Samsung Gear Fit 2 review

Samsung nails configuration, misses the mark on usefulness

The Good / The Gear Fit 2 has a thin outline with an excellent bended AMOLED show that can indicate cell phone notices and week after week graphs. It additionally has GPS, heart-rate checking, locally available music stockpiling for up to 1,000 tunes, throughout the day wellness and rest following, and programmed practice identification.

The Bad / Short battery life. The exactness of the heart-rate sensor varies amid exercises. You can’t wear in the shower or while swimming. No iPhone bolster. Samsung’s S Health application can be confounding.

The Bottom Line / The Gear Fit 2 is an extraordinary looking element pressed wellness band, however its outline isn’t generally ideal for in-your-face exercise warriors.

Samsung stood out enough to be noticed with the Gear Fit 2. It had all that I searched for in a wellness tracker: throughout the day wellness following, heart rate, GPS for following pace and separation when running, cell phone notices, inertia cautions and programmed practice location. It even had a few highlights I never at any point figured I would utilize, for example, installed music stockpiling, and water and caffeine attaching.

The Fit 2 is something beyond a wellness tracker. It’s a similar to a smaller than normal wellness smartwatch. There are a collection of connecting with watch appearances to peruse, you can view and respond to sees from your Android phone fitting on your wrist, and there’s a worked in Spotify application.


At the point in the end, in any case, I’m not in affection with the band. I really anticipate taking it off and returning my Fitbit and Garmin watches. Here’s the reason:

A smaller than normal wellness smartwatch, however with restricted applications

The Fit 2 resembles a thinned down adaptation of Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. It has a similar wellness highlights and notices (and those highlights are both great), yet it’s missing application bolster. There are some fundamental applications, similar to a stopwatch and a clock. The one to think about is the Spotify application, which gives you a chance to control and access your playlists ideal from your wrist. Lamentably, despite everything you require a telephone associated with utilize it.

There is 4GB of space so you can stack up to 1,000 of your main tunes appropriate to the gadget, however who purchases music any longer? It would have been a distinct advantage on the off chance that you could stack Spotify playlists ideal on the gadget for disconnected utilize. Ideally this is something that will come at some point not far off, however it isn’t ensured.

Running is baffling

I was energized when Samsung revealed to me the Fit 2 has GPS. As an energetic sprinter and cyclist, it’s a fundamental element to quantify my pace, speed and separation. Working out with the Fit 2, be that as it may, has been only baffling. Learner sprinters might not have similar issues I did, but rather it’s reasonable this isn’t intended for genuine competitors.

Most gadgets with GPS expect you to hold up until the point when a flag is gained. When you begin a running activity with the Fit 2, it promptly starts to commencement from three seconds and begins the clock. Each time I needed to stop the band and sit tight for the flag to be obtained, which was never a quick experience. The Garmin and Polar watches I utilized for correlation gained GPS inside a couple of moments. In the interim, the Fit 2 took a couple of minutes each time.

The other issue is that delightful screen. There’s an uncommon open air mode that expands shine and makes it simple to see, yet the screen isn’t generally on. Rather, it awakens when you move your arm to your face, which isn’t anything but difficult to pull off mid-run. What’s more, it isn’t even extremely responsive.

Much like the Apple Watch, the Fit 2 additionally just shows one information point for each screen and doesn’t enable you to see urgent running data initially. In the event that I needed to see separate, I needed to swipe over once and afterward swipe two more circumstances to see my pace. This was to a great degree disappointing and turned out to be progressively troublesome because of my sweat-soaked fingers.

Heart rate is great, aside from when working out

An optical heart-rate sensor on the back of the Fit 2 measures your heart rate like clockwork for the duration of the day. I found these estimations by and large exact when contrasted with a Polar chest strap…until I began working out. Heart-rate information is caught at 1-second interims amid exercises. Estimations had a tendency to be off by around 20 to 30 beats for every moment, particularly amid harder runs. At a certain point, the Fit 2 even recorded my heart rate at 225 bpm (it was quite 190).


The Fit 2 can match up with the mainstream running and cycling application Strava, however it can’t transfer heart-rate information, which is baffling.

Battery life is too short

I got around over two long stretches of battery with ordinary utilize, and a solitary 30-minute exercise utilizing the GPS. With the GPS crippled, the Fit 2 kept going somewhat longer than 3 days. These outcomes are superior to anything the Microsoft Band 2 and the Apple Watch, yet far more awful than comparable items from Fitbit and Garmin (like the Fitbit Blaze and Garmin Forerunner 235).

Battery existence with a functioning GPS flag is said to associate with 9 hours, which is entirely great (a hour longer than the Garmin Vivosmart HR+). I didn’t get an opportunity to test it over any ceaseless 9-hour exercises, however.

You can’t shower or swim with it

The Fit 2 isn’t completely waterproof. It has an IP68 rating, so it will do fine and dandy out in the rain, doing the dishes and amid exercises. While you can submerge it in up to 3 feet of water, it’s not prescribed that you shower with it (because of shifting water weight levels from various shower heads), in spite of the fact that it isn’t probably going to break in the event that you neglect to take it off once in for a moment.

There are better choices

The Fit 2 is certainly not a terrible item. Actually, I favor it over the Microsoft Band 2. If not for the shorter battery life, it would be high on my rundown as a strong wellness and rest tracker. It simply didn’t prevail upon me. It’s a disgrace, in light of the fact that the Fit 2 has such an engaging outline. Toward the day’s end, there are better wellness trackers and better GPS running watches out there.


We like the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Charge HR. Searching for a decent outline? It might be somewhat more costly, however we likewise like the Fitbit Blaze. In the event that you need a gadget with GPS, look at the Garmin Forerunner 235 or Vivoactive HR. On the off chance that you truly love the bended plan over whatever else, possibly look at the Fit 2 for yourself. Yet, in any event you know the impediments.


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