measure superb on the complete, tho’ once more, the component 3’s camera takes crisper shots, significantly in the dead of night. i prefer that you just will apply most of a similar effects to the selfie cameras because the main lenses. Overall, you will be glad with most shots, and can in all probability, in fact, create several of your friends jealous.

AR Emoji is far improved, however still a touch creepy

Samsung’s wrestle creating animated emojis of your face and body gets a giant improvement within the Galaxy S10 phones. It’s not as creepy because it was in earlier iterations, and you have got more customization choices.

You still cannot select your own habitus, and a few of the colour decisions for your hair, eyes and skin are not wealthy or varied enough. as an example, there is still no possibility for hazel eyes or my hair’s shade of brown. Everything appearance a touch grey. There square measure few outfit choices to precise your sense of favor. I still determine a lot of with Apple’s Memoji, perhaps as a result of it’s a lot of cartoonish.

AR Emoji incorporates a ton a lot of new use cases and stickers. as an example, you’ll be able to toss a “mask” of your face on somebody else’s body as they speak. It’s amusing, in a very frightful quite manner. you’ll be able to conjointly use your friend’s body to perform a weird voodoo doll dance with a “mini me” AR Emoji of yourself. I… i do not understand.

Battery life and performance square measure off the charts

Battery life is fantastic on the Galaxy S10 Plus’ four,100-mAh ticker. I’ve used the phone for long days of uploads, downloads, maps navigation and tethering to my laptop computer as a mobile hotspot, AN activity that is absolute to suck abundant life out of my year-old Galaxy S9 and review phone.

The S10 and unbroken Maine going from early morning to the tiny hours of the night, usually with some reserves to spare. I ne’er distressed regarding running low, and that is not one thing I may say regarding last year’s Galaxy S9 even once it absolutely was recent out of the box. It conjointly lasted a mean of simply over twenty one hours in our iteration video drain check in heavier-than-air craft mode, that is great. as compared, the component three lasted fifteen hours, the Galaxy Note nine went for roughly nineteen and a [*fr1] hours and also the S9 and for regarding seventeen hours. The iPhone XS goop went for seventeen and a [*fr1] hours.

It’s expected for battery life to shorten over time, therefore a year from currently, you’ll ought to believe your charger a lot of. however beginning at a better bar offers Maine hope that the S10 Plus’ power management can move by you over a typical biennial life, if not longer.

Performance on the S10 and is solid and seamless, victimisation Qualcomm’s flower 855 processor (some countries get the Galaxy Exynos 9820 chipset). Gameplay was nice and sensitive on my baseline testing game, Riptide Renegade — terribly elaborated, and that i did not suck the maximum amount as I typically do. i am not the world’s best gamer, therefore I two-handed the phone to CR editor Roger Cheng, who is. He offers the S10 and 2 thumbs up and aforementioned that the punch hole notch wasn’t as distracting as he thought it’d be.

Benchmark testing conjointly place the S10 and before the competition. this is often the primary of the flower 855 phones, therefore we’ll see however alternative handsets perform. Overall, I expect a progression of speed from 2019 devices, or a minimum of the flexibility to method complicated process tasks like advanced photography, while not insulant.

Galaxy S10 Plus versus…

Galaxy S9 and: The S10 and improves on the Galaxy S9 Plus in each approach. If cash isn’t any issue, you may like the S10 and, however performance gains could appear progressive if you do not use all the camera tricks or Wireless PowerShare.

iPhone XS Max: except the classic iOS versus robot argument, the most important completely differentiators area unit the triple cameras and also the different takes on portrait mode — the iPhone XS liquid ecstasy has a lot of dramatic lighting selections, whereas the Galaxy S10 and goes a lot of for a unsmooth background. Samsung’s phone has way more storage choices, for much longer battery life and a phone jack.

Google component XL: The component phone so much surpasses Samsung’s in low-light and night shots, and its portrait selfies area unit higher. Screen resolution is higher, too. however the Galaxy S10 and counters with extraordinary storage choices, a lot of camera flexibility, for much longer battery life and Wireless PowerShare.

LG V50: A 5G phone, the LG V50 has higher screen resolution than the S10 and, and is on par with several alternative options, a minimum of on paper. we’ve not tested the just-announced LG V50, thus we will solely compare specs. Samsung’s phone has a lot of larger storage choices and a fingerprint scanner on the front instead of the rear. while not knowing the value, it’s ahead of time to lean a technique or the opposite.



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